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The world's best cruise destinations - sail away!

koningsdam cruise ship Norweigian fjords

Embarking on a cruise is many people's idea of a trip of a lifetime. Not only does it take you comfortably from one breathtaking location to another, it is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in different places and cultures, expanding your knowledge of the world at each port of call. We teamed up with Holland America Line to ask gransnetters where their ideal cruise destination would be, and our bucket lists filled up faster than we could say 'bon voyage'!  

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1. Imagine sailing past this famous skyline...

new york cruise

"If money was no object, I would love a world cruise, but as New York is on my bucket list, Southampton to New York would be fabulous."

2. Or taking in this breathtaking scenery...

cochem germany

"I would love to go and see Germany again. I once went to Cochem - and what a beautiful place it is - so to return there would be wonderful. The people are so friendly and the scenery is breathtaking."

3. There is such a thing as heaven on earth

caribbean cruise

"I think my ideal cruise destination would be the Caribbean. Just those blue seas, long beaches and the fantastic selection of islands to hop on and hop off at sounds like heaven to me."

4. Experience ancient history on your doorstep

river nile cruise

"I spent over ten years lecturing on Nile cruises, and would still jump at the opportunity to go back. The beauty of the landscapes, the glimpses of village life and the magnificence of the ancient monuments make for an incomparable and unforgettable experience."

5. View the most arresting natural light display

aurora borealis

"I would love to take the grandchildren and see the Northern lights. They look so magical, so to travel by cruise to see them would be out of this world!"

6. Step into the future at this spectacular location

singapore gardens by the bay

"Singapore would be my dream cruise destination. As a garden lover, it would be perfect to visit Gardens by the Bay and view the array of plants and flowers on display."

7. A place fit for a queen

western isles scotland

"I would really like to cruise around Scotland's Western Isles. If it's good enough for Her Maj, it's good enough for me. Jokes aside, I think it would be remote and peaceful, there 'at the edge of the world'."

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8. Pass through this cultural crossroad

zanzibar ocean bar

"I would love to go from Mombasa, visit Zanzibar, then watch the blue ocean drifting by before we can disembark and visit Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe...to dream the impossible dream!"

9. Combine comfort with adventure


"I long for open wild places, so would like to cruise to ports leaving from Chile, and visiting ports south to arrive in Patagonia. It would be a blend of adventure and comfort on a cruise. Imagine hiking near the Ushuaia Mountains or Torre de Paine National Park then slipping back to sleep and eat marvellous meals on the ship?"

10. Soak up complete, natural bliss... 

norwegian fjord cruise

"I would love to cruise around the Norwegian fjords. The mountains are beautiful, the sea is glorious and the natural life and flora is gorgeous."

11. Visit a land untainted by humans


"I would love to cruise to the Galapagos as it would be a privilege to see the animals in their natural habitat."

12. Go here, before it's too late...


"The Antarctica. I would just so love to see this magnificent sight before it changes..."

13. Relive your youth on the trip of a lifetime...


"I'd love to cruise around the Adriatic, taking in northern parts of Italy and the old Yugoslavia. These are places we visited before marriage and kids came along, so I'd really like to 'catch up'."

14. Go on an educational exploration

santorini greece

"I'd love to cruise round the Greek islands, visiting archaeological sites - temples, amphitheatres, agora, houses - and getting the chance to sit in the shade in a village square, while eating a simple meal. And I'd like people who know what they are talking about, to give talks on the ship about the next place we were going to visit."

15. Wander a road less travelled...

seven sacred pools

"To visit somewhere exotic, such as Hawaii and Tahiti, would be incredible. Getting the chance to visit the Seven Sacred Pools, Hilo's beautiful exotic botanical gardens and molten lava flows, as well as watching surfers riding the crashing waves on the beaches, would feel like a dream."


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