Nanna's shepherd's pie recipe

Nanna's shepherd's pie recipe from feenan761

egg free nut free kids can help can make in advance ok to freeze
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Prep time30 mins
Cook time20 mins

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450g (1lb) lamb mince
1 onion
Gravy granules (eg: Bisto)
4-5 large white potatoes

Handy Hint

The more gravy granules you add the richer it will taste - gorgeous


1. Chop & soften onion in a frying pan
2. Add mince and cook until browned then drain fat out of pan and stir in gravy granules to taste
3. Peel & chop potatoes and boil
4. Once soft, drain & mash potatoes with plenty of butter
5. Grate cheese & add to mashed potatoes
6. In an oven proof dish, put mince in the bottom, spread out evenly - then put cheesy mash on top & spread out evenly. Cook in the oven until it has warmed through & starts to bubble at the edges.

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From: feenan761 on Sat 05-May-12 21:57:38 Overall rating: 0.0
Tastes much better than any Shepherds pie you can buy in the shops.