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Next To Love by Ellen Feldman

Next To LoveOur January book club novel is Next to Love by Ellen Feldman, who was shortlisted for the Orange Prize for her last novel Scottsboro.

Babe, Millie, and Grace have been friends since childhood and when the novel opens, they are living in a small Virginian town and waiting for news of their men who have gone abroad to take part in the D-Day landings.  As the war drags on, and later, when peace breaks out, they experience changes that move them in directions they never dreamed possible. The women lose their innocence, struggle to raise their children, and find meaning and love in unexpected places. And as they change, so does America - from a country in which people know their place in the social hierarchy to a world in which women's rights, the Civil Rights movement and technological innovations present new possibilities and uncertainties.

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