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The best online dating sites for over 50s

1 NatashaGransnet


18 Hithere

Other kind of racism

16 silverlining48

Am I so hard to love?

10 Wibby

I did hurt my husband ego..

48 Lilypops

Boyfriend doesn’t want sex

42 BlueBelle

Just venting!

50 Hetty58

My Grownup Children Are So Unhappy.

51 ValerieF

Has Lockdown bought you closer to your family.

52 ValerieF

Anyone else's husband turned into a Grumpy old man?

71 Cabbie21

Too many partners

61 timetogo2016

To leave or not to leave ??

14 Ohmother

I want to leave after 40 years

154 Evie64

Divorcing my husband of 21 years

78 yellowmellow1

Advice please young grandad dating

19 Shanavine


26 BBbevan

No sex

74 Puzzled

DH goes off table hopping at weddings etc

29 BlueBelle

Daughter appears not to like new man

64 harrigran

Alcoholic 39 year old son.

15 ValerieF

Mil accuses DH of poisoning her

27 Lilypops

Virtual counselling

10 Lottielane

Heart sore and struggling to go forward

27 NotSpaghetti

Controlling husbands

33 jeanie99

Aspergers partner? (Edited by GNHQ)

37 Jane10

Missing grandchildren.

23 Flygirl


158 geekesse

Leaving a 23 year old marriage

16 ceejayjay

Your family’s Baby Pattern

33 Grannyben

No wedding in sight

68 SirChenjin

I don't think my daughter likes me much

107 Hithere

One year relationship going pearshaped

23 Oopsadaisy3

Neighbours and friends’ behaviour during lockdown,

22 Londonwifi

The letter I wish I had written

38 henetha

Should we move to the USA?

54 Eloethan

Mother and friend over lockdown and visiting

74 yggdrasil

Seeing grandchildren

21 Starblaze

Ending a 43 year marriage

75 Hetty58

Contact with ex

17 vampirequeen

no grandchildren

92 NotgonnaB

Don't get upset, just heed the words

4 M0nica

Husband talking to new love in the house while I am there?

35 BlueBelle

Can’t say the right thing to my daughter!

48 HettyMaud

Husband addicted to porn

56 timetogo2016


4 craftyone

Does my partner have a problem ?

30 Keffie12

Cheer us all up - what did you do today?

48 BradfordLass73

A personal dilemma...or am I just being unreasonable?

15 Greymar

Divorce at 66?

44 Happygirl79

Grumpy husband - is it just old age?

146 Luckylegs