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Not Part of My Family

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ghosting in friendships

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getting pension from NHS after divorce pension order

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Splitting after 34 years - my decision but not celebrating

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Friendship meant nothing, obviously

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Granddaughter and partner issues - continued

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Have you ever taken a break from your marriage and gone back.

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Annoyed But Need Tact

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Long Distance Love.

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Cancelling date with friend

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No desire and my husband

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Are there visible post viagra effects?

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Retirement beckons

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Relationship with DIL

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My New Chapter

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Not sure if I like my brother

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Difficult situation with family member...

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Sadness and Disappointment

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What happens when one spouse decides to retire without discussion

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Friend who overwhelms me with talking so much

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Daughter’s Childhood

44 Sara1954

Granddaughter and partner issues

61 MagicWand

How to let go of my adult children

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Is there an acceptable period of mourning before starting a new relationship?

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My husband and his low mood

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How to get out of a marriage

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Passport to Freedom on Drama

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Last of my lovers

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Living with someone with a permanent cough/lung issues

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Civil partnership versus living together

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Old Friend

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Platonic friendship?

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Son and family moving to Australia

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Date gone bad

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I’m 67 with an angry husband

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Dating younger man

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Chronic fatigue

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Husband upsets wife because of half brother

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Adult son (21) relationship

17 Shelflife

Is it normal behaviour?

33 Madgran77

Sad DIL here - please help me understand them

32 Elisheva

My husband is very hostile towards my grandchildren

179 Caleo

Do bullies get karma?

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Desperately seeking advice on my MIL

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Shocked by son-in-law's behaviour

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Erectile dysfunction

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Mother and adult daughter problems

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Cannabis smoking neighbour

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Am I antisocial or just weird?

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Difficult relationship with daughter-in-law

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