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How to be thrifty after retirement

Tips for being thrifty

If you're about to retire, you'd be forgiven for being fixated on the idea of getting rid of the alarm clock and stocking up on new books to relax with. But what about the drop in income? For most people, retiring also means there's less coming in each month, so we've put together gransnetters' tips on easy ways to watch the pennies.


1. Spend some to save some  

Sometimes you have to spend money while you can still afford it in order to save money in retirement. We had thermostats fitted on most radiators and that seems to be helping - really, only the sitting room needs to be warmer.


2. Make home improvements

House insulation 

Make sure that your home is well insulated - cavity wall insulation if appropriate, decent double glazing. The cavity wall insulation keeps the heat in for longer and the heat hits me when I walk indoors from a frosty day outside and there is no heating on.


3. Shop smart

Buy reduced items and freeze them, you can learn what time of day your local shop does its reductions.

Don't buy pre-bagged fruit and veg in supermarkets. They can cost you twice as much per kg.


4. Budget, budget, budget...

Budget apps

Download a budget app. They are so useful and you can project into the future with it so there is an incentive to save for stuff.


5. Curb impulse-buying

I never buy something for myself like clothes or accessories the first time I see them. I always walk away and go back later. If it's still there, I buy it, if not, then it wasn't meant to be. 


6. Save on utilities

Use comparison websites to check you are getting the best deal on gas/electricity, insurances etc. I change suppliers at least annually. Another tip is to go through a cash back website such as Quidco or Top cash back that pays you for using a comparison site or shopping online. You can also earn money doing online surveys.


7. Offload old stuff

Yard sale

If you're on Facebook, search for any buy and sell pages in your local area. I have joined about three and have sold a few items I no longer need. No costs involved either because people come and collect!


8. Learn from the experts

Definitely sign up to Martin's Money Tips. I just bought two pairs of glasses online for £19 with a £15 Amazon gift card back if a friend buys a pair. 


9. Don't rely on cards

Use cash! Apparently you spend 30% more if you use a card.


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