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26 March 2015

Beauty, bras and bad behaviour

celia imrie

"I think it's wonderful to be whistled at"
We caught up with Celia Imrie when she answered your questions on badly behaved children (fictional or otherwise), her love of the south of France - and why she still appreciates a wolf whistle now and then.

woman with mirror

Your mother's beauty wisdom
Gransnetters shared the pearls of beauty wisdom given to them by their mothers...and daughters...and grandmothers, for that matter. From being perfectly poised to always wearing a smile, here's what they had to say.  

easter cakes

Easter recipes (go on, treat yourself)
Lent is almost over and it's nearly time to make friends with whichever indulgence you've been pining for for the last 40 days (chocolate, anyone?). Here are our favourite Easter treats, from simnel cake to low-sugar hot cross buns.

attendance allowance

Attendance allowance
Age UK share their advice on how to make sure an older relative, or someone you care for, is getting the right support if they have a disability that means a little extra help is needed.

samsung breezie comp

Win a Samsung tablet
We've got a Samsung tablet pre-installed with Breezie technology up for grabs - perfect for someone with an older relative or friend who is getting to grips with getting online.  


How to choose a bra
Blogger, Chic At Any Age gives us a crash course in finding a good bra - that actually fits properly. Hurrah! No more cup overspill or bulges where one should never bulge.

queen elizabeth

Lunch on the Queen Elizabeth?
Our friends at Silver Travel Advisor would like to invite gransnetters along to Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth on 11 May for an exclusive, hosted ship visit and lunch. It’s a great opportunity to have a taste of cruising without leaving port - try before you buy!

A new way to remember

Heather Tilley, a Family Support and Bereavement Counsellor for the leading children’s hospice charity, Shooting Star Chase, tells Gransnet about The Sunrise Walk - a "poignant, but positive way to commemorate a child who has died, whilst making difference". 

heather tilley
Find a local site

A stolen future

Erwin Mortier's mother's life changed overnight after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Here, Erwin shares the moving story of her deterioration and the loss of the happy years together his parents had envisioned when they retired.

erwin mortier
Guest blog post


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From the forums

This week Soutra noted a curious reaction to a humble Vaseline jar.

"DH has got it into his head that he can get tiny pots of Vaseline and what I buy is "too big." But honestly, what a fuss about the size of a pot! Is it men? Or just men in my family?"

"There's something cute about little pots" said Mishap, "he is clearly in touch with his feminine side".

"Maybe he likes them to look small and discreet?" ventured janerowena "Maybe you could find a weeny jar and melt some down for him?" before adding "I wouldn't want a large jar of it in my bedroom or bathroom. It would bring Knowing Looks from the DCs."

But if tins caused a fracas, that was nothing compared to KatyK's luncheon skills.

"I once gave my DH a sandwich cut into four quarters instead of two halves. You would think a world war had been declared with the fuss he made." 

FOUR QUARTERS?!!? Is that even legal?

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And finally...

"You know the saying...dogs have owners, cats have staff!"


And we all know what gransnetters have...

Best wishes from (your loyal, humble staff) Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Virginia and Julie.