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AliceS Sat 21-May-22 02:36:51

So I started a new job. Been in position a few months. Doing the job is not the problem and I generally enjoy it. However, I am very fed up with the attitude of some cliquey colleagues (others are nice and okay). I try to start a friendly conversation but they make a point of leaving me on duty to talk to their friends leaving me to work a desk for six hours straight. I have two line managers - one who ignores me up the high street but seems like a different persona when he's back to work - and another micromanager who spies on what people are doing - without talking to them politely about things. I always say hello to people but quite frankly I think why am I bothering when you hardly get any greeting from a couple who all sit there in their friendly cliques. I tried to tell myself they are not paying my wage so just focus on the job itself and start ignoring back. Now I find that I have to manage a building by myself which is not in my JD whilst the others all sit in the second building not offering cover. I am fed up with the rudeness.

FarNorth Sat 21-May-22 06:26:07

Keep a note of what happens when then take it up with management.
Ask if this is what is supposed to happen.

nanna8 Sat 21-May-22 07:25:45

If you are having to work by yourself and you are not paid to do that work I would make an excuse and just not do it. It’s not right ,they seem to be taking advantage of you. I wouldn’t worry about the micro manager so long as you are doing your job- their problem not yours. Just go about your job n a polite manner and don’t worry about the cliques- concentrate on the pay packet !!

BlueBelle Sat 21-May-22 07:37:14

Concentrate on the job …..which you like
Concentrate on the nice and ok colleagues
If the manager who works well with you ignores you in the street ……don’t worry
If the manager who micromanages you is just a jobs worthy ignore

Different story about being left in a building on your own how can you be micromanaged if you’re left for long periods alone That definitely is something that needs pointing out and discussing as doesn’t sound right
Have you posted before under another name if not have a hunt there’s two of you in new jobs with cliquey colleagues

biglouis Sat 21-May-22 22:58:59

I dont have any advice to add to the other posters upthread. These people are not your friends. They are work colleagues so it looks like you will have to depend upon your own resources.

The other issues (being left alone in charge of a building) are something you should definitely take up with management. Being left in charge of a building would promote a resk assessment in many industries. If these responsibilities are above your pay grade and not in your JD you have a legitimate complaint.

GrammyGrammy Sun 22-May-22 12:08:41

Regarding being ignored in the street...It could be rudeness..but it also could be something else. Some people can not recognise faces and have no chance of recognising people out of context. Others have poor eye sight and don't see other people out and about. These are real things. Always ask if the person saw you or not. Don't assume the worst.