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15 May 2015

Where were you when...?

lesley pearse

Right royal memories
Do you remember the Queen's coronation? William and Harry's births? Let us know your memories of special royal occasions and you could win Lesley Pearse's new book and other goodies.

hidden mothers

House of Hidden Mothers
Next month's literary pick comes from the brilliant actress and writer, Meera Syal. Grab your copy of this powerful new novel about female friendship, motherhood and love.

nick baker

Q&A with Nick Baker
Whether you want to understand what makes an insect an insect, rear a family of frogs for your garden pond, or record bird songs, naturalist (note, that's naturalist, not naturist) Nick has the know how. Leave your question for him on the thread. 

terry waite

Terry Waite Q&A
Terry answers your questions on his captivity, meeting, as a free man, those who held him hostage for so long, and how his experiences prompted him to stretch his imagination and begin writing.

Emergency hacks for grey roots 
After a cheap quick fix to touch up your roots? Read our guide and find out what we thought of a range of emergency products currently on the market... 

diet tips

Diet tips: the Gransnet guide
When you're feeling the pinch (in the waistband, that is) this sage advice from gransnetters will surely help you claw your way back from a couple of weekends of 'treating yourself'... <puts down biscuit>.

gluten free lasagna

Go gluten free 
This week is Coeliac Awareness Week, so we're showcasing some of gransnetters' most delicious gluten free recipes. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or a hearty feast, you're in luck.

Inspiring a sporting community

Local leader Ann Davis has been volunteering with the Chelmsford MS exercise class every week for the past seven years. Find out what happened when she introduced the class to boccia, and to Paralympic gold medallist Dan Bentley.

Find a local site

Helping the boomerang kids

What could be more important for young people than a house of their own to start their lives in? This Morning agony aunt, Denise Robertson, is worried about the current housing situation. She wonders how the government will provide for a generation without the certain prospect of a home of their own. 

denise robertson
Guest blog post

The things we should've asked

Before Iona Grey's godmother died, she made sure Iona knew where to find her pension information, her will and other official documents. But, as Iona found when clearing the house after her death, there were far more important conversations they should have been having.

iona grey
Guest blog post


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From the forums

Sure as eggs is eggs, one thing we never, ever tire of (apart from cake, obviously) is hearing about the brilliant things small, sweet, innocent children come up with.

Such as kittylester's DGS (aged 3) who told her "'We went to KFC when we were at Daddy's.' Me (aged 66) 'Aren't you lucky, I love KFC but I can't have it.' DGS: 'Why, are you too old?'"

Then there's rosequartz's DGD (also aged 3) "who lightly and effortlessly lifted herself up and over the arm of a chair to sit neatly on the seat. I said 'I wish I could do that.' She said 'Never mind, when you're older you might.'"

Funnygran told her 6 and 8 year old grandchildren that she didn't have a TV when she was a child. "Look of absolute horror on both faces, then one asked 'what did you do when you wanted to watch something?'" While KateK's DGS "when aged 6/7...his mother called him a comedian to which he replied, 'don't be silly Mummy, if I was a comedian my tongue would stretch to the other side of the room.'"

Quite right. And we've seen chameleons tell some cracking jokes as well.

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And finally...

"All seated having Sunday dinner. DGD (7) says 'granny, I've been thinking. If you're a whole 5 years older than Granda, how come you look sort of old but Granda looks really old?' ...Doesn't make up work wonders?" Coolgran65

Best wishes from Cari, Lara, Gigi, Lucy, Virginia and Julie.