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 giving up sugarHow to give up sugar

 fasting The Fast Diet

 Heart HealthThe heart and healthy eating

 Michael MosleyMichael Mosley: intermittent fasting

 Health10 reasons to try intermittent fasting

 Linda DoeserHealthy eating for older women

 DiabetesTips on preventing or reducing prediabetes

Type 2 diabetesHow to avoid diabetes 

 obesity surgery chat Is surgery the answer to obesity? 

 nutrition and healthNutrition and health: tips for different conditions

 foods for eye healthFoods for eye health

 5 2 diet 5:2 Diet tips


 Health and fitness tipsTop health and fitness tips

strength training Strength training exercises

fitnessCouch to 5K week by week 


 Tai Chi for over 50sTai Chi for over 50s

 PilatesPilates for over 50s


Health care

 insomniaNatural sleep remedies

 woman exercisingArthritis: managing joint pain

 DrRosemaryGuide to winter health 

 Vivienne MaidensPractical support for breast cancer

Jo's Trust

10 things you should know about cervical cancer at 50+

alan silmanPreventing and treating arthritis

 Chris SteeleStaving off winter maladies

rosaceaRosacea: what is it and how can you treat it? 

 stis and women over 50STIs and women over 50


 PerimenopausePerimenopause: a guide

woman closing jeansHow to avoid menopause weight gain

 woman 11 ways to beat menopause and the ageing process

 menopause   A five minute guide to the menopause

 figsWhat to eat (and not eat) during the menopause

 How to sleep well during menopauseHow to sleep well during the menopause

 feet bedSex and the menopause

two women gossiping 10 'fun' facts about menopause

 Stay sharpTop tips for living with the menopause

 hrtHRT for over 60s








 hearing blogThe advantages of hearing aids

 Hearing aidsGuide to hearing aids 

 Hearing aidsHearing aids: a history  

other half hearingFive reasons to get a hearing test

woman  Three things you never knew about age-related hearing loss


Mental health

 Preventing dementiaHow to reduce your risk of developing dementia

 depressionThe Gransnet guide to depression 

 Stress10 ways to deal with stress

woman stressed

Managing anxiety and panic attacks

 bereavementUnderstanding the stages of grief 

 Dementia couple Signs of dementia

 seasonal affective disorderDo you have seasonal affective disorder?

 elder abuseElder abuse

 griefHow to support yourself through bereavement