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Release your inner artist

art academy for nintendo dsnintendo dsiDo you yearn to create something beautiful and unique? Let Art Academy for Nintendo DS put artists’ tools and techniques at your fingertips

Many of us see art as something made only by artists, using special tools. But Art Academy, available exclusively on Nintendo DS, makes drawing and painting accessible to everyone. It shows you how to create your own pictures, while guiding you through techniques that anyone can master. Even experienced artists will be surprised at how useful and versatile Art Academy can be.

Art in action

Woman playing Nintendo DSi XLSo what is it like to use Art Academy? ‘I loved to draw and paint as a child, but hadn’t done either for years, so I was really excited to try it,’ says craft lover Alice Thompson, 54. ‘The format makes drawing and painting seem like a game, so I felt encouraged to experiment – I didn’t worry about making mistakes as I might have if I were using traditional art materials.

‘A series of lessons takes you through basic principles and artists’ techniques step by step, so even complete beginners and children can learn at their own pace and speed. There’s also a free-paint mode and, if you are using the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL consoles, the in-built camera will take photographs you can use to create drawings or paintings. With its wide range of tools and portable format, Art Academy turns your Nintendo DS into an artist’s sketchbook with a real edge.’

Express yourself

The Art Academy software for Nintendo DS has incredible features that make creating art fun and rewarding:

  • swanChoose from a variety of pencil and brush tools to make a range of marks
  • Mix your own paint shades and dilute them with an on-screen paint palette
  • Zoom in or pull back on your artwork to create a broad wash of colour or
  • capture even the most delicate details with the stylus pen
  • Learn the basics and valuable techniques for improving your artwork with a series of step-by-step tutorials
  • Save your favourite artworks, then frame and display them in the on-screen gallery
  • Take photographs with the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL to use as the basis for a drawing or painting.

Ready to explore your own creativity or nurture a talent? Learn more about Art Academy and the Nintendo DS console at www.nintendo.co.uk/artacademy

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Screen shot from Art Academy Screen shot of Nintendo Art Academy 





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