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22 January 2015

The Fast Diet & a detox spa break up for grabs

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Win a stay at a luxury detox retreat
Want to rack up some health brownie points? We've got a three-night stay at a celeb detox and slimming retreat up for grabs for one gransnetter (and a friend!).

arthur strong

Count Arthur Strong
We're thrilled to announce a special question and answer session with the legend that is Count Arthur Strong for Gransnet! Add your question for the man, the legend, (the calamity) himself by 29 January.

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Your Fast Diet hub
Your go-to resource for all things 5:2 is here. From tips to motivation, recipes to exercise, take a look at our Fast Diet hub for all the inspiration you'll need to shift any stubborn pounds.


Over 50s guide to divorce
Emma Heptonstall, aka The Divorce Alchemist, gives advice on dealing with the practical, financial and emotional aspects of navigating a divorce.

nat trust film locations

Retrace the footsteps of the stars
Ever fancied seeing where your favourite period drama was filmed? Walking the same corridors as the Harry Potter stars? Well, here's your chance, with the National Trust's roundup of their best former film locations.

simple pleasures

Simple pleasures
This week kicked off with Blue Monday - apparently the most miserable day of the year. So what better antidote to a miserable January Monday than blue skies, a hot bath, man's best friend...? Here are some of gransnetters' simple pleasures.

etta and otto

Last chance to ask your question...
If you read our January book club pick, Etta and Otto and Russell and James, here's your last chance to put your questions to author Emma Hooper.

Have you benefitted from a hearing aid?
We're searching for a gransnetter whose life has been improved by having a hearing aid fitted and would like to write a guest post about it for Gransnet. Email if you'd like to give it a go.

Win tickets to a Frozen Sing-Along screening

Win tickets to a special showing of Disney's hit Frozen - where you can sing along to your favourite songs from the movie. We're giving away three family tickets so don't miss your chance to belt 'Let it Go' with your grandchildren...and Elsa and Anna, of course.

Frozen Sing-a-long
Find a local site

Seasoned to perfection

Ingrid Harris shows it's never too late for a change of scenery, as she heads to the French mountains to embark upon her fourth ski season - at 59 years old. And this time, it's snowboarding...

Guest blog post

The Digital Champions revolution...

We hear from former AgeUK Digital Champions Jan McCarthy and Keith Paterson on how they're inspiring others to get online and changing lives in the process. Plus, find out more about the Digital Champion award, and how you can nominate yourself or someone you know! 

AgeUK Digital Champions
Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

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From the forums

This month gransnetters, like the rest of the country, have been back in the grip of the TV series Broadchurch. Well, sort of…

"Who was the guy with the hospital letter and what tests had he gone for?" enquired Rubylady after the first episode of the new series. "Why don't they put the last one of the last series on the week/night before new series and then we can refresh our memories."

And she wasn't alone as Charleygirl lamented "it took me ages to get to grips with what was going on".

"There was a mystery about this previous case of David Tenant’s in the last series which has now been brought to the fore. Confusing or what!" cried rosequartz.

"The mystery for me is why Olivia Colman insists on wearing her Radley bag the wrong way round?" chimed in Soutra.

"I had to keep using subtitles" replied rosequartz, adding "I wear my non-Radley bag the wrong way round, especially in a crowded place".

Lilygran paused to mull this over "We have a device for measuring whether we're engaged by a film, play, TV programme or other performance. It's when you start thinking about the things in the scene, for example, whether that nice sofa would fit in your sitting room. Or, I suppose, why the character is carrying her Radley bag wrong way round?"

She had a point, but not before Tegan observed "I wouldn't have taken Miller as a Radley bag person as I reckon she’d have half eaten packets of crisps and suchlike in her bag".

So many loose threads to pull together in just one television series. Will we ever learn why David Tenant has a hospital letter (and whether he has to pay those exhorbitant hospital car park fees), why those little Scottie dog tags always come loose and get lost from a Radley bag, and exactly what flavour crisps Oliva Coleman prefers? We hope to find out in the next exciting episode of Gransnet watches Broadchurch. 

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And finally...

"I had a good ten minutes of fun when I asked DBH if he would like me to knit him a tie. <grin> The look of horror that was so quickly concealed... It's almost worth knitting one anyway just to see his face!"

janerowena on alleviating boredom.

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Emily, Lautel and Julie.