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Operation Ouch!

Operation Ouch!A fantastic non-fiction choice for our June kid's book of the month. Operation Ouch! Your Brilliant Body by Dr Chris van Tullekan and Dr Xand van Tullekan is newly out in paperback (June 5) to tie in to Season 2 of award-winning CBBC hit series Operation Ouch!, featuring everything you've ever wanted to know about your body, how it works and how it fixes itself.

Did you know...

a) That in your lifetime you'll spend a whole year on the toilet
b) That you shed at least 30,000 skin cells every day
c) That the biggest muscle in your body is in your bum

No - nor us. But these are just three examples of the many (many) fascinating facts that this book has to offer.

So get your grandchildren to join Dr Chris and Dr Xand as they take a tour of Your Brilliant Body and find out the incredible things their bodies can do, test their gross-out knowledge and try out cool body tricks at home.

Other things you might like...

Operation Ouch! is a winner in the Children’s BAFTA Awards 2013 in the category Best Factual Programme. It's a Horrible Histories for biology, combining fun and gross facts with real-life knowledge to both entertain and educate kids.

Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tullekan are twin doctors who grew up in London and trained in medicine at Oxford University, graduating in 2002. They have combined NHS work with global health work and television appearing in Blizzard: Race to the Pole, Medicine Men and Medicine Men Go Wild.

Operation Ouch! is their first series for children.The second title, Medical Milestones and Crazy Cures, will be out in the autumn.

All our free copies have now gone but Operation Ouch! Your Brilliant Body is available from all good booksellers.