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21 August 2014

Retired husband syndrome? Don't suffer alone!

robin williams

Depression in over 50s
The tragic suicide of Robin Williams last week proved a stark reminder that depression affects people of all ages and walks of life. Read our Gransnet guide to depression and learn about causes, who's most at risk and how best to treat it.

strawberry sponge

The Great Gransnet Bake Off
We're three weeks into GBBO, with innuendo and icing whipping back and forth across our screens. But have you been inspired to don an apron yourself? Post your sweet (or savoury!) creation on our thread for a chance to win a bundle of cookery books.

retired couple

Not so happy retirement
Are you afflicted with an ever-present husband? Never a spare minute to have to yourself? Some gransnetters are finding that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be...

shrinking violet

Double book giveaway
We're giving away three copies each of the fantastically funny children's books, Princess Disgrace and Shrinking Violet by Lou Kuenzler.

invention of wings

September book club
Our September choice is evocative page turner The Invention of Wings by bestselling author Sue Monk Kidd. We have 200 copies to give away - get your entries in by midday 22 August.

Top tips for a happy retirement

Local Chelmsford author, Jay Cassie, gives us her pointers for making the most of what can be a daunting prospect for many people. Read her blog post on tips for a great retirement. And if you fancy writing a guest blog post for your local site, just drop us an email at

retirement tips
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Feeling squashed: life in the sandwich generation

Caring for children or grandchildren, working, caring for elderly relatives - it's not easy being squashed into the sandwich generation. Rosie Staal describes the crushing pressure from all sides - and tells us why she still counts her blessings. 

rosie staal
Guest blog post


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From the forums

This week our forum has been abuzz with what makes you feel feminine - but in amongst the usual groans about high heels and frilly dresses Soutra observed how desirable this style seemed to be with some folk on the other side of the allotment…

“Many years ago I saw a documentary about men who were about to have sex change surgery/therapy. One person interviewed made a great thing about wearing 'feminine' earrings, lipstick, matching handbags and shoes. In a way it reminded me of little girls who wear mummy's high heels and clip clop round the bedroom 'being a lady'."

Elegran agreed "I had noticed that about men who would rather be women. They seem to go for the Dolly Parton look. It is a mistake, as they often have the height and build of the man they once were, and can look more like Dany LaRue. That said, perhaps these are the ones that are recognisable? The ones who go for the 'ordinary woman' look go unnoticed.”

To which absent helpfully added “During the days of blouses with Margaret Thatcher bows, M&S noted a sizeable increase in their sales owing to their appeal to cross dressers. I don't think they used that information in their advertisements though.”

No, we don't think they did! Shame, really.

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And finally...

"I might grow a weed garden. I wouldn't have to lift a finger!

Ah, but they wouldn't be weeds if I wanted them there, would they?" mrsmop 

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Jane and Emily