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Whether you're looking for the best dating sites for over 50s or want to discuss family relationships anonymously with people who've got plenty of life experience, Gransnet is the place to be...
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The best online dating sites for over 50s

10 Apricity

Very difficult DIL

189 Chewbacca

Moving away from family

153 MissAdventure


6 Hithere

Do women worry over adult children more than men do?

64 pollyperkins

Have you told your child how much they hurt you, and does it help?

63 Madgran77


34 Chloejo

Father/daughter conflict

2 Urmstongran

What would you do in my shoes, dear GN’s?

156 Jaybett

Uncommunicative adult children

71 Rocknroll5me

Invited to my sister's and then told to go

101 seastar

Second marriage issues

68 Seajaye

Husband displaying infatuation

55 Jane10

Winning my Daughter-in-law Over

102 welbeck

Feeling sidelined re grandchildren

26 Beauregard

Devastated for Son

63 Magrithea

no grandchildren

93 NewMexicoMama

Relationship faltering since birth of DS3

85 StrawberryShortcake

Being a paternal grandmother

43 FlexibleFriend

The discovery & maintenance of true love, with thoughts from the Bard

10 Chewbacca

Child Moving Away with Adult Grandchild

6 Callistemon

HRT for over 65s to help with lack of libido

15 Chewbacca

Fear of abandonment?

24 BettyBoop49

To share or not to share a cottage holiday with old friends during Covid, that is the question!

23 Sparklefizz

Is my step granddaughter being reasonable?

28 Callistemon

60 soon - and feeling like I've had enough

38 gillybob

Found out that partner has been married twice..

42 paddyanne

A few days away

22 V3ra

Pondering older age

5 Oopsadaisy3

Leaving a 43 year marriage

21 Hetty58

Adopted children finding birth mothers.

80 Newatthis

Families 😤

36 faye17

Divorce parties, what is your opinion

26 kittylester

How About Some Good News?

112 ginny

Should I risk seeing my male friend

56 Shropshirelass

How to convince someone you love them

29 Hithere

What are the best online dating sites for over 50s?

12 Petal49

Ending 20 year marriage

113 Petal49

Anyone else's husband turned into a Grumpy old man?

75 annep1

50 ways to save a marriage

35 Grandmabatty

Keeping love alive

37 Phoebe221

Not good enough for my daughter?

67 Luckygirl

I have just found out I am a granny .... from a stranger.

39 Missfoodlove

Friendship estrangement - am I right?

68 Sgilley

Living together but separated?

64 Evie64

Trapped in bad marriage

15 sodapop

Grandson and his partner have separated and I am so worried

30 Toadinthehole

Leaving a 23 year old marriage

20 Ohmother

Tips for dating, what red flags to look for?

61 ineedamum

Jealousy, grandparent and menopause

22 Foxgloveandroses