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19 September 2014

Scotland says No & the chic autumn style guide

indyref reactions

Scotland decides
As Scotland made history last night with passionate votes for and against its independence, the new day dawned on a No vote. We've gathered gransnetters' reactions to the news - add your own to the thread.


The essential autumn wardrobe guide
Get ready for the cosy cooler months ahead with autumn/winter style advice from fashion blogger Chic at Any Age. Create a well-edited wardrobe with her top tips.

older people media awards

Older People in the Media Awards
Will it be Sarah Lancashire? Judi Dench...? We've got a shortlist of fab actors and actresses for you to choose from. Cast your vote on the thread by 9 October.

cotswold ad

Cotswold Collections
Rich in ideas, options and gorgeous colours that include British heritage pieces, superb quality fabrics and yarns and wonderful natural fibres, here are all the key ingredients for a very special winter collection. Visit our website now for a complete winter wardrobe. Click here.

invention of wings

Invention of wings Q&A
For the first time ever, we'll deliver the answers to your ponderings about our book club choice via the small screen. Sue Monk Kidd herself will be filming the answers to all your questions. Ask yours here.

in gparents shoes

In your grandparents' shoes
We asked gransnetters to share memories of their own grandparents, to get a sense of just how much the role has changed over the years.

gods and warriors

Gods and Warriors book giveaway
If your grandchildren are fans of epic mythical adventure, this is the giveaway for you. We've got the first three books in this five part series to give away.

On the road with Antiques Road Show

Antiques Roadshow expert, auctioneer and passionate hunter of rock memorabilia, Hilary Kay, has given her words of wisdom on keeping your heirlooms presentable over on Gransnet Somerset. Pop over for behind the scenes stories, royal encounters and  priceless <sorry> advice.

hilary kay
Local blog post

The complete cake maker

We hear from expert patisserie chef, Claire Clark, on how to give your sweet creations the glamorous finish they deserve. And remember - the palette knife is the cake maker's best friend...

claire clark
Guest blog post
cotswold collections mpu


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A fortissimo blow on the bowel bugle...

This week we reflected once more on age, ageism and age-related change with Galen kicking off with some shocking news:

“My darling daughter is very upset to be invited to a five yearly health check for people aged 40-74. She is very upset to be bracketed with an age group that includes me! She's just 40 this year!” 

But this form of ageism may have its upside according to Flowerofthewest:

“An old colleague of mine has started a home cleaning business, she gives really good discounts for the 'elderly'. I asked her what she considers as elderly. She replied that according to Age Concern it is over 55 - yikes.”

From freshly cleaned three piece suites to gravity stricken birthday suits, coolgran65 sums up tthe downturn:

“Yep... boobs dangle.
"Yep.... squidgy bum has dropped.
"Farting - all the time.”

On which indelicate note we end with:

feetlebaum  “As for the farting - well, we all do it a dozen times a day - just as well, really, as otherwise we might die. But you ladies are so embarrassed about it! Among the male of the species, a fortissimo blow on the bowel bugle is likely to receive a round of applause, and ribald shouts of 'I'll name that tune in one!'"

Well if you hum it, we'll join in!

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And finally...

"DH wants me to make the (Bake Off) Princess Cake - I think this says more about him than it does about the cake." Deedaa

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Emily and Lautel