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NC repercussions

19 Loveandpositivity1

Out with friend do I go?

46 PamelaJ1

What do you do

2 Grammaretto

I am getting so annoyed

14 Devorgilla

Am I a nag ?

24 Nanderin

Help... relationship issues

30 Theexwife

Is my partner possessive or just loving?

129 Madgran77

Husband retired, I still work. My husband is driving me crazy!

75 Gundy

Do not like going out with large groups of friends

37 Allsorts


49 Davida1968

Split between family and partner

11 Redhead56

Walking On Eggshells for Critical DIL

138 Hetty58

Fallen out with a close friend

40 tictacnana

My house. Should I sell to accommodate partner and downsize

39 Floradora9

Daughter in law implying I am causing my son's anxiety.

29 Foxygloves

Reached out to an ex after 15 years, need advice

7 lemsip

Dd in a coercive relationship

10 oliversnana

Help with my nightmare ex!!!!

40 ParlorGames

New relationship over 60?

11 beautybumble

My daughter is about to move to Australia...

63 Mcbab

30th Wedding Anniversary dilemma.

32 Sheian62

Don’t know what to wish for ?

9 pascal30

In the shadow of a best friend

19 CanadianGran

My DIL will not allow my grandchildren to see my Daughter.

88 DiamondLily

Is this the end?

40 welbeck

Why do I feel sad about this?

18 Chloejo

Acknowledging Ageing

7 NanaPlenty

Family Loss of daughters partner due to break up

57 Claretjan

Partner total personality change.

21 Ali08

Ukrainian guests

52 Ali08


32 Hetty58

I need him

91 M0nica

Husband's always right

51 mabon1

Do they say ‘Thank you ‘?

90 Nanny2020

I’ve done all I can to help cannot, afford anymore 🤦‍♀️ And I’d like to add, she has never asked me for a penny. It’s what I’ve offered.

46 Nopeaceincumbria

Feeling selfish

37 Allsorts

A feeling of emptiness I can’t explain..

26 Coronation

Doting grandparents ???

72 Grams2five

In denial

13 pascal30

In my 60s, need to split from husband, help with ducks please?

25 grandmother90

Daughter's marriage

20 HeavenLeigh

Friend of 40 years

38 mabon1

Ex-wife still demanding after twenty years!

36 Callistemon21

Grandfathers Are Important Too

92 Smileless2012

30 year old man in a big age gap relationship

63 MALayhee700

He's ageing well, I'm not and he can't understand

107 pascal30

Relationship with younger man

20 Mamasperspective

Why do I dream this?!

11 FannyCornforth

Problems with DIL

61 Mamasperspective

Problem DiL

57 Mamasperspective