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just a minimum £20 per week that is all

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Oldab Tue 17-May-22 00:20:25

I am retired and i would like to find a job just for a minimum £20 per week . ..there must be something i could do , ...

ExDancer Tue 17-May-22 00:50:44

I went to work part time at a local supermarket when I retired. I loved it, especially fact that I could come home and forget all about it, didn't bring the stress home with me.
At 75 I decided to really retire but was bored, so emailed the RVS (was WRVS) and now work in the hospital Tea Bar No pay but very satisfying.
Just two suggestions.

Chewbacca Tue 17-May-22 00:51:30

You could try selling your daughter's barely worn, sometimes with the price tags still on them clothes on Vinted or eBay.

rafichagran Tue 17-May-22 00:55:40


You could try selling your daughter's barely worn, sometimes with the price tags still on them clothes on Vinted or eBay.

Yep, I was thinking the same.

Calendargirl Tue 17-May-22 06:59:51

A bit of painting and decorating maybe?

Joseanne Tue 17-May-22 07:04:09

Is it to earn money or to get out and about you want? There are lots of computer based "jobs" where you can get paid for doing referrals or consumer marketing.

ExDancer Tue 17-May-22 10:24:17

Where do you look for jobs like that Josieanne?

Joseanne Tue 17-May-22 10:41:36

There are lots of websites for consumer research you can register with. They send you daily choices you can select from to join in a discussion, (usually on zoom, sometimes just a phone call). The trick is to get in with someone who runs one, they get to know your knowledge and preferences, and contact you if anything crops up. So if I am say a foodie I could get asked on one about restaurants, brands of tea bags etc. Around £50 for 2 hours chat!

biglouis Thu 19-May-22 01:53:06

I am always being asked if I will run tutorials for how to sell online.

Another possibility is doing social media management for small companies who dont have the time to do it for themselves. Obviously you would need good computer and writing skills and a knowledge of the different platforms.

You could also help overseas students with their English.

Indexing. Copy editing.

So many possibilities without ever having to leave the house.

BlueBelle Thu 19-May-22 05:36:55

I don’t think there are many possibilities at all biglouis for home work all the things you mention are professional jobs and would need a good knowledge of that particular skill set
also so many online jobs are scams
I ve never come across anything apart from selling (eBay) and that’s just a bit here and there
There’s plenty of sex related jobs I suppose but I haven’t looked into them 😵‍💫( that was tongue in cheek before I get answers telling me not to go down that line)
I even tried volunteering to hear children read online but you can only do it on a computer not an iPad

By the way I m not the one needing suggestions as I m very happy with my volunteering and my allotment was just adding my two penneth

Thistlelass Thu 19-May-22 06:47:15

If you are physically fit enough you could easily make that and more. I am thinking check out people who may need a dog walking service. You could suss it out by Facebook groups locally.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 19-May-22 10:02:42

You don’t say what skills you have, what sort of work you used to do, how fit you are, whether you live in or near a town …

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 19-May-22 10:07:38

List your skills Oldab give us something to work with here.

BigBertha1 Thu 19-May-22 10:39:38

I agree with oops what are your skills, likes and preferences Oldab

Glorianny Thu 19-May-22 10:50:42

our local paper shop has an advert for a "paper delivery person aged between 13 and 150"!
Not sure if you get £20 though

AGAA4 Thu 19-May-22 11:02:25

Are you good at DIY? There are lots of people who need help with simple jobs. I know an elderly lady who pays to have her light bulbs changed.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 19-May-22 20:32:31

I was paying a chap £10 an hour to cut the grass and that was 10 years ago, he had his car, a trailer and his mower. Goodness knows how much they ask now. Wouldn’t take many hours to earn decent money.

I gave him tea and cake too.

ExDancer Sat 21-May-22 13:22:54

They charge from £17.50 to £25 or £30 an hour depending where you live, just to cut and trim your lawn.

biglouis Sat 21-May-22 22:46:06

My gardener charges £25 an hour to cut the grass, strim the edges, keep the trees and bushes in order and generally tidy up.

Beautful Sun 22-May-22 07:19:07

Invigilating ... not a minimum of £20 a week, just during exams. I enjoyed doing it gave up because of Covid

Ailsa43 Mon 23-May-22 00:42:36

My 85 year old neighbours' gardener comes twice a month. It's a postage stamp garden at the front with flowers in the borders no hedge, , and a 30'x15 at the rear , and he charges £80 per visit.. ..that's a massive £160 per month.
I was stunned when she told me.
He's there for about 4 hours, 2 of which he spends chatting..