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You know your grandchildren have visited when....


As much as you cherish time with the little ones <shakes glitter out of hair>, they can turn your whole world upside down...quite literally. 


You find yourself with small pieces of Lego embedded in your bare feet.

fire truck with post-it


There are no phone calls...then you discover the landline has been set to mute.

child with phone


The car is full of sand.

sandy car


Three words: bogey wall art.

child picking nose


All the tops are off the smellies in the bathroom and you find the dog stinks of Chanel No.5.


princess pooch


Stickers. Stickers everywhere.



You can't find your feather duster then remember that it was recently wielded as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

children cleaning


Every window is covered with sticky hand marks, lick marks and nose imprints.

child licking window


A whole toilet roll is unwound and stuffed down the loo.

girls with toilet paper


The house is a complete tip and you need a drink!

destruction everywhere


Recognise any of these dastardly deeds? You can read the full thread here.


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Images: moreclaremore.com, Shutterstock, Twitter, yellowtrace.com, perfectionpending.net, littlerockfamily.com