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5 reasons older people should be online

internetAs any gransnetter will tell you, there are so many good reasons to encourage older people to get online and explore all that the internet has to offer. From company and support, to learning, entertainment or even paying household bills, there's a lot to be said for taking the plunge.

If anyone you know needs an extra nudge, here are some of the ways gransnetters' lives were affected once they got connected. 


1. Preventing loneliness

"The internet certainly changed my life. My family gave me an iPad for my 80th birthday and I have made so many friends. I have joined several forums, one being a wildlife one. We meet up now and again and I stay with one friend in Hampshire every year. I email, am on Facebook and Twitter, and love my internet." Jean

"I met six ladies that, about a year ago, were virtual strangers. We had a ball! We have all become very close via hangout! All because of t'internet. I was brave enough to go and meet them and now they are a big part of my life." MrsPickle

"I am a widow, live alone and have no family for hundreds of miles, just a few friends I see occasionally. I am now 75 years old and can't imagine what I would do without my friend, the computer. In winter and bad weather it is so good to take a cup of coffee, switch on the computer and enjoy all the Gransnet chatter and forums." celialillian

2. Finding new purpose

youtube"My wife Pam and I have been changed by the internet. When we retired recently, we decided to start a skiffle band to raise money for local charities and when the snare drummer's son filmed us performing at a local festival on our Sony camera, we managed to get it on YouTube. Since it's been on, we've had loads of enquiries leading to bookings from it. We're called The 6-5 Specials and it's given the four of us a new purpose now we've retired." John and Pam


3. Taking care of business

"Without any prior computing skills of my own, I built my first website. Since then I have built several more websites, two of which promote my favourite pastimes: canal art and writing. Since retiring seven years ago, I have taught myself canal art, the decorated items being sold on our craft stall Shabby Pots and have created the Booksamples site, promoting authors' newly published books - one of which, Áine is my own. So, the answer to the question 'has the internet changed your life?' It most certainly has - and for the better." Tricia


4. Being heard

"The answer to the question 'has the internet changed your life'? It most certainly has - and for the better."

"The best part of the internet for me is Twitter. I am seriously opinionated and love a forum I can spout my opinions on. There are some amazing stroppy women tweeting such as Sandi Toksvig, Caroline Criado-Perez, Sue Perkins, Margaret Atwood, and Hilary Clinton to name a few. I could not talk to these women easily in real life but I can follow their Twitter feeds and join in the conversation which, for an old feminist, is brilliant, keeps the grey matter ticking over and helps me feel I still have real opinions about the big issues of the day." rubbishnan


5. Learning

online learning"I've found the internet so useful for sending literally thousands of emails, photos, having a tailor-made music list (50s and 60s Rock and Roll), terrific notes section, a calendar to remind me of things and even the weather forecast. Ebay is amazing, YouTube is wonderfully entertaining, health issues can be researched, Facebook's fantastic and any subject in the world I want to look up, it's right there at my fingertips. In short it's just like going to university without having to go!" Rosalie

"I love my computer and I would be lost without it. All that information at our fingertips. Just look it up by pressing the 'on' button. With my interests in all things Earth and sciencey, I can pick up news feeds and wonderful pictures and articles." Nelliemoser

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