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Do you have questions about your Will? Ask Cancer Research UK’s expert solicitor Rebecca Massey - £200 voucher to be won

111 Nannan2

I need to share

43 HeavenLeigh

Dating sites

17 Olivia1959

Struggling with husbands disability

37 LRavenscroft

Dealing with sisters distress with her falling out with another sister.

10 JenniferPearson

Daughters in laws

34 Hithere

Retirees- what do you & dh/dh do with your day

83 oodles

Problems with DIL

60 NannyFlorence

Stuck in relationship with distant man

88 thomasmile

I just don’t know what to do.

112 Liza115

Dating after bereavement

62 Katie59

Adoption, and finding your birth family

15 Shinamae

Estrangement from granddaughter

21 biglouis

How many Gransnetters are in Australia?

20 fatgran57

husband doesn't like my baking...

129 spabbygirl

My whole story of being an Enabler of my 45 year old daughter Has anyone else had a similar situation they could share

23 Glorianny

Role Reversal

52 Franbern

Divorce. Solicitor suggestions

8 Georgesgran

The shame of being attacked by own child

22 Smileless2012

Cannot decide!

20 MawtheMerrier

Partner wont talk to me - just found out ex husband probably gay. Feel like a disaster.

6 Teaandcakes

A rant about uncooperative sick husbands

26 Floradora9


19 M0nica

What do I do with a husband , he's 77 & I'm 78, who shouts at me.

40 glammanana

Desperate for advice please ..

103 Warbler

What were you told about marriage?

47 ExperiencedNotOld

Advice needed its my Bro and Sis Inlaw

36 NannyJan53

Happy for them, sad for me

89 Philippa60

My DS says I'm old and eccentric

135 Cymres1

Freezer care

13 Teacheranne

My stubborn elderly mother

38 Tenko

I Think We're On Different Paths

52 pascal30

Losing it.

66 Nightsky2

Confused of the Situation

9 grandtanteJE65

Wife refuses to cook

138 Germanshepherdsmum

Rights when in a relationship but not married/living together

37 Shelflife

Mistake of reading comments on Granset.

69 nadateturbe

I don't want to go to this party

68 Devorgilla

95yr old frail stubborn mother

160 OnwardandUpward

Least romantic gifts

52 NotSpaghetti

Wedding politics

117 Kartush

Asking girls if they have a boyfriend

89 MercuryQueen

Smacking children

287 SeasideLili

daughter told me she is in relationship with another girl

60 MerylStreep

A romantic proposal of marriage.

106 Yammy

Unpleasant sister in law, help please

35 Hithere

Staying with daughter really confused

108 crazyH

Son is troubled about partner stopping breast feeding

188 Lauren59

Awful Neighbour now I’m scared.

69 suzi57

What’s going on ?

10 Horti

Suggestion how to deal with unprovoked abuse

36 Ginny42