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Retirement Stresses

24 Hetty58

Is it too late to right the wrongs?

15 VioletCloud

Sister sending nasty letters

67 seastar

DiL wants a divorce I’m devastated

79 OceanMama


115 annsixty

Long term relationship breaking down

102 Redhead56

Spending time together

61 Txquiltz

Estranged from cousin how to mend?

7 sandelf

Caught between 2 sisters - any advice?

145 DiscoDancer1975

husband secretly buying lottery tickets

15 TrendyNannie6

Why are so many elderly abandoned by grown up children.

207 EllanVannin

A bit of self reflection

21 Cabbie21

Sister being resentful?

55 SuzieHi

Lying partner, what to do

27 Sparkling

Not allowing access to my emails -AIBU?

28 GagaJo

Lost & Lonely

18 Sark

What o you do when you no longer want to?

83 GagaJo

Taking care of my grandkids

13 Iam64

Husband started gambling

22 DiscoDancer1975

Being bullied by close family - how did you put a stop to it?

59 eazybee

I’m ashamed of my son’s behaviour

66 Truddles

late to bed unreasonable?

59 Clevedon

Lovely friends - not!!

152 Alexa

Picking up energy from people

79 trustgone4sure

Has anyone on here ever had a parent in prison?

27 trustgone4sure

Mother - Daughter relationship problems.

16 Chewbacca

Unwanted Gift

115 Shropshirelass

Only the Lonely. Inspired by Do People Enjoy Being Alone

64 Rufus2

Going No Contact

44 PetitFromage

I think my son is bullying me

29 Toadinthehole

Regrets in life and dealing with mistakes you have made


Supporting your ex partner during her mum drying

5 Carenza123

I am now a sanctuary

18 welbeck

Cutting the apron strings

25 tidyskatemum

Physical needs

20 Puzzled

Forgiving inlaws

10 Hithere

Difficult situation!

14 ValerieF

Back to the same old same old

5 ValerieF

Late 50’s over 60’s what exactly does your other half do round the house

151 Spangler

Getting Married

142 MerylStreep

Adult son in a mess. What to do

29 Txquiltz

Can't do this marriage anymore

80 oodles

Second marriage issues

72 Mouseybrown60

Husband’s Indifference.

80 welbeck


31 Puzzled

PoA - Help!

5 LadyGracie

Pandemic could damage friendships

40 Marketkat

Any suggestions?

41 Nanniejude

children who emigrate / how do you cope?

190 Sparkling

Do people really enjoy being on their own? Or is that a defence?

151 KarenDerna