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Whether you're looking for the best dating sites for over 50s or want to discuss family relationships anonymously with people who've got plenty of life experience, Gransnet is the place to be...
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13 timetogo2016

Parent / adult child relationships

23 Oopsadaisy1

How much is too much?

30 Katie59

Does money = value in a relationship

45 welbeck

Erectile dysfunction

12 Lovetopaint037

Heartbreaking to have a ten month granddaughter in Australia

81 PippaZ

Lockdown Marriage/relationshi honest, be brave.

103 Madgran77

Son dating a alcoholic

8 gigi1958

Are social services influenced by wealth?

18 M0nica

Friend so upset her new boyfriend has dumped her

12 timetogo2016

Meeting up with a former Boyfriend

14 timetogo2016

Problem with controlling brother in law

21 Tizliz

It's beginning to feel like abuse....

23 TrendyNannie6

DIL seeking advice

105 Smileless2012

Rift in family

44 Smileless2012

Divorcing in my 60's - pension value?

43 LadyJus

Grumpy husband - is it just old age?

149 Puzzled

Anyone else's husband turned into a Grumpy old man?

81 GagaJo

How many of us shared domestic duties, care of children with our husbands or partners?

42 Witzend

The best online dating sites for over 50s

34 Nannashirlz

Who Gave Birth In The Hard Winter Of ‘78/‘79?

32 JoyBloggs

Articles from MIL’s house

80 melp1

Relationship with MIL

19 welbeck

Do you spend similar on adult children & partner

106 Purpledaffodil

Brother criticised my son

64 Florencerosie

Relationship with son and daughter in law

41 LovelyCuppa

Do I tell family history truths that will hurt my dad’s memory?

29 Anniebach

I'm getting married!

100 Squiffy


9 grannyactivist

My husband thinks Covid is a 'plandemic' and his attitude and ways of thinking have become so against mine, not sure we can survive it.

29 David0205

Husband's relationship with daughter is worrying

16 Toadinthehole

Arranged marriage and no chance to do anything

123 George4444


34 PollyDolly

The mother of Grandchildren has Broken Court Orders For shared Parenting and Access to his Children

8 Iam64

Yet more relationship issues

5 geekesse

Not sure what to do about my good friend

21 SynchroSwimmer

Left out of Zoom

19 BlueBelle

Mother in law has not given step granddaughter gift

156 campbellwise

Retirement Stresses

39 trueblue22

Daughter with Bi Polar.

15 Fennel

Loyal to my son.

35 CanadianGran

So disappointed - what should I do now?

181 Shropshirelass

Sorry porn again! and more

44 vampirequeen

Husband has Abusive Step-Son

45 Smileless2012

Stealing Sister?

12 icanhandthemback

What should I do?

10 NotSpaghetti

Christmas present

66 Oldbat1

An embarrassing, "sh**ty problem

63 Patsy70

Can’t live with DH when no sex.

17 TrendyNannie6

Being bullied by close family - how did you put a stop to it?

61 Smileless2012