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Some teens worry about who they’ll wake up next to. Others worry about who they’ll wake up as… Welcome to the world of the Changers.

It’s the eve of Ethan Miller’s freshman year of high school, in a brand-new town. He’s finally sporting
a haircut he doesn’t hate, has grown two inches since middle school, and can’t wait to try out for
the soccer team. Things are looking up. Until, next morning, Ethan awakens as a girl.

Ethan is a Changer – a little known, ancient race of humans who live out each of their four high
school years as a different person. After graduation, Changers choose which version of themselves
they will be forever.

Ethan must now live as petite, blonde Drew, and navigate the treacherous waters of freshman year
while also trying to follow the Rules: Never tell anyone who you are. Never disobey the Changers
Council. Never, ever fall in love with another Changer…

T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper are best-selling and award-winning authors and journalists.
Between them, they have published seven books, raised two children, and rescued six dogs. The
CHANGERS series is their first collaboration in print. 

Changers Book 1: Drew is available online and from all good booksellers. 


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