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Winnie's Dinosaur Day - Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Winnie's Dinosaur DayWinnie and Wilbur go prehistoric!

Winnie loves the nearby museum. It’s full of fascinating things, especially in the dinosaur room. When an exciting competition is announced to draw or make a model of a dinosaur, Winnie can’t wait to take part.

But what did dinosaurs look like? Winnie has only ever seen a dinosaur skeleton – so she waves her magic wand to transport herself and Wilbur back into the time of the dinosaurs...

Once they arrive in the prehistoric swamp, Winnie and Wilbur hide behind a tree and it’s not long before they spot a Triceratops munching the greenery. Pencils and sketchbook in hand, Winnie just can’t capture the dinosaur on paper so instead she jumps onto his back and Winnie, Wilbur, and a rather surprised Triceratops crash into the museum courtyard just as the prize is about to be presented by Professor Perkins.

Winnie’s Dinosaur Day is the 13th picture book in the popular Winnie the Witch series. 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Winnie the Witch – a much-loved character instantly recognizable in Korky Paul’s distinctive artwork style.

Author Valerie Thomas has taken Winnie on all kinds of adventures – on her broomstick and a flying carpet, with a baby dragon and a giant pumpkin, under the sea and even into outer space! Valerie, who lives in Australia, doesn’t own a broomstick herself, but she has travelled to most parts of the world.

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Korky Paul, born in Zimbabwe, is a well-known illustrator. His drawings appear in more than 25 Winnie the Witch books, as well as many other poetry anthologies and picture books. Known only to himself as "the world’s greatest portrait artist", Korky visits schools to promote his passion for drawing. He lives in Oxford with his wife where he regularly cooks on the "braai".

All our free copies have now been snapped up - but the books is available on Amazon and at all good bookshops.