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I'm at my wits end

55 Fennel

Family Not Speaking

16 Fiachna50

Relationship Q&A with Relate

41 Debby22

Do you socialise independently or together..?

29 anxiousgran

65 with a cheating husband

34 Keeper1

I've let down my inlaws and my marriage

90 Starlady

The Future-Doctor/Lawyer . Stomach is churning.

47 SpringyChicken

My daughter and my partner

37 grannylyn65

Strange male friend from the past

84 kiki2

Daughter.....newly laws..

61 PernillaVanilla

Safeguarding issues with dad

25 HurdyGurdy

I could never have imagined this situation

112 Eloethan

Husband cheated - are you glad you found out?

93 LondonMzFitz

Divorce questions

33 CanuckaLatte

Estranged son

19 Starlady

Difficult DIL- time to deal with it?

75 BradfordLass72

No family nearby

75 GabriellaG54

Gone Soft

34 Nanna58

How to deal with her personal odour?

78 JenniferEccles

Confront sister about greed or let it rest

88 willa45

Dumped by text message

90 PernillaVanilla

Any advice on disinterested ‘friends’

46 Jaxie

Marketing a book

4 Missfoodlove

Advice needed adult stepchild related

11 GagaJo

Grandson's absent father

25 Summerlove

Well meant gift

41 discodiva

Concern about partner's health

29 Lucylastic

My new mother in law

94 cas58

Another row brewing.

49 notanan2

Unkind elderly parents

44 Bucklen

A Dilemma

13 luluaugust

Feeling Guilty - Ex-husband

16 stella1949

Reasons for estrangement

17 Razzmatazz123

Estrangement and siblings

30 Maremia

Family member very difficult

24 sodapop

Advice please.

9 Razzmatazz123

Estranged Families Service

3 Stella14


93 Meeyoo

DD's bullying ex.

20 Namsnanny

Wondering if dgd has ocd

39 anxiousgran

done a silly thing......

11 Tangerine

Lost some confidence with my son

111 GoodMama


18 PamelaJ1

Ending a 43 year marriage

73 Tabb

Silent Treatment

38 Madgran77


35 GoodMama


11 Sexysixty

Deaĺng with feelings

48 Grandma2213

I cannot believe this

48 loopyloo

Son has left wife and two small children- devastated

50 Grandma2213