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How to keep your house warm during winter

cosy winter

It's windy and rainy (and miserably cold) outside and no amount of jumpers and socks will do the trick - in fact, you could sink a ship with the sheer volume of tea you've had trying to get warm. Perhaps it's time to think about investing in some new ways to keep the chill at bay (and we don't mean turning up the central heating). It's no secret that here at GNHQ we love our cosy home comforts and these winter accessories are perfect for keeping you toasty. Plus, if you're looking for an excuse to treat yourself, a draught excluder or a heated mattress topper might just be the thing to help you save on those heating costs without skimping on warmth. So here's our selection of winter warmers to keep you snug (and just a little bit smug) this season. 


For cold (windy) houses

lakeland draught excluder 

Under-Door Draught Excluder, Chocolate - Lakeland, £8.99

This handy little accessory slides neatly under both sides of your door to keep draughts out and heat in - perfect for this season. Designed in a way that means you can still open and close your door with it in place, this draught excluder is a worthy investment.


For the bathroom

towel dry

Dry Soon Towel Warmer - Lakeland, £57.99

Get rid of damp towels and the post-shower cold shock with this wonderful towel warmer. Treat house guests to fresh, warm, dry towels, or simply treat yourself. With a low energy usage rate, it makes a great gift that won't add too much to your fuel costs. 


For snuggling up

faux fur heater

Faux Fur Electric Heated Throw - Lakeland, £119.99

Stay warm and toasty on the sofa, or add a little extra warmth to the bed with this lovely throw blanket. With controllable heat settings and soft faux fur, it also makes a great gift and is, we reckon, the perfect thing for keeping the chill at bay.


faux fur hot water bottle 

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle - Marks & Spencer, £29.50

Snuggle up with one of these soft and stylish hot water bottles - the perfect little accessory for a chilly winter's day.  


For the bed 

 heated duvet

Dreamland Dual Control Cotton Heated Mattress Protector - John Lewis, £94.99-£119.99

What could be better than a heated duvet? Set the exact temperature you want and, better yet, if one partner prefers it cooler, they can set the temperature for their side of the bed (so everybody's happy!).

This great electric blanket warms up in minutes for a snug night's sleep - suitable for all night use and includes an overnight protection mechanism.

For aches and discomfort

Designed to sit on the shoulders to ease shoulder pain, stiff necks and tension - so comfortable and soothing you'll feel completely energised afterwards.  


heated cushion 

Relaxwell Deluxe Faux Fur Heated Cushion - John Lewis, £39.95

These heated cushions are perfectly shaped for being tucked into chairs and sofas to warm sore backs, or placed on foot rests to keep toes toasty.  

For the grandchildren

novelty hot water bottles

Novelty Hot Water Bottle - Amazon, £8.99

These adorable animal hot water bottles are perfect for kids - the covers are removable and machine washable.