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The Gransnet guide to the internet

When we hear people talking about the problems faced getting the older generation online we’re always surprised at that this is still such an issue. Because of course it's what Gransnet is all about. Being online, engaging with like-minded (and sometimes not-so-like-minded) souls. In the four years since the site launched we've learnt a huge amount about what you like, and what you don't. You like cake, and fitness tips, you like fashion, beauty and books. You love travel, your grandchildren (of course) and get cross and irritated with red tape and nonsense.

Many of you are extremely funny, clever and wise, and some of you (you know who you are) are just plain daft. But above all we know that you are not in the least defined just by your age. And actually, with the average age of gransnetters 61, we know that being over 50 is no bar to being a lover of the web. We've got over 60 Local Editors for our sites too - all of them busy writing and sending their own e-newsletters as well as chatting on their facebook pags or tweeting the latest local gossip.

But what we do realize at Gransnet, is that our users do not represent all of the country’s over 50s. And that there are many, many more older adults who just don’t think the internet is relevant to them. So who better to communicate the wonderful, never-ending benefits of the internet than gransnetters themselves we thought?

And to mark this year's Spring Online week we've produced a little video which aims to be a how to get started online when you're 50+.

It features our very own wonderful Janet Ellis and talks about all the great reasons why being online is so useful, entertaining, helpful and rewarding.

We really hope you like it and perhaps share it with those friends who still think that the internet just isn't 'for them'.

Let us know what you think too - we've started a thread for feedback. But also, if you think there's another Gransnet guide we could be planning, let us know what your idea is.