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19 March 2015

The big spring style shake up!

leather jackets

Think you can't wear leather anymore?
We (and Twiggy) beg to differ. Take a look at our roundup of some of the most wearable leather jackets to take you from spring to summer.


How to find glasses that suit you
There's more to it than horn-rimmed or half-moon you know... Which is why we've tracked down the best frames for every face shape. If it's time to update your eyewear, don't leave the house without reading this first.


Our guide to buying the perfect jeans
Buying jeans. Or, in plain English, one of the most hated evils pastimes of modern women. But not anymore - check out our guide to finding the best denim for you...and breathe a sigh of relief.

celia imrie

Celia Imrie at GNHQ
Join us on the 24 March to ask Celia about her fantastic new book, Not Quite Nice, starring in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films and her award-winning career.

tim bentinck

Tim Bentinck Q&A
We'll have David Archer himself aswering your questions on the ever-popular BBC Radio programme, his venture into the world of children's fiction and his long career in TV. Leave your question on the thread.

wendy cope

Life, Love and The Archers
...speaking of The Archers. Our April book of the month is this wonderful collection of recollections, reviews and other prose from Wendy Cope. Enter to win one of 200 copies we have up for grabs and join in our book club.


Win a stack of great DVDs
April showers? Who cares when you've got a pile of the latest films to get through. We've got something to suit every member of the family in our DVD prize bundle - just tell us which film you'd screen if you had a home cinema for a chance to win 'em all.


Politics: we want your thoughts
Quick - there are just a few more days to fill in our political survey ahead of the General Election in May. Simply tell us your thoughts on the biggest policy issues and you could win £100.

Face to face with Nick Clegg
Fancy asking a question of the Deputy Prime Minister - in person? Mumsnet is holding an 'MNQs' session with him next Wednesday (March 25), between 12.45 and 2pm, in a central London location. Email for more details.


A Nazi legacy

How much can we really know about the secret worlds of the older members of our families? Guardian columnist and author Derek Niemann describes finding out the truth about his SS grandfather, and how it impacted his view of the past.

karl neimann
Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

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From the forums

This week superstitions have reared their seemingly random heads with magpies, black cats and hats on beds threatening our peace of mind. But it’s not just walking under ladders that’s been haunting our equilibrium. Here’s a few of the more unusual harbingers of bad luck...

"Don't do any washing on New Year's Day or you will wash a member of the family away" Greenfinch was told, adding "I don't believe it, but I don't do any washing just in case..."

trisher went one better, "my dad's mum had Irish roots and seemed to have dire warnings about most things:

- Don't come in the front door and go straight out the back (you take the luck with you!)
- If you forget something and come back in the house, always sit down.
- Never give a friend a knife - you will cut the friendship.
- If you drop a glove, let someone else pick it up and they will get a surprise.”

Stop! Our heads are spinning (which is probably bad luck in itself).

grannyactivist continued the madness...“My mother would support every one of the previously mentioned superstitions and add plenty more as well. Mirrors must remain unbroken, clothing put on inside-out must stay that way all day...”

Inside out clothing, seriously?

"My mother always told us to curtsey to a new moon" continued Pinkprincess.

"It's also supposed to be good luck to say 'white rabbits' first thing on the first day of a new month" chipped in Marty.

White rabbits or not, we just wanted to remind you all that it is suposed to be really good luck to send cake to GNHQ on the first of the month. And the second, and the third... ;)

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And finally...

Anya, keeping it simple in the style stakes:

"My look is 'casual chic' (without the chic)."

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Lautel, Virginia and Julie.