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Kids' book of the month

Six Little Chicks by Jez Alborough

Six Little ChicksOur March book of the month is a heart-warming tale which is perfect for Easter.

Bright, brilliant artwork matches the funny, rhythmic, energy-fuelled story of six courageous chicks. Children will love the repeated action words and thinking of new ways to act them out - a wonderful story to share, and to enjoy again and again.

The Busy Hen has five little chicks to look after while making sure number six - still an egg - stays warm. The last thing she needs is hairy, scary Fox sniffing about. She is frantic when the other birds warn her that her chicks are in danger, but her five little chicks are a lot braver than she realises.

Author Jez Alborough has written and illustrated over forty picture books; including the Eddy and the Bear series (Where's My Teddy, It's The Bear and My Friend Bear) which were turned into a Bafta award winning television series, the bestselling Bobo books (Hug, Tall and Yes) and the Duck In The Truck series.

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Unfortunately all of our free copies of the book have now run out. Instead, you can order Six Little Chicks from Amazon or discuss this book on the forums