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son`s partner made redundant!

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celebgran Mon 28-Jan-13 16:45:09

Gosh what a worry my DS MET lovely lady last May and in November they moved in together, rent is extoritonate 1,300 month, now she has lost her job, and my son is not that well paid! She has 2 boys 13 and 12 also, o dear I am worried for them.

Just so wish they could move into cheaper area theyare at Langley, my son works in Winchester not near there, but he does fly abroad a lot for work and they near Heathrow, oh dear, boys are at school and near their Dad, but do feel they will have to move if she does not find work soon.
so annoying they could rent near us for about £700!!!!!

Anne58 Mon 28-Jan-13 16:49:55

Unfortunately celebgran it seems to be that where rents are cheaper, there is less employment, but hope something works out for them.

Marelli Mon 28-Jan-13 16:51:59

celebgran, there's always something isn't there. You will be worried, without a doubt. Do you think they'd be able to consider a move to a cheaper area?

vampirequeen Mon 28-Jan-13 18:43:17

Check housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Mey Mon 28-Jan-13 21:05:05

Hello celebgran things might look bad now but the chances are that she will get another job and hopefully sooner rather than later. Absolute best to her.

celebgran Tue 29-Jan-13 09:18:23

Thanks Marelli trouble is they have contract til NOvember!!

I MUST try not worry too much, I did mention when they took it on lot money relying on Anina working full time - but of course was ignored.

I feel they will have o consider moving if she does not find work soon.
agree Phoenix there is little employment near us where it is cheaper.

Vampirequeen they will have to look into that, trouble is she would get all benefites if on her own!! THE SYSTEM!!!!