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DH didn't even notice I had gone out !!

10 TerryM

Husband seems very unhappy

15 Jane10

Is it a bad idea to share my home with daughter and family?

50 NannyEm

Am I right to put up with all of this?

58 timetogo2016

DD yet more heartbreak. Why always her?

34 Hithere

How old is too old to shop in Ann Summers?

21 Alishka

Husband told adult daughter he loves her

66 sunnybean60

January blues?

28 Redsmudgy

Gone off sex after bereavement and cancer

12 MissAdventure

Men who dress nearly like women - Eddie Izzard

65 Callistemon

Supporting grandchildren when children are in the military

7 Greyduster

Should I say the 3 little words first

46 Blackcat3

Is it over or just a blip?

87 sodapop

Longing for daughter

43 Hawera1

Partner puts his 30 year old son before me

66 ForestsLakesandMo...

Just clinging on?

56 sodapop

Fussy eating grand daughters

109 Larraine1

Husbands friends.

147 Londonwifi

Queen sends cards for 60th Anniversaries

20 CassieJ

Am I disrespectful

102 potter6

advice on changed husband

15 AGAA4

How long did you know your husband/wife for before you were married?

107 yattypung

Husband won't holiday away next Xmas due to MIL

114 Lizbethann55

So much doubt about whether to leave my husband

84 moonbeam2020

Socialising with ex -colleagues ?

25 endlessstrife

Lost soul

67 DoraMarr

what's the worst personal comment you have received from a person ?

132 SalsaQueen

Geriatric infidelity (problem page letter and response). What do we think?

33 3nanny6

Divorce at 66?

43 Londonwifi

Trouble with SIL

10 Londonwifi

Missing a birthday card from my DS for the first time

106 Joanny

No sleep and spitting feathers

169 oldgimmer1

Silent Treatment

57 jeanie99

No family nearby

76 NanaSuzy

I’m so worried about my 30 year old daughter

36 icanhandthemback

Daughter jealous of her brother

23 quizqueen


158 tressa

Don't much like brother or his family. What to do?

32 Tedber

Mother in Law issues and husband mummy's boy

19 Tedber

Those on their own the Christmas.

9 Starlady

Nosey dil

118 MandyRaff


6 endlessstrife

Chat rooms

8 sodapop

Travel to see daughter and GD

37 Tedber

Who was your first celebrity crush?

109 endlessstrife

How often do you see your grandchildren?

148 Jobey68

Does sexual fidelity matter?

128 Harri1

Difficult DIL- time to deal with it?

78 Mommie6

Opinions wanted.

65 Tangerine

Past hurts

68 timetogo2016