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28 August 2014

Baked Alaska-gate, knitting legends & silly walks

Debbie Bliss

Debbie Bliss Q&A
Needles at the ready. We're <very> excited to announce that knitting legend Debbie Bliss will be answering all your wool, yarn and pattern-related questions, as well as ones on her new book Woolly Woofers. Add your question to the thread.

baked alaska

Freezergate: the tale of the baked Alaska
Did he jump or was he pushed? Was she framed or was there sabotage afoot? If you caught last night's GBBO (dessert week, for those of you taking part in the Great Gransnet Bake Off) you'll know exactly what we're talking about...

Keep tabs on your pad
Perfect for those who find theselves away from home often, the Samsung Wireless Indoor Camera is the perfect way to keep an eye on your house (plus any errant pets) - and we've got one up for grabs.

violet and pearl orient

Violet and the Pearl of the Orient
With a gutsy herione and an intriguing plot at its centre, this debut children's novel by Harriet Whitehorn is a joy. We've got ten copies to give away - entries by 8 September.

typing census

Stand up and be counted!
Last chance to win a host of lovely prizes, including a robot vacuum, a five star break in Wales and a picnic basket and selection of fruity juices from Cracker Drinks. Just complete our census to enter.

Write for your local site

Have you got a local interest topic you're dying to get out to a wider audience? Maybe you already blog about your local area? We're looking for Gransnet members to contribute guest blog posts to their local sites. Drop us an email at, or take a look at Gransnet Hackney's latest piece for inspiration.

local organisers
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Dirty apron

From his grandfather's post-WWII decision that his family would only work white collar, 'clean apron' jobs, to Boris Fishman's decision to get his apron decidedly dirty on a New Jersey farm. It's amazing, the difference a couple of generations make.

Guest blog post


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From the sofa to standing

This week we've experienced what can only be called a mass silly-walk confession in the forums…. Kicking off (or thereabouts) with Nankate

"Have any of you noticed that when getting out of the car after an hour or so that you walk oddly for about 20 steps before you get back into your normal gait?"

Rockgran: "My Dad used to call it 'hippet' (with a Scottish accent). Sometimes I get all the way out of the room before I straighten up."

"I have osteoporosis and I call it 'getting me click in me clack'", said POGS

We thought that was something else. Anyway...


"I sit cross legged on the sofa with my feet tucked up and my knees touching the cushions. (The nurse who does my smear test has always commented on how well I manage the 'ankles together, knees apart' thing, as my knees touch the couch on each side."

 But, wait, there is more…

"Nowhere near as bad though as my silly walk down the office corridor when I had inadvertently put my thong on sideways."


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And finally...

"When DH annoys me by being tiresome, I tell him that I'll report him to Gransnet!"  J52

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