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21 May 2015

Neighbours - the good, the bad and the ugly

jim dale

"The most wonderful of places to be"
Veteran actor and musician Jim Dale answers your questions on the Carry On days, the joys of living in Manhattan and the moment he discovered standup comedy.


PPI: what you need to know
We get the facts from the folks in the know. From how to reduce persistent cold calling to when to look into making a claim yourself, Moneysavingexpert gives us the lowdown.

Aids for dementia sufferers
To mark Dementia Awareness Week we've rounded up a selection of gadgets that can make life at home a little bit easier for those living with the disease. 


Do you have a secret?
We now know the things you did in your past that might raise an eyebrow or two among your children...but what manner of daring activity do you get up to nowadays that might produce the same reaction? We promise we won't tell <crosses fingers>

everyday ageism

It's been a bad week for ageism...
First an outrageous incident at the local toddler singalong, then the rather odd media pre-occupation with the ages of the alleged Hatton Garden burglars. We'd love to hear your own stories. Share them on the thread and let's challenge this stereotype.

vanilla black

Win a copy of Vanilla Black
This National Vegetarian Week, we're showcasing some delicious recipes from the team behind one of the country's best vegetarian restaurants, Vanilla Black. We've also got two signed copies of their new recipe book to give away...

opera north

Neighbours - the good, the bad and the ugly

Author Louise Candlish contemplates the perils of moving to a new neighbourhood - but has her own method of weeding out the ones to avoid... Pack some sandwiches and grab your sunglasses - we're going on a neighbourhood stake out.

nosy neighbour
Guest blog post

The ties that bind

When Alex Hourston first met her mother-in-law she travelled 8 hours to get there, arrived late and survived glass shards in her pudding at the first meal. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a a sign of impending mother/daughter-in-law disaster...but you'd be wrong.

Alex Hourston
Guest blog post


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From the forums

This week we learned about the secret lives of sofa spies. J52 revealed that her late mother used to call the MFI furniture store 'MI5'. “Maybe she knew more and took the secret with her”. Indeed, a great place to go ‘undercover'…

Elegran was on a secret sofa mission recently too. Though it doesn’t sound like this particular salesman took much hoodwinking

"We went for a sofa and looked around the showroom until we saw one we liked - it was upholstered in a cotton material covered with impressionist style flowers. The boy wonder salesman descended on us, and before we could name it, he said 'I see you have chosen the Ke-zany.' We refrained from pointing out that the label called it the 'Cezanne'." 

Ah well, even sofas sometimes need an alias.

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And finally...

"My boobs behave independently to the rest of me; I avoid running unclad as could end up with two black eyes"

And that would be a tricky one to explain, loopylou.

Best wishes from Cari, Lara, Gigi, Lucy and Virginia.