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1 May 2015

Why we're loving Airbnb

loreal shockers

What's your most shocking secret?
Go on... We want to know the things you've gotten up to in the past that would really shock your innocent offpsring. Did you rock a punk hairstyle? Get arrested at a CND rally? Post on the thread and you could win £200 worth of L'Oreal must-haves.

green door

Do you Airbnb?

A cheap alternative to hotels, Airbnb offers travellers a more unique, personal experience. But what is it and how does it work? Don't book ANY summer breaks until you've read our guide... 


Picture book of the month
This May we've got 50 copies of the rhyming story book You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus to give away. Find out more about this delightful children's book and enter our competition for a chance to win...  

amy wild

Kids' book of the month
May's choice is the action packed adventure Amy Wild by Helen Skelton, and we've got 50 copies up for grabs. Let your grandchildren read and learn how Amy Wild coped in the Amazon with no clothes, food, money or even a map. 

when we were friends

When We Were Friends giveaway
Six friends. One night of revelation and accusation. We've got 10 copies of this gripping story of friendship and secrets by Tina Seskis to give away.

hearing aid

Do you wear hearing aids?
Do you or your partner wear hearing aids for age-related hearing loss? Share your experiences with us for the chance to win a £250 voucher.

holiday STA

Win a holiday
Silver Travel Advisor have a wonderful prize draw to win one of two holidays, either Heaven in Hungary - a city break in lively Budapest with lots of complimentary treats, or paradise in Portugal - a relaxing week on the beach in the beautiful Algarve.

Hitler's last day

With the release of his new book 'Hitler's Last Day', director, writer and producer, Jonathan Mayo, contemplates some unintentionally hilarious historical moments amidst the turmoil of World War II. 

jonathon mayo
Guest blog post

The bequest

Christine Pye's mother remained devoted to the Guide Dogs - a charity that helps to fund the training of guide dogs for visually impaired people - throughout the later years of her life. So, when her mother left a gift to that cause in her will, Christine knew exactly what to do with it.

Guest blog post


Up for grabs this week:

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From the forums

...or should that be FTF? This week is all about the abbreviation. Or TXT SPK if you prefer.

TriciaF hadn't spotted our handy acronym guide (HAG?) and wondered what the D stood for in DBH. "Dear blinking husband?" she wondered. "Or deadly boring husband" came AshTree's suggestion. "I thought DBH was dear better half" admitted shysal, while janerowena set her straight. "No, I am the Better Half. We can't have two of us."

Other suggestions were added to the list. From loopylou "I think there should also be NSDH (not-so-dear husband) for days when I'm fostering murderous thoughts" while janerowena's friend sends her emails full of the things. "She calls her neighbour NDN. Next Door Neighbour. She also has NDNBO, so I thought it was the man on the other side of her with a bad personal problem. I only found out a couple of weeks ago that he's Next Door Neighbour But One."

And apropos of absolutely nothing (AOAN?) - other than the fact it has an abbreviation in it - we were also tickled this week by this from Merlotgran

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Have your say...

General election - who to vote for? 

Divorce - ending a toxic relationship.

Theft - the emotional consequences. 

Sales calls - a question too far? 

In the News

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And finally...

"The favourite game last Christmas was Scattergories. It's been around a while but is having a second outing in our house with the youngest DGCs now enjoying it.

It's quite hilarious when you mix the age groups. The younger ones take it seriously but the older boys????

Q. Name a dairy product beginning with R.

A. (from 18-year-old) Runs.

Me: You can't have that. How can that be anything to do with dairy products?

Him: Well...if you were lactose intolerant...

They have an answer for everything."

That they do.

Best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Lucy, Virginia and Julie.