Shellfish & tomato soup recipe

Shellfish & tomato soup recipe from wallers5

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Prep time20 mins
Cook time25 mins

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450g (1lb) cooked shrimps or shellfish
2 potatoes
4 cups water
Bunch of herbs
1 bay leaf
8 tbsp (1/4 pint) evaporated milk
1 green pepper
Lemon or lime juice
450g (1lb) fresh tomatoes or a 425g (15oz) tin
1 large onion
55g (2oz) rice
1/2 cup cider or cooking sherry
Chopped parsley

Handy Hint

Cream could be used instead of evaporated milk. In the Caribbean, cream was not available at that time. Could use brown rice.


1. Slice the potatoes thickly & boil until soft in 1/4 litre (1/2 pt) of water with the herbs, lemon juice & a pinch of salt.
2. Cut up the tomatoes, chop onion then cook without additions til soft.
3. Sieve potatoes & to them add the 4 cups of water. Bring water & potatoes to the boil, add the rice & cook till quite soft.
4. Add the booze & chopped fish & bring soup to boiling pont.
5. Add the chopped parsley & season well. Off the heat, stir in the milk

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From: rakhiinindia on Fri 14-Jul-17 06:48:05 Overall rating: 0.0
I am very excited to know new things. like this one, i was unaware of Shellfish & tomato soup recipe So thank you for the blog.
From: wallers5 on Thu 17-Nov-11 09:53:53 Overall rating: 0.0
My mother lived in the Caribbean & started up an hotel. She had to teach the staff to cook & she loved using up left overs like fish & potatoes & constantly made nourishing soups.