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High tech gadgets for the home

Need more time to kick back, relax and spend extra hours on Gransnet doing things you actually enjoy doing - rather than thinking about laborious household chores? Well now you can, thanks to our round-up of things to help get housework done without having to break sweat. From hoovering the house, to mowing the lawn, we bring to you the top five high-tech gadgets for the home. Housework just got a lot simpler. 



robot hooverRobo.com³ Robot Vacuum Cleaner, £499.99, Argos

"My poor little robot must be worn out. I think it's the best present I have ever had. It's only been in action for two days, yet it has cleaned the whole house three times." 

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Karcher WIndow VacKarcher Window Vacuum Cleaner, £49.99, Amazon

"Mine's a Karcher and I love it because the DH now likes to clean the windows!"

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Whirlpool washing machineWhirlpool 8kg 6th Sense Supreme Care Washing Machine with quietest direct drive motor, £353.99, Whirlpool

"We have our washing machine in the kitchen, but it does annoy me because it's so loud. Wish I had one those silent Whirlpool washing machines!"

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gtech cordless lawnmowerGtech Cordless Lawnmower, £299, Gtech

"It's so lightweight..."


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Lakeland airerDry-Soon 3 tier Headed Tower Airer£94.99, Lakeland

"I spent ages reading reviews trying to decide whether to buy or not and I've never regretted it." 

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Prices correct at publication: 19/05/2016

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