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25 June 2015

Kids books and more awards

kids summer reads

Best summer reads for kids
We've had this summer's best adult it's time for the kids' picks! See our roundup of the best books for children of all ages to devour during the school holidays - and enter to win the whole lot.

grey hair

How to transition to grey hair
With young women paying into the hundreds to get the grey hair look at the moment, there's never been a better time to embrace your silver. We showcase gransnetters' tips on how to make the transition in style. 

francesca simon

Francesca Simon Q&A
Do you know a Horrid Henry fan? If so, you may want to point them in our direction... We'll have the author of the much-loved children's series answering your (or your grandchildren's!) questions on 7 July.

meera syal

Meera answers your questions
The wonderful Meera Syal dropped by GNHQ yesterday to answer your questions on her new book, her favourite authors and the pain of family feuds.


We're in the top 5...
Help us stay there! If you haven't voted in the Tech4Good awards yet, now's the time to make it count. We believe everyone deserves to have access to the internet - help us get more older people online by voting for us.

older people in the media

Who's representing?
Once again, we're delighted to be working with Independent Age on the Older Peolpe in the Media awards. We want to know who's hitting the mark when it comes to representing older people positively. Add your nominations here.

What does a Gransnet Local meetup look like?

A slice of cake and a cup of tea with some lovely people, it turns out. Members of the Worcestershire site gathered on Wednesday 24 June to get to know some of gransnetters in their area - and had a blast. If you're local to them and would like to come along to the next one, keep an eye on the Worcestershire forums. If you're based elsewhere and fancy organising your own, just start a thread on your local site!

local editor
Find a local site


Up for grabs this week:

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From the forums

Cooking disasters: when we launched our competition to win £80 of great recipe books, little did we know just how much that prize was needed by so many...

Take annodomini, who was "making a delicious couscous. Put all the grain into a bowl and added the water, expecting it to swell up as usual. I thought it was taking a long time to do this but decided to taste it anyway. Oh dear! I'd made it with oatmeal which I do NOT recommend."

Or indeed katiefish, who "set the kitchen on fire grilling sausages. Luckily, we only had to replace one unit and repaint." And we would certainly avoid afternoon tea with Lulabellx1 ("Cupcakes are supposed to be chewy, right?" Er, wrong) or douggsister ("When my brother complained that the shortbread biscuits I had made were too soft and tasted "different," I put them into the fridge to firm up. When he continued to complain, I had a strop. Much later that evening, I realised that I hadn't actually COOKED them.")

Galen got into trouble trying to fry an egg for the first time "Nobody told me I had to crack it first" and then there's maggiemaybe's festive fiasco. "Losing control over the heavy tin containing my oversized turkey one Christmas Day and sloshing fat all over the kitchen floor. Despite my best efforts at cleaning up, everyone had to skate over it on their way to the festive table, clutching the kitchen units for support. The cats never recovered."

The winner of the competition will be announced very shortly. Meanwhile, if any of the entrants happen to invite you over to dinner, you know exactly what to say...

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Vegetarian lifestyle - best food shops?

Genies - what would you wish for?

Ballet flats - what colour goes with everything? 

Escape to the Wild -  could you cope?

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And finally...

Marmight's friend recounting her OH's DIY efforts:

"A friend once told me her husband was papering under the dildos in her dining room!"

...ahem, dado rails, anyone?

Best wishes from Cari, Lara, Gigi, Lucy and Virginia.