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16 October 2014

Waiting for John Cleese...

John Cleese

More tea vicar?
We are beyond excited that Monty Python legend John Cleese is popping into GNHQ tomorrow. Got a question for him? There's still time to post it on the thread here

MIndfulness explained

Getting mindful about mindfulness
What is it and how do I acheive it? Our expect Michael Chaskalson answers your questions about mindfulness and how to become a zen-like goddess of peace and tranquility...sort of.

Ros Altman

Working to live?

Business champion for older workers Ros Altman answers your questions about pensions, working in later life and the recent changes in government policy which might affect you.

Heating page

Baby it's cold outside

It's getting colder and if you haven't already, it won't be long until your thermostat is whacked up to full. To avoid your heating bill soaring too we've got some essential money-saving tips to get you through the winter.

Hilary Boyd MPU
Hello From the Gillespies

Hello From the Gillespies
A look ahead to our November book club choice from International number one bestseller Monica McInerney. Hello from the Gillespies is a sparkling and hilarious new novel about the ups and downs of family life.

Arthritis week

Are you in pain?
You're not the only one. Over 10 million people each year visit their doctor with arthritis conditions, which is why we're supporting National Arthritis Week this week. Read our hints and tips about dealing with the condition here.

Be stylish AND warm this winter
With our top picks of winter skirts on the high-street this season. Whether it's a smart, casual, fun or glamourous look you're after, we've done the research for you. All there is left to do now is brave the cold and get spreeing!

It's Chocolate Week...what better excuse?

Here are our best chocolate cake recipes for those moments when nothing but the ultimate decadence will do. WARNING: this page is dangerous reading for anyone still aiming to be on any kind of diet. Apart from the "eat chocolate cake every day of the week" diet that we recently invented.

National Chocolate Week
Gransnet Food
cotswold clothing

Cotswold Collections
Rich in ideas, options and gorgeous colours that include British heritage pieces, superb quality fabrics and yarns and wonderful natural fibres, here are all the key ingredients for a very special winter collection. Visit our website now for a complete winter wardrobe. Click here.

Like riding a bike...

Author Hilary Boyd describes how cycling helped her adjust to leaving the hustle and bustle of London life for a more rural existence on the coast of England. And, how riding a bike has reminded her that you're never too old to take up a new hobby.

Like riding a bike...
Guest blog post

The invisible elderly

Why do our perceptions of people change as they age? Are they not the same people just because they have a few more lines on their faces? Author Nicci Gerrard discusses the invisibility of the elderly and that strange moment when she looked in the mirror and didn't recognise the older lady looking back at her.

Guest blog post


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From the forums: On not-so-helpful notes...

We've all had those embarrassing spell checker moments haven't we? POGS asks

"Well honestly my computer spell checker just made my daughter choke on her coffee.

I emailed her this morning and I thought I had said " And I fell over dad's bloody Wellie". Her email read "And I fell over dad's bloody WILLIE". (anybody else have a computer that does the same?)"

Shysal knows only too well the charm of the spell checker...
"When I was working, an email was sent out inviting important people for 'Cheese and Wind'!"

We'll leave it up to vampirequeen for the last (spellchecked) word

"Dave has a wonderful screen filler atm.

'Spellchecker can be your worst enema'"

Weirdly, we think he has a point!

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Hot water bottle

Missing things- mischevious grandchildren?

Dreams - what do they mean?

Old fashioned - to expect a written thanks?

Hottie bottie - what's yours called?



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And finally...

We had a little band of Mumsnetters over for cake this week (while their site was 'in the shop'). Here's what FishWithaBicycle  concluded

"I think I shall look forward to developing the serenity to not develop AIBU-level frustrations, and the confidence to know that IABU when I do "

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Emily, Lautel and Julie