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Help me get over this bizarre and hurtful accusation

30 Gingster

Do your husband have any say in what you wear?

98 crazyH

Sensing his silent resentment, should I go back to work?

13 welbeck

I could not buy fruit for my children!

8 Allsorts

How to leave husband

17 grandtanteJE65

Unhappy relationship

37 jeanie99

Problem with son

69 jeanie99

Husband becoming obsessed with much younger single neighbour

255 mokryna

Advice please

16 PinkCosmos

Saying No, when the dating site photo is about 20 years old.

26 ElderlyPerson

When it’s time to walk away

54 dsc71

end of lockdown

2 B9exchange

Daughter moving away

38 barbramalo

Camilla for Queen?

112 Anniebach

Advice please

15 Whatdayisit

Do you wish you wish you had said something to your mum/dad before they died

18 Humbley

As usual I came off the phone feeling depressed….

20 Caleo

Would you be concerned?

70 Chapeau

Is Anyone Else a Recluse?

89 MissAdventure

What should I do

47 Germanshepherdsmum

Husband started gambling

40 Rosezeta


12 Florencerosie

Dating sites and single life

10 Esspee

Friends...... not the tv show

42 danielasha

Cutting the apron strings

31 alanel

To stay or go?

91 alanel

DH always trying to see what I’m doing on my iPad.

29 winterwhite

Who decides what in your relationship when it comes to your home

24 cornishpatsy

Where do I start?

21 grannylyn65


16 Ev1951

Finding a good Man Later in Life

13 BHelena

Ex Dropping kids back

9 Nonogran

Husband’s family.

26 welbeck


29 lavenderzen

The best online dating sites for over 50s

38 luckyli

How can I stop this without being perceived as rude?

33 Caleo

Should I Tell Him about my feelings?

51 Alis52

How many times have you been in love?

92 storynanny

The truth hurts

23 Smileless2012

Ultra possessive grandparents?

76 Cuffetta99

Care home for husband ?

87 Lucca

Support for parents of trans children

12 JillEH

Retroactive Jealousy

75 MerylStreep

Erectile dysfunction

19 BlueBelle

DH hiding behind me and making me look like the bad guy

18 Carenza123

My sister has blocked me

32 Sparkling

HELP! Online dating advice required

26 Polarbear2

Ageing- how to react?

18 ElderlyPerson

DIL Problem

39 grandtanteJE65

Daughter's bombshell - how do I cope?

18 grandtanteJE65