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Do you struggle to hear clearly with background noise? Please contribute to our exciting research by filling out a 5 minute survey.

5 boheminan

Final year university student looking for over 50s to take part in a 5-minute anonymous online survey

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1 MEDIA: NatalieMonroe

Grandparents looking after grandchildren so parents enjoy childfree break

1 MEDIA: The Sunday...

Genuine Legal & General Customers - Paid Brand Ambassador Role

2 Sago

Volunteers needed to participate in simple online study

8 MadeInYorkshire

CNN journalist looking to speak with grandparents

28 mickbk

Lockdown drinking habits

56 Mollygo

ITV Tonight - Summer Holidays

1 MEDIA: James Craig

Aching for grandchildren?

28 paddyanne

Did you have IVF treatment in 1970s, 80s or 90s? In the UK?

1 MEDIA: IVFPioneers

*Wellbeing During Ages 40 to 60*

1 MEDIA: Janet Malcolm

Grandmothers wanted for new BBC show!

92 MellowYellow

Participants needed for PhD research

3 user8714

Paid Opportunity for People Aged 50+ to appear in an Advert for a UK High Street Health Shop

1 MEDIA: Sally McCl...

Grandparents stepping in with money help during COVID – despite concerns about their own retirement fund

1 MEDIA: Antonia Ph...

Age Difference Couples

2 Judy54

Request for help with research on the menopause

13 DrCCampbell

Free tech support helpline

3 Hronos

Are you a grandparent feeling under pressure to provide childcare despite COVID-19 health concerns?

1 MEDIA: NatashaGra...

grandparenting post-lockdown

1 MEDIA: Anna3477

Do the government's new guidelines affect you? Would you be prepared to speak tonight on TV about it?

2 Marmight

Coronavirus scams

1 MEDIA: Jessica


7 MawB

BBC News - Meeting first-time grandchildren

1 MEDIA: Robert Tow...

Paid Campaign- Looking for people with Long Term Conditions age 50+

1 MEDIA: Leanne Fli...

New product idea - feedback required

8 yggdrasil

If you have a child or grandchild aged between 5 and 10 years, please take part

1 MEDIA: Abrar Alsh...

Calling Scottish gransnetters (ASAP)

1 MEDIA: CariGransnet

BBC - The One Show

7 trisher

Legal services for the aged 65 and over

1 MEDIA: MayaA

Do you feel your face and the way you look is seriously affecting your life?

1 MEDIA: Ally

BBC News

1 MEDIA: jeanetteL

Are you a patient who has been involved in a Fitness to Practise case?

1 MEDIA: Community ...

Have you caught an STI later in life?

9 Missfoodlove

Can you help test a new iPhone app?

4 Charleygirl5

Long Distance Grandparenting

1 MEDIA: Vicky Carter

Cervical and breast cancer, cancer screening programmes and lifestyle questionnaire

1 MEDIA: Sophie - P...

C4 Focus group

5 Kate4766

Your child's divorce

1 MEDIA: Rosa Silve...

Research on challenges of being mother of adult children

12 3nanny6

Research on challenges of being mother of adult children

2 3nanny6

Do you know someone who has travelled to Europe to get HRT?

1 MEDIA: LaraGransnet

Newspaper request/HRT

1 MEDIA: CariGransnet

Are you or have you been an executor? £30 Reward

1 MEDIA: Mike


1 MEDIA: user5695

Did you fall pregnant while on HRT? £200 fee paid

12 mcem

Connected Sisters: seeking real life stories from real women

1 MEDIA: Connected ...


16 Barmeyoldbat

Lost Loves

1 MEDIA: Wall to Wa...