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Fi Glover wants a gran

Fi GloverIn an exclusive Gransnet podcast, the broadcaster Fi Glover talks about all the wonderful things grans can do and provide, about her disappointment that she doesn't have a gran - and puts out a call for someone to do gran-type things for her.


About Fi Glover 

Fi is a multi award-winning broadcaster, writer and voice-over artist and one of this country’s best known radio voices, recently described in the Guardian as ‘gifted’ and ‘disproportionately likeable’. Fi has won a Sony Gold and a Sony Silver for her most recent show - Saturday Live on BBC Radio 4 - and bagged a Sony Silver Award for Broadcasting House on Radio 4, a Bronze Award for the GLR Breakfast Show and four other nominations over the last 10 years.

Fi has worked on Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, Radio 2, Radio 1 and GLR, and is now presenting a landmark three-year documentary series for BBC Radio called Generations Apart.This summer she also joined the roster as a panellist on Just a Minute.

Having cut her teeth on the BBC’s Trainee Reporter scheme in 1993, travelling the country working for local radio stations, she used some of those experiences in her 2001 book, Travels With My Radio, a top 20 bestseller on Amazon. She joined GLR in London as a junior reporter and presented the Breakfast Show before joining Five Live to present the Late Night Show, the award-winning Sunday Service and the mid morning phone in.

From 1997 to 1999 she also presented The Travel Show on BBC 2, travelling to 36 countries in 3 years. Fi left Five Live in 2004 to write a book in New York; it remains one of the literary world’s great unfinished masterpieces, as she was asked to return and take over at the helm of Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4 in January 2005 and then to help create and launch Saturday Live on Radio 4 in 2006. The latter is now one of the station’s most celebrated, and enjoyed, shows.

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Over 15 years in broadcasting, Fi has also presented Rough Justice Live on Channel 4, The Technophobe's Guide to the Future on BBC 2 and appeared on The Apprentice and Call My Bluff. She was Chair of Judges for the 2009 Orange Prize for Women’s Literature, has written columns for The Guardian and Women’s Weekly and currently writes a weekly opinion piece for Waitrose Weekend. In January Fi was a contestant on Sport Relief does the Great British Bake Off on BBC2.

She is currently presenting the Listening Project on BBC Radio 4. Fi lives with her partner Rick and their two children in East London.