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Extended probation period

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Granny65 Fri 26-Feb-21 22:40:12

I started a new job mid December, then it was Xmas shut down. Lost my dad on new years eve, & had to take a few days bereavement leave. Then on 14th Jan I was hospitalised with covid & pneumonia. Went back to work on 8th Feb, so only been back 3 weeks. Felt like I was starting the job all over again.
They extended my probation period today, mainly because of attendance, which of course they know is totally out of my control. I also need more training as I haven't even touched on some of the role.
I know exactly where they're coming from & its perfectly understandable. I have to start all over again due to the extenuating circumstances. Still feel very down about it & like it's a black mark against my name. Grieving isn't helping my mood either.
I'm being unreasonable in getting down about work aren't I....

Hetty58 Fri 26-Feb-21 22:44:59

Granny65, anyone beginning work then would face similar difficulties. It's no reflection on your abilities at all - so try to be positive about it.

Esspee Fri 26-Feb-21 23:13:02

You have a job, many people are either unemployed or soon to become unemployed thanks to the pandemic.
You most certainly have had an awful couple of months and I am sorry for your loss.
They have extended your probation period and you will be receiving more training. That says to me they are happy with you and want you in the company.
Cause to be feeling more upbeat.

welbeck Sat 27-Feb-21 01:14:26

yes, they could have just got rid of you if they wanted to, so it's good that they are giving you another chance to prove yourself.
make the most of it and knuckle down to be very attentive and learn as much as possible, to have a the best chance of being retained after probation period, but also for own mental well-being, to have something to concentrate on, away from grief.
i wish you all the very best.

CanadianGran Sat 27-Feb-21 03:22:56

Sorry to hear of your rough start in the new job. As others say, you are lucky to be working now, and they have extended your probation. Good on them. Now is the time to prove how essential and capable you are. Don't see this as a failure, see it as a positive in that they are understanding of your broken training period. Good luck in the new job.

Peasblossom Sat 27-Feb-21 09:37:53

A probation period isn’t just for the employee to prove themselves. It also places certain obligations on the employer to provide training and support, so your employer is doing the right thing by you. So try to see it as a positive. They want you and they are taking the right steps to be able to keep you as a fully trained competent worker.