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Detox and unwind: the Gransnet Slimmeria review

slimmeria detox Gransnet Editor Gigi was a guest at the Slimmeria Detox Retreat where she revamped her diet and enjoyed a peaceful country escape. And there's still time to enter our competition to win a relaxing break there yourself...

"If, like me, you’ve got into bad eating habits and that ‘new you’ never quite got off the ground, then I may just have uncovered the perfect antidote.

Slimmeria bills itself as a detox retreat and it’s not for the faint hearted (literally). With a very low calorie raw food diet (400 calories) and lots and lots of fresh air and exercise it reads at first more boot camp than retreat. Then, when you gaze at the seductive pictures and see the Georgian manor house, the vineyard and the on-site spa you realise that yes,  this might actually be okay. Slimmeria is more than okay. It’s amazing and as long as you repeat the mantra in your head, “This is only temporary”, you’ll love it.

walking Groups are small - around 12 at any time - and when I went, almost entirely female. Ages really did vary from 20 and 30 somethings slimming to fit into that perfect dress, to women over 50 (and beyond) just looking to get fitter, healthier, and yes, to lose weight. And without doubt everyone was friendly, supportive and really very, very normal. We all shared one thing - we really wanted to find out more about how to improve our health. And we certainly did that and more. 

At the start we're all weighed and our measurements taken, then it’s a light veggie soup and lights out at 
9pm. We’re woken by a bell each morning when we cleanse with a cup of hot water and fresh lemon before heading out to nearby Hastings for a brisk walk on the sea front or on the many local countryside hikes. And that’s the start to every day. So, by 11am every morning you’re already feeling like you have achieved a whole lot more than most other days.

Slimmeria is available for short breaks of four days but most people come for a week and see some quite amazing results - the weight loss of the people I was with over the week was between 8-14 pounds. And, price-wise it’s pretty reasonable when you factor in daily yoga and fitness classes, food and even a resident therapist who gives a talk on the link between eating, our weight and our emotions.

This place is very well thought through and is certainly not just about dramatic weight loss. Bedrooms are more than comfortable and the expertise in the spa is top class. Afternoons are fairly relaxed with most of the group opting for some well deserved R&R in the relaxing White Room as well as something from the spa menu to further unwind. You can see why people come back.
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Run by an enormously inspiring health guru, Gallia, this woman lives and breathes the transformations her guests undergo. And although you wouldn’t really want to maintain the extreme low calorie diet indefinitely - a break from our heavy western diet to treat your body to this kind of pure raw food fasting can only be a good thing." 
Like the sound of this? Well why not win a trip there for you and a pal - there’s still a few days left of our great new competition to win a break for two to Slimmeria. Click here  to enter.
Prices start at just £275 for a weekend detox. More information on Slimmeria can be found here

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