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26 February 2015

What's on your Granifesto?


Politics: we want your thoughts
The General Election is creeping slowly up on us and we'd love to know your views on some of the most important election issues. Those who take our survey will automatically be entered into a draw for £100.

alyson walsh

Style Q&A with Alyson Walsh
Style Forever author Alyson Walsh will be answering gransnetters' questions on all things fashion and FAB (Fifty and Beyond). Add your question to the thread by 12 March.


What no longer bothers you?
Gransnetters give us their best examples of things they simply don't give a stuff about now that they're older. Warning: includes bums and knickers. In that order.


Summertime Q&A
Vanessa Lafaye answers gransnetters' questions on February's book of the month, from the inspiration behind the story to her time living in the UK.

celia imrie

Celia Imrie giveaway
Ahead of a very exciting webchat with Celia in March, we have fifty copies of her brand new novel Not Quite Nice to give away. Grab your copy of Celia's story of retirement on the French Riviera - and the ups and downs that go with it.

vacuum comp

Win a Vax vacuum
Spring cleaning on the menu? We have a top of the range Vax Air cordless vacuum up for grabs, which could just know, if you felt inclined to do housework. 

Gran interrupted: one year on

Dawn May returns almost a year after her first guest blog post, to update us on her progress. Her grandson, Luca may have moved to Tanzania with his parents, but Dawn is looking ahead and already planning a trip overseas to visit him.

dawn may
Guest blog post


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From the forums

This week we found gransnetters busy swapping tales of embarrassment.

Phoenix shared the mortification only experienced when an over-zealous postman arrives at an inopportune moment, describing “standing naked behind the part glazed front door, opening it to let the cat in, and being somewhat surprised when an arm came though the gap holding our post.”

And they say he always rings twice. Pah. From no pants, to too many it seems for Marelli.

"DH and I had gone out for an Indian meal and I asked him if he'd brought a hankie with him (I'd forgotten to put tissues in my bag) as the spicy food was making my nose run and eyes water. He foraged in his pocket and handed me his underpants across the table...not clean ones, either! Instead of lifting his clean hankie off the bed when he'd got changed, he'd stuffed his pants in his pocket. Oh, the mortification! I didn't use them!"

From runny noses to dramatic pauses KatyK relays how technology can often let us (and our favourite fairy tale characters) down.

"One of mine happened several years ago when I was stage managing a production of Cinderella and running the sound effects. We got to the stroke of midnight and I had cued up the wrong effect so no chimes at midnight as she ran off. Improvising madly I adopted my best sepulchral voice and said 'boing' 12 times. The audience were in fits...took me a long time to live that one down."

But we leave you with a gentle warning from Grannyknot on the subject of CCTV cameras...

"It never occurred to me that they may be in lifts, so I would often dive in under my clothes to reorganise - e.g. pull down a shirt that had ridden up or similar. Until I learnt in the office that two people were having an affair - when I asked "How did that come out?" and was told (by the HR manager) "Oh, there are cameras in the lift"."

Which is another reason we always take the stairs.

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And finally...

"I thought I was being very 'down with the kids' this week when I said to my DGD 'someone said you put some photos on Instagram'. She said 'It's Snapchat now nan'. I think I'll just sit in my rocking chair and let it all go over my head." KatyK

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Lautel, Virginia and Julie