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Media requests can be placed for 90 days for a £30 fee.
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1 MEDIA: Lynsey Kent

HELP! Entertaining grandkids

13 vegansrock

EY Seren Research

11 FannyCornforth

Do you financially support TWO generations of your family? £300 fee for Daily Mail interview.

1 MEDIA: IndiaSturgis

Paid Hearing training: Individuals aged 60-70 & based in London are needed

1 MEDIA: eargym

contributing to a book on older women and the media

1 MEDIA: krossings


11 lixy

[Paid] Take part in our research: $30 per session, evaluating photo slideshow software

12 Elegran

Are people over the age of 50 more likely to be victims of COVID fraud?

7 fevertree

Are people over the age of 50 more likely to be victims of fraud during the coronavirus pandemic?

53 M0nica

Do you struggle to hear clearly with background noise? Please contribute to our exciting research by filling out a 5 minute survey.

5 boheminan

Final year university student looking for over 50s to take part in a 5-minute anonymous online survey

1 MEDIA: Sabina Enu...


1 MEDIA: NatalieMonroe

Grandparents looking after grandchildren so parents enjoy childfree break

1 MEDIA: The Sunday...

Genuine Legal & General Customers - Paid Brand Ambassador Role

2 Sago

Volunteers needed to participate in simple online study

8 MadeInYorkshire

CNN journalist looking to speak with grandparents

28 mickbk

Lockdown drinking habits

56 Mollygo

ITV Tonight - Summer Holidays

1 MEDIA: James Craig

Aching for grandchildren?

28 paddyanne

Did you have IVF treatment in 1970s, 80s or 90s? In the UK?

1 MEDIA: IVFPioneers

*Wellbeing During Ages 40 to 60*

1 MEDIA: Janet Malcolm

Grandmothers wanted for new BBC show!

92 MellowYellow

Participants needed for PhD research

3 user8714

Paid Opportunity for People Aged 50+ to appear in an Advert for a UK High Street Health Shop

1 MEDIA: Sally McCl...

Grandparents stepping in with money help during COVID – despite concerns about their own retirement fund

1 MEDIA: Antonia Ph...

Age Difference Couples

2 Judy54

Request for help with research on the menopause

13 DrCCampbell

Free tech support helpline

3 Hronos

Are you a grandparent feeling under pressure to provide childcare despite COVID-19 health concerns?

1 MEDIA: NatashaGra...

grandparenting post-lockdown

1 MEDIA: Anna3477

Do the government's new guidelines affect you? Would you be prepared to speak tonight on TV about it?

2 Marmight

Coronavirus scams

1 MEDIA: Jessica


7 MawB

BBC News - Meeting first-time grandchildren

1 MEDIA: Robert Tow...

Paid Campaign- Looking for people with Long Term Conditions age 50+

1 MEDIA: Leanne Fli...

New product idea - feedback required

8 yggdrasil

If you have a child or grandchild aged between 5 and 10 years, please take part

1 MEDIA: Abrar Alsh...

Calling Scottish gransnetters (ASAP)

1 MEDIA: CariGransnet

BBC - The One Show

7 trisher

Legal services for the aged 65 and over

1 MEDIA: MayaA

Do you feel your face and the way you look is seriously affecting your life?

1 MEDIA: Ally

BBC News

1 MEDIA: jeanetteL

Are you a patient who has been involved in a Fitness to Practise case?

1 MEDIA: Community ...

Have you caught an STI later in life?

9 Missfoodlove

Can you help test a new iPhone app?

4 Charleygirl5

Long Distance Grandparenting

1 MEDIA: Vicky Carter

Cervical and breast cancer, cancer screening programmes and lifestyle questionnaire

1 MEDIA: Sophie - P...

C4 Focus group

5 Kate4766

Your child's divorce

1 MEDIA: Rosa Silve...