Elderflower cordial recipe

Elderflower cordial recipe from MelliKat

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Around 30 Elderflower heads
2 unwaxed lemons, sliced
50g Citric Acid (from pharmacy)
1.8 kg granulated sugar
1.5 litres water, boiled

Handy Hint

I tend to split the elderflowers/sugar/lemons/citric acid evenly between two bowls to make them more manageable (I keep them in the airing cupboard for 7 days)


1. Collect the elderflower heads when they're at their best - bring them home and gently shake out onto a surface - leave them for 15 minutes or so (there will be some small bugs in there and they'll just scuttle out!)
2. Snip the flowers into a large mixing bowl and stir in the granulated sugar, citric acid and sliced lemons.
3. Pour over the freshly boiled water and stir until dissolved.
4. Cover with a clean cloth and put in a cool dry place for 5 - 7 days, stirring every day.
5. After this time, strain the liquid (you can use muslin or commercially bought strainer) and bottle.

I put mine into cordial bottles and keep in the fridge - I usually put one plastic bottle into the freezer too.

Serve 30-45ml into a glass and add soda water, sparkling mineral water or, my son's favourite, sugar-free lemonade - ice optional but I prefer it!

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