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Talking to grandchildren about your death

20 Luckygirl

Research into how employers can support families of all kinds to thrive, whatever life has in store for them - for use by family charity, FASTN and supervised by The University of Nottingham

7 HelenaW

BBC Radio 4 - a romantic opportunity

1 MEDIA: Cyrano for...

*Staying mentally and socially active* Questionnaire for people aged 50+

9 Callistemon

Suffered from a pressure ulcer/bedsore? Fee paid.

2 Judest

*EATING HABITS QUESTIONNAIRE FOR PEOPLE AGED 65+* chance to win an M&S hamper! :-)

29 Maybelle

Complete this survey on digital marketing for the chance to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

2 grumpygranni

'Empty nesters' living with their 'boomerang' graduate children

1 MEDIA: Jane Young