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12 September 2014

What's the future for your pension?

Ros Altman

Ros Altman Q&A
We've got financial expert and newly appointed Business Champion for older workers, Ros Altmann, to answer your questions on pensions, investments and budgeting for retirement.

Scottish referendum

The Scottish referendum
Gransnetters give their views on the upcoming referendum - from David Cameron's role to their feelings on the outcome. What will you be hoping for?

Bus passes

Bus passes
As buss pass campaigners take their petition to Downing Street, we've gathered gransnetters' views on why the vital service should be preserved.

cotswold ad

Cotswolds Collection
Rich in ideas, options and gorgeous colours that include British heritage pieces, superb quality fabrics and yarns and wonderful natural fibres, here are all the key ingredients for a very special winter collection. Visit our website now for a complete winter wardrobe.

ultimate prize draw

The Ultimate Gransnet Prize Draw
If diamonds are a girl's best friend, they certainly go hand in hand with spa treatments, wine, holidays...and we've got all of that (plus a bit more) for one gransnetter to win. Just tell us what puts the 'grand' in grandparenting to enter.


STABILO stationery competition
Bag some treats for your grandchildrens' pencil cases and enter our STABILO Facebook competition. We've got ten stationery packs to give away, worth over £50 each.

miss carter's war

October book club preview
We take a sneaky look ahead at next month's book of the month. In the debut novel from Sheila Hancock, Miss Carter's War, we see one extraordinary woman's return to normal life post-WWII.

Find an Autumn Walk near you

Team up with other local gransnetters in aid of Alzheimer's Society's Memory Walks, and enjoy the turning of the season while raising money for essential research into the disease. Check your local site for details, or organise your own on your local forum.

autumn walks
Find out more

Empty nest

As a new university term begins, Glenys Newton weighs the advantages and the disadvantages of an empty nest. The joys include everlasting loo roll and a well-stocked fridge, while the disadvantages...well it seems it is possible to miss chaos.

glenys newton
Guest blog post

Baby boomer bloggers

Our first ever US guest blogger, Janie Emaus, gives us her definition of the new swathe of tech-obsessed bloggers sweeping America - and tells us why the country's generation of 'mommy bloggers' had better watch out.

janie emaus
Guest blog post
cotswold collections mpu


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From the forums

Sleepwalking is surprisingly common, as we've learned from our sometimes rather unforgiving forums...

But Flowerofthewest's husband has taken this to an entirely new level:

"About 2am he got out of bed and stood leaning against the wall by the door, hand on hip and his legs crossed at ankle. I could see him in the moonlight (unfortunately)."

'What on earth are you doing now?'

'Waiting for the driver, he said he would be back soon!' (very precise of course)

'What driver?'

'The coach driver of course, he went and has not returned yet.'

'Where's the coach?'

'I'm leaning on it, can't you see?'

I put the light on and there he was leaning on the 'coach' waiting for a non existent driver. A couple of seconds later I heard him slide the door (we have a sliding door in the bedroom). 'Where are you going now?' DH (normal voice) 'to the toilet of course'."

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"Of course there's a place for everything, but sometimes I forget where that place is." annodomini

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