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Whether you're looking for the best dating sites for over 50s or want to discuss family relationships anonymously with people who've got plenty of life experience, Gransnet is the place to be...
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New Partner

64 JenniferEccles

what you should consider about "going no contact"

74 Starblaze

Would love to find a partner

122 lemongrove

Practical support with estrangement...

2 Smileless2012

Is this Infidelity?

148 timetogo2016

Am I a prude?

127 MissAdventure

My son is an abuser

68 MissAdventure

Son so stressed all the time. How can I help?

6 jeanie99

How can I have my idea of a perfect man?

83 jeanie99

Well I have finally done it and parted with my partner.

14 jeanie99

Doting grandparents ???

57 Starblaze

Don’t know how to feel

33 Tedber

How can I compete with his idea of a perfect woman

122 juneo

Silent Husband

55 Marydoll

Husband not interested in computer

15 grandtanteJE65

Worrying all the time about grown ups!

30 Hetty58

How to say you don't want to renew friendship?

58 M0nica


46 Evie64

Is my friendship formula wrong

91 joot

Christmas, feeling a bit sad

119 NotTooOld

Divorce at 66?

13 jeanie99

house move grumpiness

9 jeanie99

How do you help a toddler through parental separation?

27 Barmeyoldbat


70 Jube2

Stepchildren experiences

43 Esspee

Silent Treatment

51 Philippa60

Bride, groom and Basil the dog.

31 agnurse

Break up - from "best friend"

90 Alexa

How I blushed

39 Dottydots

Starting over at 60

12 WharfedaleGran

Visitation rights of my grandson's alcoholic father

28 Alexa

Husband cheated - are you glad you found out?

108 Barmeyoldbat

Past hurts

67 timetogo2016

Really in a dilemma

59 Urmstongran

Who was your first celebrity crush?

73 matson


187 kircubbin2000

Freeloading Brother

8 gordh123

The wonderful season (not!)

29 Esther1

Daughters cold house at Christmas

110 MawB

DD2 's relationship breaking up - how do we support them?

10 ayse

Son has discarded his entire family. Confused, Shocked and Grieving.

103 Stella14

Shopping with hubby

108 Sara65

Does sexual fidelity matter?

124 BradfordLass72

Not getting it right

9 EllanVannin

Trapped in a sad marriage

46 britneyj28

I Hate Myself

38 Summerfly

retired husband driving me crazy

83 Norah

distant friend

43 Paddington1914

How to advise DD over relationships

44 Lizzle10

Dont want to upset anyone

36 Hm999