Gransnet Newsletter 17th April
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To all the grans I've loved before...
Julio Iglesias is coming to Gransnet!
Latin legend answers your questions
We're squealing with delight at the news that the legend that is Julio Iglesias, the best selling Latin artist of all time, is going to be sweating over a keyboard for your delight. 
Julio wants
your questions!
Win a 3 or 4 night seaside break 
Get your hankies knotted and the cocktails on ice for a mini staycation on us by entering our latest fantastic competition. We're giving away a three or four night break in one of 35 UK holiday destinations for up to six people. All you have to do is answer a simple question and you could win this enviable prize.
Win a seaside break
hot cross bun
The hot cross bun debate - do you bake or buy?
If you've never dared bake your own buns, and fancy having a go, why not try this easy as pie (or, erm, buns...) recipe? Once you've mastered that, how about rising to the challenge of making a traditional Easter Simnel Cake
Buns - bake or buy?
Rumer Godden
Children's book giveaway
To celebrate the 1st anniversary of Virago Modern Classics publishing children’s books, we’re giving away five sets of Rumer Godden’s much-loved classics for younger readers, which include The Dark Horse and An Episode of Sparrows.
Rumer Godden giveaway
BMI Healthcare
Joint pain can stop you from doing the activities that you once enjoyed. BMI Healthcare, the UK’s largest provider of independent healthcare, can help get you back to what you love. For more information on orthopaedic procedures or to book an appointment, please call: 0800 0962 613.
BMI Healthcare
Wives of Los Alamos
A look ahead to our May book club
Told in the collective voices of the wives of the men who created the atom bomb, this is the bold and emotionally charged story of the women of Los Alamos. We've got 150 copies to give away and there will be a Q & A with the author next month too.
Get in the club
Heartbleed and Gransnet
We're happy to report that Gransnet was not affected by Heartbleed because it doesn't use the OpenSSL security framework, so no personal data was accessed. Heartbleed has affected many websites around the world so it's always a good idea to change your passwords now and again - if you'd like to reset your GN password you're more than welcome.
Heartbleed and GN
For the love of books
This week, we hear from Heather Reyes, whose love of books and, of course, her grandchildren, is helping her to come to terms with a diagnosis of bone-marrow cancer. Thankfully, she has already defied doctors' expectations and has published a book on...well...her love of books. 
Guest blog post
Festivals for literature lovers
Fancy indulging your inner book critic? Spending some time between the pages of a novel? Or maybe meeting some of the <quite brilliant> authors who wrote them? As the weather gets warmer, the bunting comes out and literary festivals start to pop up over the UK. Here's our lowdown on some of the best bookish bonanzas, large and small. 
Literary festivals

Up for grabs this week: 
  • Win a summer picnic bundle with The Love Punch.
  • Win a family seaside break with Haven.
  • Win baby products courtesy of aden + anais.
  • Win a Blu-ray player and Blue Sky Studios Blu-ray bundle with Rio 2.
  • Win a £200 National Garden Gift Voucher courtesy of BMI Healthcare.
  • Win one of 25 copies of Jake's Bones by Jake McGowan-Lowe, on our Facebook page.
Exclusive offers
  • We have 21% off all Savile Row orders with code SAV21
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From the forums...

Well this week has certainly seen some trials and tribulations as well as some wonderfully wry observations. What started as a good old moan about a less than perfect son-in-law by kittylester has led to calls for action from her fellow Gransnetters:

"Does the GN hit squad still operate?

"I'll volunteer for the GN hit squad kitty. I hope your DD sees the light soon and dumps this unpleasant excuse for a man”.

Be afraid children, be very afraid...

On a lighter, more floral note, but by no means any less annoying are the mounting tales of mindless flower theft around the country Granjura relates a particularly galling example:

" Rutland Water some years back, an elderly couple (butter wouldn't melt) were digging up primroses from the woods by the lake - they had trowels and a box to put them in. I stopped and politely asked what they were doing - and then told them to stop and plant them back. They told me to "mind my own business" so I called the warden…he came straightaway and ordered them to plant them back, to the applause of other walkers enjoying the day and the flowers".

Justice prevailed at least in that case, but if you see any blooms being pinched, you let us know - because if you can't let a tulip be, well, what is the world coming to?
In the news
Silvio Berlusconi to do community service in care home Guardian | Join the discussion
Major websites affected by Heartbleed bug BBC Join the discussion
Nigel Evans says CPS should pay legal costs Telegraph | Join the discussion
Food banks visited by almost 1 million people Daily Mail | Join the discussion
Farage could face investigation into EU expenses Independent

News forums
And finally,

Soutra discussed the thorny subject of overly long committee meetings, suggesting she "plead what Terry Wogan used to call a subsequent engagement" adding "some people do have too much time on their hands and a "meeting" makes them feel busy". 

To which thatbag responded (rather too quickly for our liking): "Gransnet threads work like those committees sometimes".
On which note we dash off for our next super-important meeting/subsequent engagement. Otherwise known as the annual scramble for the biggest office Easter egg.

Happy Easter everyone, and best wishes from Cari, Gigi, Kat and Lucy 

ps: no news on Lara's baby yet, but we'll let you know, when we do :)