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Anne58 Fri 24-Aug-12 21:43:16

Evening all, hope things are going well for you.

Well, bit of a mixed feeling in the Phoenix household, namely:

Mr P has been offered a 6 month contract, at (seemingly) a good rate. GOOD
It will mean him living away Mon to Fri. BAD

I have found a recruitment agency that A) Seems to understand my skill set, appreciate what I want/don't want in my next position, and B) have some clients with vacancies that suit. VERY GOOD!

I now have 2 interviews lined up for next week (1 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday) (VERY GOOD!)

Both jobs are Business Development Manager roles, and both sound really interesting and a bit "different" (Again, very good!)

However, both jobs are between 1 and 1.5 hours drive from here. (Potentially very bad)

Sorry to seem a bit negative, at this stage I suppose I should be appreciative to get interviews!

Greatnan Fri 24-Aug-12 21:47:14

Good luck, whatever you decide!

Anne58 Fri 24-Aug-12 21:52:22

Oh, Greatnan , that's the damn thing, isn't it?

Mr P has a firm offer, which he intends to take, as at least it will mean some money coming in (it's amazing how quickly one can get through redundancy pay with a mortgage!), I only have the interviews lined up. I think I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think one has to look ahead.

(Although I should have learnt by now, seeing as how I wasn't even shortlisted for the last one I went for, even though the interview went well.)

Notsogrand Fri 24-Aug-12 21:55:02

With either of the jobs that are 1 and 1.5 hours drive away, would it be possible to negotiate a couple of days a week working from home?

Anne58 Fri 24-Aug-12 21:59:39

Not sure, Notso , and wouldn't really like to bring it up at this stage!

The person I have been dealing with at the agency has given me a lot of info re the MD (who will be interviewing me) for the second job, and I must say he does sound a bit "challenging". She suggested that I do a lot of homework about the company and what they do.

I have, of course, spent quite a bit of time looking around their website.

Anagram Fri 24-Aug-12 22:01:59

I admire your tenacity, phoenix - you really deserve a break. I do hope things work out for you very soon. smile

Notsogrand Fri 24-Aug-12 22:09:25

It's really good that you're getting in front of people for interviews! I wish you all the very deserve it smile

Just a thought .... maybe the extended travelling time to your job wont be quite so bad if Mr P is away during the week?

I know you'll be doing a lot of swatting for interviews, but have a good weekend!

Ella46 Fri 24-Aug-12 22:18:45

Well done to Mr P anyway, that is some consolation at least!
That is a lot of petrol/travelling, so I wish you the best of luck with your interviews sunshine

Keep your chin up love, xx

grannyactivist Fri 24-Aug-12 23:56:04

Phoenix I know it seems a bit much now, but an hour and a half's travelling may not be too bad. Once in post you may be able to negotiate flexible working hours to beat the peak travelling times, or even, as has already been suggested, work from home sometimes. The Wonderful Man did this for several years and although not ideal it was doable. He now travels much more frequently by train and uses the travelling time to catch up on work.
I do hope that you find the job you're looking for - and again, congratulations to Mr. P on his job success. smile

Ariadne Sat 25-Aug-12 06:39:05

Oh, we'll done Mr P and good luck to you, Phoenix - you deserve a break.

Until I retired, I drove to work, and although it was only 35 miles it was heading into London and could take a good hour sometimes, and often a great deal longer coming home. You do get used to it, honest!

Greatnan Sat 25-Aug-12 07:31:13

I used to travel from Rainham , Kent, to my job in Kensington High Street - the whole trip took about 75 minutes. I used to read on the train which was fine, but I hated the underground journey from Victoria where I rarely got a seat (I wasn't white haired then!). How would you have to travel, Phoenix?

kittylester Sat 25-Aug-12 08:21:01

Progress at least - phoenix. Congrats to Mr P. I love driving as it is time when no one can get at me but even I could get fed up every day. Good luck and keep us posted. smile

JessM Sat 25-Aug-12 08:32:38

Finding an agency that treats you with respect is a huge step forward Phoenix - some of them will go out of their way and try to find vacancies to put you forward for, thus doing some of the jobsearching for you.

Anne58 Sat 25-Aug-12 10:53:00

Many thanks for the responses and good wishes.

Greatnan , I would have to drive, there is no other way. Public transport from this village is extremely limited, to say the least!

AlisonMA Sun 26-Aug-12 10:39:24

phoenix best of luck, things have a habit of turning out right in the end. I agree that the travelling does sound a pain but you will get used to it. If you can do it for a while then maybe you will find something else nearer to home. It is always easier to get a job when you are working compared to when you are not.

I look forward to hearing how you got on.

glammanana Sun 26-Aug-12 13:04:31

Phoenix best of luck with the interviews and well done Mr.P I used to travel about an hour+ when I was at work full time,sometimes when we had a shortage of negotiators I had to travel at short notice to further afield,you do get used to it the only times I used to hates it was holiday traffic when I could get stuck coming down the M6 apart from that I enjoyed the journey and my own company. Best of luck for Tues/Wed flowers

bikergran Mon 27-Aug-12 08:36:36

good luck *Phoenix" maybe get through the interviews first, then that will give you more of a perspective on things, and once you ave secured the position smile then I think you will be able to think about the traveling part of the

NfkDumpling Mon 27-Aug-12 09:14:53

I only lived 5 miles from my work but I hard to allow over an hour to get there. Cope with the interviews first, maybe Fate will decide. Good luck!

annodomini Mon 27-Aug-12 09:22:20

Best of luck, phoenix. Think of the cds you can get through on a commute. You can learn a new language or get up to date on the latest fiction recommended by gnetters, if available at your local library! My DS, lately made redundant, has had, for almost six years, a ridiculous commute on which he has got through all the works of Winston Churchill.

AlisonMA Mon 27-Aug-12 10:13:47

As you have such reservations about the commute why not go into the interviews not caring whether you get the job or not? I was fortunate to never need any job I was applying for so went in and enjoyed myself and, apart from once, I got the job! I know it is harder now but if you are relaxed about the whole thing you are free to say things which you might not if you are tense.

Gagagran Mon 27-Aug-12 10:24:31

I always had to drive/commute when I was working and apart from sleepless nights in winter worrying about ice/snow/fog as we lived in the high Pennines, I actually didn't mind the time spent. It was a useful period to switch from work-mode to home-mode and the radio was a good companion.It is pricey of course with fuel being so expensive but you just have to live with that

Good luck phoenix and let us know how you get on!

Anne58 Tue 11-Sep-12 17:31:43

Hello all, sorry to take so long to get back, but things haven't been too good.

The first interview went well and I think I would have loved the job, but although they gave the agency some very positive feedback, they offered the post to someone else. Just as well, really, as I had already decided it was just too far at 60 miles each way.

Second one was ok, will hear tomorrow if I have been shortlisted for second stage, but to be honest I do think it is too far, and the fuel costs would be pretty high.

Please forgive me if I have posted this on another thread, currently losing the plot in quite a big way.

kittylester Tue 11-Sep-12 17:39:33

Oh phoenix what a shame they are no good, for what ever reason. Tomorrow is another day and something is sure to turn up soon. Keep us posted.

Take care flowers

Ariadne Tue 11-Sep-12 17:56:01

Phoenix keep going, gal. Surely there will be something, just right, soon. I do hope so. ((hugs))

soop Tue 11-Sep-12 18:30:42

Phoenix Full marks for perseverance. I admire your tenacity. You deserve success. I'll check with you tomorrow. Have to go. Things to do. Enjoy your evening. smile