Carrot and parsnip soup with ginger recipe

Carrot and parsnip soup with ginger recipe from maryjane

dairy free egg free gluten free nut free can make in advance ok to freeze vegetarian low fat
Category Soup recipes
Prep time10 mins
Cook time20 mins

gransnetter ratings

Ease of finding ingredients 9
Ease of cooking10
Success with kidsn/a
Success with adults10
Overall Mark10


450g (1lb) carrots
450g (1lb) parsnips
1 onion
2 1/2cm (1") piece of fresh ginger

Handy Hint

Quantities can be adjusted to suit requirements.


1. Chop together all ingredients with and simmer together with 1 litre of vegetable stock.
2. Blend if you prefer a smooth soup

Liquidise and add more stock or seasoning if required.

gransnetter Reviews

From: mumofmadboys on Mon 21-Nov-16 14:08:57 Overall rating: 9.7
Tasted lovely. Made in soup maker so slightly smaller quantities. The ginger makes it special!
From: maryjane on Fri 17-Feb-12 13:48:52 Overall rating: 0.0
The ginger gives a very tasty and warming flavour.