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Kids' book of the month

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh by Nick Sharratt

My Mum and Dad Make Me LaughWe are delighted to feature this much-loved classic as our inaugural kids' book of the month. 

My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh is a firm family favourite from award-winning illustrator Nick Sharratt. Mum is crazy about spots - spotty clothes, spotty wallpaper, spotty games like dominoes; Dad loves stripes - stripy suits and stripy ties, stripy humbug sweets. No wonder they make their son laugh - mind you, they think he's funny in his grey patternless clothes.

When they go to the safari park, Mum goes wild about the big cats while Dad enthuses over the zebras.

Packed with glorious patterns of stripes and spots, this book also contains a clue on each spread as to the nature of the little boy's obsession - from a pink elephant toothbrush-holder in the bathroom to a bun in the cafe!

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