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Completely different things wanted from retirement.

68 NotSpaghetti

Fiancé dislikes my adult children

31 nadateturbe

Selfish adult children

24 OnwardandUpward


13 Joane123

Driving- does it affect your relationship?

36 Serendipity22

Anxious about attending this wedding

3 swampy1961

Relationship ended. Step daughter hates me

15 LRavenscroft

Funeral or unattended cremation?

47 Ailidh

Life after 70

18 Madgran77

Post natal depression after 36 years

13 Bird40

So petty of me in the great scheme of things but....

37 Bird40

Am I imagining things or just intolerant?

20 Bird40

My Partner Hates My Adult Children

72 HeavenLeigh

At a cross roads in relationship

55 oodles

My son and his wife’s divorce

13 halfpint1

I like my own space…

121 biglouis

Thinking of leaving my husband after 45 years .

30 Alioop

How do deal with rocky relationship.

17 Prentice

Recommended ? Books on Separation at 76

7 Florencelady

Enemies who become best friends

3 Florencelady

Married for a passport and Dowry Abuse

3 nanna8

In 'mourning' for dementia sufferer

42 Sielha

My husband is not intimate with me

31 Lovetopaint037

Flying monkey - anyone aware of the term?

105 boheminan

Misery Guts

11 buffyfly9

Freeloading nephew

31 Floradora9

Struggle to feel accepted

32 PollyDolly

Was your husband 'badly brought up'?

74 M0nica

Rejected at a stressful time

50 Caleo

Struggle to feel accepted

7 3dognight

She stopped talking to me because I slept with someone whilst I was single. Seven months later I want to reach out to her. Should I?

33 DerbyshireLass

Right for doing wrong...again

13 3211123rjc

Would you tell your married kids everything about your finances ?

61 Maggiemaybe

Family unforging

94 Doodledog

Splitting after 34 years - my decision but not celebrating

26 HousePlantQueen

Feel mean and awful posting this but know there isn't an answer

42 mokryna

Would you tell your married kids everything about your finances ?

8 Doodledog

Cancelling date with friend

78 icanhandthemback

A man who never sees his children

12 PoppyBlue


11 luluaugust

Things are not always what they seem?

12 Lucca

Difficult situation with family member...

51 LeonoraRavenscroft

An untruthful friend.

19 luluaugust

Living with someone with a permanent cough/lung issues

22 Mom3

Relationship with DIL

55 smoothie

Not Part of My Family

38 DiamondLily

ghosting in friendships

14 Serendipity22

getting pension from NHS after divorce pension order

9 growstuff

Friendship meant nothing, obviously

36 Baggs

Granddaughter and partner issues - continued

10 Grandmabatty