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23 October 2014

Last chance to grab our next book club choice

Sheila Hancock

Sheila Hancock at GNHQ
Acclaimed actress and author Sheila Hancock will be joining us at GNHQ next Monday. Now 81 years of age, she is an inspiration to us all and living proof that age is by no means a barrier to success. Ask her a question here.

churchill awards

Who's your favourite older politician? 
The annual Churchwill Awards celebrate people aged 65 and over who have made a significant contribution to society. We need you to help us choose some nominations to win the Churchill Award for Politics in 2014. 

Make-up tips for over 50s

Age is just a number darling...
We can all make the most of the magic of the right make up with these useful tips on how to make your complexion sing, no matter 'how big' your number is.


Win a BubbleBum Carseat!
The ultimate travel accessory when space is tight and the kids are in tow. Ideal for those weekends that the grandkids come to stay, and when they leave, just deflate and pack away till next time!


Hilary Boyd MPU
Hello From the Gillespies

Hello From the Gillespies
Last chance to grab a FREE copy of our book club book for November, all about the emotional rollercoster of family life by bestselling author Monica McInerney. 

Surviving Halloween

Surviving Halloween
Love it or loathe it, there's no escaping Halloween. But do not fret, we have put together a complete guide to surviving Halloween. So if it's recipes and events you're after, or ways to stop people knocking on your door all night, look no further.


Gloves, scarves and hats
Grab the 'hottie bottie' because winter is well and truly on its way. To take the edge off, here's our pick of the loveliest winter accessories to decorate yourself with this season. 

Halloween book bundle giveaway

This week there's not one, but two books up for grabs for five lucky winners. Spooky tales from Goth Girl and The Mountwood School for Ghosts make for perfect reading in time for Halloween.

halloween book bundle
Gransnet Books
cotswold clothing

Cotswold Collections
Rich in ideas, options and gorgeous colours that include British heritage pieces, superb quality fabrics and yarns and wonderful natural fibres, here are all the key ingredients for a very special winter collection. Visit our website now for a complete winter wardrobe. Click here.

Thrifty tips from an oldie

Use less and save more. That's author Jane Thynne's motto and this week she is telling us why it's okay to be a 'meanie' and in fact, it's actually becoming a little bit cool to be thrifty now too. Finally... a trend we can follow! 

Thrifty tips
Guest blog post

Home sweet home?

Is it possible to do too much home improvement? Author Rosie Goodwin thinks so. Three years on after moving into her charming old house, and spending said time working on said charming old house, we hear her tale of holes, dust and noise, and deciding when enough is enough. 

building site
Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

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From the forums: On our 'hotilly bottily'

With a winter chill setting in and the odd hurricane flying about, hardly surprising that hot water bottle are still a, um, hot topic of conversation (truly no pun intended).

lfletcher100 calls hers "Sherry - after a very kind friend"  while winifred01 prefers a "hotily bottily". Daffydil and her entire family are fans of the "wart hockle bockles". Which sounds rather painful to us.

rubylady has  "a wheat bag which I heat in the microwave and "he" is called Fido. In fact, during our very recent house move, the box was marked "Julie, Jesus and Fido". Julie is my very old Tiny Tears doll, Jesus, the nativity scene and Fido the wheat heater. Very confusing for the removal men."

While on the subject of rubbery and warm things...leather trousers. A no-no for laydeez of a certain age? Or a no-no in any circumstances whatsoever on the grounds of aesthetics? Opinion seems to be divided. suzied  "wouldn't mind trying them but my husband calls them " colostomy bags" , so somewhat off putting. ( this was in tribute to an unpleasant colleague of his who wore them - not sure of the connection!)" Alas we are firmly with hildajenniJ - "I always wanted to try leather trousers but never had the courage. Now I haven't got the shape."

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Hot water bottle

Missing things- mischevious grandchildren?

Dreams - what do they mean?

Old fashioned - to expect a written thanks?

Hottie bottie - what's yours called?



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And finally...

"FiL collects organs, of the playing variety. He is leaving one up in a loft as a surprise present for the next owner". Janerowena

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Emily, Lautel and Julie

( And, don't forget to put your clocks back this weekend ).