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31 October 2014

Books, iPads AND holidays to be won...

trudy hannington

Our first evening webchat
Join us at 6pm on 12 November for our sex and relationships webchat with Trudy Hannington. From how sex changes as you get older, to dating again after a divorce, expert Trudy will be on hand to help.


ipad comp

Christmas has come early!
We have three real, actual, brand spanking new iPads to give away thanks to Gingersnap and the launch of their new app which enables grandparents to share virtual adventures with their grandchildren. Nifty huh?

employment wanted

Why over 50s NEED to work too
The Invisible Woman, aka Helen Walmsley-Johnson, on why working isn't always a deliberate choice for over 50s - it's an absolute necessity. But are we being taken seriously as job hunters?

sheila hancock

Sheila Hancock at GNHQ
Sheila's novel, Miss Carter's War, was a hit with gransnetters. Find out what she had to say when she dropped in to answer your questions on inspiration, education and learning to be happy.

mulled wine

Tis <almost> the season...
For something hot that packs a punch, that is. Winter is coming (now where have we heard that before?) and in our book, that means whacking out the spices and brewing up something mulled and delicious.

agnes sorrel

Mistress of Beauty giveaway
We've got five copies of the sweeping historical story of the first royal mistress (by Princess Michael of Kent, no less!) to give away. 

silver travel comp

Win a holiday to Hungary 
Our friends at Silver Travel Advisor have a fabulous prize draw to win three holidays to Hungary, including a 5 star hotel in Budapest and two spa breaks, with a whole host of extras thrown in! We know Hungary will really whet your appetite...

Off with a bang: Bonfire Night displays

There is something after Halloween! Bonfire Night celebrations kick off this weekend and we've compiled a list of some of the biggest and most spectacular displays in your area. (Hot food and a roaring bonfire definitely not optional).

Bonfire Night celebrations
Find a local site

Weird and wonderful wildlife

If you're anything like Simon Barnes, you're not overly fond of our arachnid friends. But put aside the shivers that come with many species (like spiders) for a moment, and some of the weird and wonderful things about them might just come to light...

Guest blog post

Ageing - it means living

It's generally accepted that we, as a nation, are living longer. So why haven't attitudes to ageing changed along with that knowledge? Deborah Gale says it's time society realised that ageing most definitely still means living.

retirement sign
Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

Exclusive offers

  • Get 12% off all Ryman orders over £25 with code RYSV2
  • Get £10 off orders over £100 at Crew Clothing with code CREW2
  • Take 12% off all bookings at Holiday Taxi with code SAVOO
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  • Get £30 off family holidays over £500 at Low Cost Holidays with code OCT30

From the forums: A trip down Catsick Lane

Crescent, Drive or <God forbid> Street? It seems kittylester's mother has very clear ideas on what's proper when it comes to one's residence:

"Mum: So, where do all your children live?
Me: Well, DS1 lives in a flat in town, DS2 lives in our village, DD1 lives in Derby, DD...
Mum: Where in Derby does she live?
Me: *** Street.
Mum: Oh!
Me: What do you mean 'Oh'?
Mum: A Street (along the same lines as 'A handbag!')"

It's alright though, we're sure that Grannyactivist's father-in-law's address would pass muster: "My husband's gran was the prototype Hyacinth Bucket and once boasted to me that her son (my father-in-law) had 'never had to live in a house that had a number'..." Indeed, perish the thought!

kittylester 'fessed up though: "I've said before that we live on what was called 'Catsick Lane' so I don't have leg to stand on..." 

From road names to real names, if you think Catsick Lane would raise an eyebrow, just imagine what Mrs Bucket would make of this inspired choice:

"We were sitting by the river in Woodbridge on a beautiful summer's day, when we heard a mother scolding her son of about 8 to 'Do hurry up, Oedipus!'

"Shocked into even more silent silence, we were! Now there's someone who hadn't read the book, I thought..." janerowena

We wonder where that one ranks in the Big Book of Baby Names?

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Street or crescent - residential snobbery?

Oven cleaning, ironing- most hated jobs?

Ps and qs - do they matter?

Clever strategies - encouraging tidiness?




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And finally...

There's been highly amusing graffiti popping up everywhere this week, but Deedaa's spot takes the cake: "My favourite was always 'My mother made me a homosexual' to which someone had added 'If I bought her the wool would she make me one?'"

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Emily, Lautel and Julie.