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Sad with realisation. Where do I go from here?

14 Happyally55

Support for all who are living with estrangement

401 Starlady

I think I should really consider leaving

55 cas58

Beside myself with anger

81 Dolcelatte


92 Starlady

The Second DIL (and Third, Etc.)

33 Starlady

Needy/greedy older sister

18 Gemmag

Research on happiest years of life

118 Sara65

Selfish partner

52 jeanie99

Anyone else's husband turned into a Grumpy old man?

52 Humbertbear

Do you have many friends?

92 sodapop

Adult Children

74 Miep1

I miss my DiL

56 seasider

I'm not sure how to handle this ...

50 luluaugust

Sorry to vent here - am in despair

118 Lisa63

Ex husband in my house!!

55 jeanie99

Worried Mum

31 AnotherLiz

What WIthe Children Think

48 Smileless2012

How can I help young neighbour?

12 DillytheGardener

Depressed,abandoned daughter

64 Starlady

Mega grumpy husband

154 silverlining48

Over sensitive?

59 Madgran77

relatives with mental health problems

40 Tedber

Son has discarded his entire family. Confused, Shocked and Grieving.

89 Jallenrix

Grumpy husband - is it just old age?

137 Hairspray

Help with my in-laws

25 Starlady

Adopting a Grandparent

4 grannyticktock

Problems with step grandma

23 Ericabro

Film about tackling loneliness with technology

29 notentirelyallhere

Want to find love

10 Lily65

Why do I never come out smelling like roses?

41 Summerlove

Verbal abuse to me in front of Grandkids by their Mother

34 Tedber

not allowed to see grand daughter

161 nannytracey

Going No Contact

6 Starlady

The Brainwashing Behind Going No Contact

1000 March

Travelling solo

25 Tartlet

DH - noisy TV and radio

15 JenniferEccles

What to do when an old friendship becomes difficult

29 longtimelurker

“Now, you know where I am”. “ Just shout if you need anything”.

24 Grandma2213

Losing friend

42 kiki2

Aggressive husband

158 Starlady

Should I move out

90 starbird

Difficult DIL

76 jeanie99

New Relationship.

74 BlueBelle

Support for all who are living with estrangement

1000 Smileless2012

Daughter Vs Daaughters in-law

33 Starlady

Withholding Sex

63 FarNorth

Silent Treatment

47 Starlady

Assuming I will pick them up?

48 Starlady

My DH is turning into a little old man.

58 Lorelei