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What's stopped you from travelling?

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One of the biggest regrets we can have in life is not travelling more - but what’s stopping us? To learn how to cater for your needs and help you fulfil all your globetrotting desires, Collette Tours asked Gransnet users where they would like to travel to most but haven’t, and what’s stopped them from doing so. We found that Collette have the answers to most of your worries, with fantastic tours and experts to help you have the best trip possible.


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1. Worrying about the language barrier

tokyo japan

“I'd love to visit Tokyo but the language barrier scares me. I'd also really struggle not being able to read the characters for train destinations etc. - it terrifies me.”


Collette: Japan might seem like a destination for more experienced travellers, but that’s where an escorted tour can help. An expert tour guide with you throughout your trip can ensure there’s no getting lost in translation or anywhere else. Most importantly, your knowledgeable guide will be able to address your interests and concerns live and give you insider information right away.


Cultural Treasures of Japan – From £3,539pp 


2. Don't want to go it alone

travel companion

“I'm up for travelling to most places, but I don't want to do it alone. I need to share the experience with someone, to be able to discuss the day's events, to say, 'Look, isn't that bloody amazing!' or, 'How about a drink?’”


Collette: 30% of Collette customers are solo travellers. With an escorted tour you’ve got a ready-made group of new friends, and you already have a lot in common - you all picked the same tour!

Collette tours are carefully planned by expert Tour Designers who travel the local area, speak to the locals, and hand-pick every location and experience you’ll have on the tour. You can feel safe no matter where we go together.


Find out more about travelling solo at here.


3. The cost


"There are so many places I would love to go: Japan, Nicaragua/Pananma, Galapagos, Canada, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa....sadly it's mostly the cost which is prohibitive."


Collette: We're committed to exceeding expectations; we include attraction fees with preferential access to iconic must-sees and cultural experience to deliver a more immersive tour. We also include more meals in local restaurants and more menu choices. Add in carefully selected 4* accommodation and the stage is set for a truly amazing journey.

Customers can also secure a tour for £200pp deposit and then make payments as frequently as they wish to spread the cost of the tour.


Spotlight on Montreal - From only £1,199


4. Fear of getting ill

delhi india spices

“India would be top of my list, but every time I have been on the point of arranging a holiday, I have chickened out through worry of getting ill - particularly with Delhi belly.”


Collette: Our culinary experiences allow you to explore new cultures in an engaging and flavourful way, safe in the knowledge that all restaurants and authentic cuisines have been tried and tested by our professional Tour Designers and Tour Managers. Meals on tour can become memorable moments for the right reasons.


Mysteries of India – From £2,409pp


5. The thought of lengthy and uncomfortable travel


"I would love to go to Australia and New Zealand but the length of the flights put me off."


Collette: Collette will arrange all your international travel with private door-to-door airport transfers from your preferred regional airport, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We can upgrade your flight so you arrive refreshed and ready for an adventure. Alternatively we can assist with arranging flights with a stopover so you break the journey and get to enjoy another destination as part of your tour. 


South Pacific Wonders - From £3,629pp


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6. A lack of information regarding accessibility 

accessible travel

“Lack of clear, accessible information about wheelchair access for travellers, both for journeys and accommodation. I always have to make direct contact asking for suitability and ask for extra information for special needs. I’m fed up of being special!”


Collette: Tour pacing varies by itinerary, and each destination's sightseeing and activities are unique. Each Collette itinerary features a Tour Activity Level Ranking as an initial guide. If you have additional questions or would like recommendations for a specific tour, our Customer Care team are knowledgeable and experienced to offer advice and support with regards to accessibility requirements.


7. Safety concerns


“I would love to visit Egypt. Since I was a little girl, I have had a fascination with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the pyramids etc., but I wouldn't travel there in these unsettled times. It is sad that these places are so dangerous to tourists.”


Collette: Collette abides by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice with regards to all destinations and tours we run. Collette also has Tour Managers and local guides situated in destinations who provide instant knowledge and full monitor any situations which may arise.


Treasure of Egypt – From £2,109pp


8. Daunted by the prospect of a new place

iceland“Iceland is a place I have always wanted to visit; William Morris got so much inspiration from the country! How would I get about though - the landscape looks so vast and rocky. Would there be a language barrier? Is it cold there? Are the daylight hours long or short? Such a puzzle yet I still feel a draw to the place.”


Collette: With over 100 years of experience taking guests on adventures all over the world, Collette has the expertise to make sure your escorted touring holiday is worry-free, as all the details are covered for you.


Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights – From £1,999pp


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