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LadyCare menopause magnet - what is it and does it work?

ladycare menopause magnet 

Hot flushes, mood changes, thinning hair (to name but a few) - it's no surprise that menopause symptoms are often the cause of distress for women over 50. Whether you've chosen to opt for HRT or are tackling your symptoms through alternative methods, each treatment comes with its own set of pros and cons. The LadyCare magnet is a device that claims to reduce symptoms naturally - but, crucially, does it work? We've called on the wisdom of over 350,000 gransnetters and, from how to wear it to honest magnet reviews, here's everything you need to know. 


What is the LadyCare menopause magnet? | How does it work?
How to wear it | Side effects and potential risks | LadyCare reviews


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What is the LadyCare menopause magnet?

menopause magnet

The LadyCare menopause magnet is designed to relieve symptoms of the menopause naturally - without adding a cocktail of hormones to your body. According to LadyCare, creators of the magnet, it is effective for 71% of women experiencing menopausal symptoms, and particularly plays a role in improving hot flushes, mood changes and sleeping problems. 

There are two types of drug-free magnet: LadyCare and the more expensive version of the magnet, LadyCare Plus. The LadyCare Plus magnet is more powerful and is recommended for those who suffer from ongoing high stress, as the effects of the LadyCare magnet may be overridden in these circumstances.


How does the LadyCare magnet work? 

LadyCare is a form of magnet therapy, which is when magnets are used to relieve pain and help with certain conditions. The LadyCare magnet is worn externally and the makers claim that it eliminates or reduces symptoms of menopause by rebalancing the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The decline in progesterone and oestrogen levels during the menopause and the subsequent changes to your body creates an imbalance between the two parts of the ANS - the Sympathetic Nervous system (SNS) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).

While the SNS controls sweating, body temperature - hot flushes anybody? - and heart rate, the PNS is responsible for digestion and rest. LadyCare claims that the menopause magnet rebalances the system by raising PNS activity and decreasing excessive SNS activity.

You can wear the magnet during the three different stages of the menopause: perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause and it works for up to five years.


What symptoms does it help with?

ladycare magnet
Symptoms can often be the most bothersome part of menopause, with many women keen to find that holy grail of a treatment that reduces symptoms with minimal risks. While the effects of this type of menopause treatment can differ from woman to woman, LadyCare claim the magnet helps relieve these menopausal symptoms:

  • Hot flushes - the most common symptom of the menopause
  • Mood swings and energy levels
  • Disturbed sleep or insomnia
  • The condition of skin
  • Weight gain (more on this below)
  • Stress
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Bloating and water retention
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sore muscles
  • Irregular periods and heavy bleeding

Magnets have been used as a holistic therapy for thousands of years. However, there is no evidence to suggest that LadyCare is a successful form of pain relief.


How to wear the LadyCare menopause magnet 

You may have heard of magnetic jewellery being worn to help with certain conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia, but LadyCare is worn differently. The menopause magnet is worn in your underwear and is clipped magnetically to stay in place. Simply detach the small magnetic button at the front of the device and place the larger part of the magnet on the inside of your underwear, positioning the smaller button on the outside of your underwear to hold the larger part in place. The makers recommend wearing the device about four inches below your belly button. 

Although, be warned - some gransnetters have found that with the LadyCare magnet they've found themselves in a few sticky situations...

"After getting (briefly) welded to the handle of the kitchen cupboard I stopped and haven't needed it since so I've not bothered."

"I had one of these magnets. Got stuck to the Tesco trolley a few times."

"I heard a lot of great stuff about these magnets so I bought one. To be honest I spent more time fishing it out of toilets than anything else."

"I remember a hilarious event with a work colleague wearing one of these. We went to get breakfast in a hotel where we were staying on a trip to visit a client. 
Let's just say no one needs that much cutlery to eat porridge..."


Side effects and potential risks - is it safe?

The benefit of this natural product is that - unlike the associated risks that come with hormone replacement therapy - very few side effects have been reported (besides accidentally getting stuck to shopping trolleys or kitchen cupboards). However, there is limited information on the risks associated with menopause magnets.

Occasionally users have developed a red mark in the pelvic area or have reported sensitivity due to local blood-flow under the skin. If you are worried, you can reduce the power of the magnet by placing fabric between your skin and the device. You should also regularly clean your device. 

LadyCare also claim the magnet is safe to use for those with oestrogen-positive breast cancer, as the device doesn't raise these hormone levels, but it's always advisable to check with your doctor first.

It's important that you speak to your doctor before trying the magnet if you have a pacemaker or insulin pump. While there have been no reports of the LadyCare magnet having adverse effects, some magnets can interfere with pacemakers and insulin pumps, so it's always wise to consult your GP first before trying it out. 


LadyCare menopause magnets and weight loss

Do magnets help you to lose weight? Weight gain is an unwanted symptom of the menopause that many women struggle with due to fluctuations in hormones. Studies have suggested that the magnet could help with this, alongside bloating and fluid retention. It was found that out of 509 women using the device, 99 lost an average of 14lbs.

It may help, but it's important to focus on your diet and exercise regularly if you are concerned about weight gain. You can wear the magnet whilst exercising, but the makers recommend removing the device when swimming.


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LadyCare magnet reviews - does it work?

ladycare magnet reviews

Gransnetters' LadyCare reviews

A natural way to minimise the most prevalent menopause symptoms with little known side effects sounds great, but does it actually work? Gransnetters have shared their experiences using the magnet and it's fair to say the reviews are mixed...


The good...

"I have had my LadyCare plus magnet since June 2017. My hot flashes started November 2016 and was having up to 12 to 14 flashes a day. I wear it 24/7 and have found it works for me. I have two or three hot flashes in the evening with no night sweats. I have also found it helped with my daily anxiety and with my IBS. I had left it off a couple days whilst on holiday and the flashes returned but I popped it back on and all was good!"

"I have worn it for two days and seem to have slept better but only time will tell."

"I have come off HRT after 15 years and have been having hot flushes and sweats. My friend recommended the LadyCare magnet and I have to say I've had less sweats and flushes since I started using it and I'm also sleeping better. My mood and energy have improved too. Best 30 quid I have ever spent!"

"It could be a placebo effect, but it works for me. Anything's worth a try when you have those tropical moments!"

"I used LadyCare for a while. It gave me more relief than anything else I tried, but these days I just put up with the sweats, sleeping with only a sheet to cover me."


The bad...

"It didn't work at all for me. Everyone's unique of course, but I've done everything to alleviate my menopause symptoms including acupuncture and nothing works, so I've succumbed to HRT."

"I have one and wore mine for months. One thing you must do is drink plenty of water to flush your system out (I can't remember why). I think I just 'willed' it to work but it didn't."

"It was a load of rubbish - complete waste of money."

"I used to have one, but it did nothing!"

"I tried it a few years ago. I didn't notice any benefit at all."


The doctor's view

Dr Jen Gunter wrote a review of the magnets on her blog, saying there is "no evidence they do anything but lighten your wallet". In the blog post she questioned claims of how the LadyCare magnets work, stating that, while there is evidence to suggest that the Autonomic Nervous System contributes to hot flushes, there are other factors that also play a part.


The verdict...

The menopause - and the severity of the symptoms - can vary from person to person so what works for one woman may not work for you. There are both positive and negative LadyCare menopause magnet reviews, from 'waste of time' claims to those saying how much it has helped with hot flushes. The most important thing is finding the right treatment for you. The magnet has proven to be beneficial for some women and can also be used if you are taking HRT. 

If you do opt to try the magnet, LadyCare advise that you persevere to allow time for it to work. The makers say that it can take up to three months of continual wear to experience the full benefits. 

There are other natural alternatives to HRT, so it's worth doing your research before you invest in a magnet. Why not ask for first-hand advice on the treatments gransnetters have found to be the most effective on our forums

As with anything regarding your health, you should speak to your GP if you have any questions or queries regarding the menopause, especially if you are considering coming off HRT. 


Where can I buy the magnet? 

You can buy the LadyCare Plus magnet from Amazon, and the both versions of the magnet from Boots and the LadyCare website. The LadyCare magnet costs £35 and the LadyCare Plus menopause magnet is priced at £49. You can also buy replacement buttons for the magnet in case you lose yours.

If you have decided to buy a magnet, make sure you purchase yours from a reputable retailer as some counterfeit versions can have adverse effects.

Visit our menopause index for more useful health advice and remember to always consult your GP before trying different menopause treatments.


Disclaimer: The information on our health pages is only intended as an informal guide and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice. Gransnet would urge you to consult your GP before you begin any form of treatment if you're concerned about your weight, have existing health conditions and/or are taking medication. 

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