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Whether you're looking for the best dating sites for over 50s or want to discuss family relationships anonymously with people who've got plenty of life experience, Gransnet is the place to be...
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5 Bordersgirl57

Can't take it any more

107 Tricia55

Mumsnet discussions about estrangement

90 Namsnanny

Finding it difficult to bond with DD

26 Coyoacan

Spendthrift sister running through savings

6 M0nica

Being neighbourly

8 annep1

Should we be offended

52 Hetty58

Lost friendship - but continuing relationship necessary

50 stella1949

only daughter distanced herself and tgecwholecfamily followed suit.

163 Namsnanny

Do friendships change with age?

51 lilypollen


58 Ramblingrose22

elderly mother with narcissistic personality disorder

118 Ramblingrose22

What are the best online dating sites for over 50s?

5 scotsmist

Loose lips

34 Dawn22

How to support my daughter and SIL through IVF

9 kittylester

Divorce in retirement

43 Riverwalk

Welcome to provide childcare but not welcome at milestone events

74 Hemelbelle

No affection in marriage. So sad and lonely.

62 Eloethan

No family nearby

74 annep1

Step grandparenting

46 genie10

Adult grandson being a bully

10 JaniP

Ex-partner is getting married

16 Lazigirl

50 shades of granny

22 Cherrytree59

advice needed!

45 Bordersgirl57

My son has repatriated after four years and it starts!!!

72 CdnNanny

Time to live it up - or not.

24 narelle222

Has anyone's estranged adult child come back to them?

38 CdnNanny

Adult daughter too dependent on us with sick grandchild

18 Meeyoo

Looking for love

23 Olderthanmost

AIB too suspicious - I don’t want to make a fool of myself!

137 scotsmist

Trusting future SiL

57 notanan2

I’m In Love.

15 Olderthanmost

Really in a dilemma

57 Starlady

Other members with transgender g.children

24 Franbern

Golf widow anyone?

63 Jane10

Do I say anything or do I suck it up?

50 Tedber

daughter and mother in law

86 Starlady

What would you do?

30 Starlady

Adult sons still living at home

44 M0nica

Cambridges and Sussexes breaking up their Charity work

82 Carillion

Anyone else's husband turned into a Grumpy old man?

65 Rufus2

Going No Contact

12 Aquamarine

Husband wants to use viagra

63 Doodle

I think I should really consider leaving

100 gt66

How can I be neutral between DS and DiL

15 Daisymae

Advice re GD

68 Madgran77

Advice on Dad

12 agnurse

Relationship Q&A with Relate

33 Smileless2012

Son, grandson, DinL

84 jeanie99

'B' has divided the country, but families too ...

156 Norah