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The Little Girl (or Boy!) Who Lost Her (/His) Name - David Cadji-Newby

thelittlegirlwhoDoes it take a little extra to get your grandchild interested in reading? These personalised story books could be the perfect Christmas present. 

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name and The Little Boy Who Lost His Name each tell the story of a child who loses their name and embarks on a magical journey to rediscover it, tracking down the missing letters as they go.

Here comes the clever bit - you choose the name the book will centre on, so the story is all about your little darling! The adventures could be of a brave little boy called Alexander, or a fearless little girl called Lily - there are as many stories as there are names. 

Along the way, your chosen explorer will meet lots of weird, wonderful and wise characters, each offering the first letter of their name. So if your DGD is Emily, she’d meet a forgetful elephant, a rather vain mermaid, a cold-averse Inuit, a misunderstood Lion and a genial Yeti. Hey presto, EMILY’s name is found!

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Perfect for two to six year-olds, the books are the brainchild of three dads and one uncle who wanted to help their children develop a love of reading and storytelling. Having written many different stories with over 236 accompanying illustrations, they are now able to make personalised books for all 14,000 names that appear on the UK Census. 

You can create, view and purchase the books from the Lost My Name website - to guarantee they arrive before Christmas place your order by 4 December. Gransnetters can also get an exclusive 10% off by quoting code Gransnet10 at the checkout.


Unfortunately all of our free copies have now gone -  but don't forget, you can still use the exclusive Gransnet 10% discount code!