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Cheer us all up - what did you do today?

46 M0nica

A personal dilemma...or am I just being unreasonable?

15 Greymar

Divorce at 66?

44 Happygirl79

Grumpy husband - is it just old age?

146 Luckylegs

Won't be able to see children/grandchildr en for a long time

23 M0nica

Glass half empty

32 EmilyHarburn

Should we continue with this?

7 GrannySomerset

Children living away from home is Not the same as being Childless

13 Dec46

AIBU to feel a bit resentful about my husband's attitude to my (narcissistic) mother?

83 newgran2019

Sis - in - law

43 ValerieF

Postnatal depression

2 NanaandGrampy

No sex

70 rayhansen60

Controlling husbands

13 paddyanne

I want to leave after 40 years

149 Daisydoes


51 grannyactivist

Husbands friends.

32 TrendyNannie6

What to do?

51 CanadianGran

Seeing someone out of a sense of duty

65 Sparkling

Husband talking to new love in the house while I am there?

33 GrannyOrNanny

I need advise from a gran on telling my in-laws about my pregnancy

48 Karherine1984


70 Witzend

Husband addicted to porn

54 Luckygirl

I have a grandchild i love but really dont like

69 Starlady

Birthday present for colleague

17 TrendyNannie6

Step-daughters taking my DH out without me

143 ananimous

I'm So Gullible?

51 soop

Least romantic gifts

37 timetogo2016

Change in routine

14 threexnanny

The challenge of a new relationship at 70!

11 Tangerine

What is the best gift you have received for Valentine's Day?

69 lemongrove


32 MawB

Change of holiday plans

77 H1954


34 Debenezer

Help My Daughters Husband has changed his mind & wont allow my Daughter to celebrate my 50th Birthday with me

58 BlueBelle

Friends excluding me

65 Destin

Should we move to the USA?

47 Jane43

Can’t say the right thing to my daughter!

22 Madgran77

what's the worst personal comment you have received from a person ?

138 whywhywhy

Non Molestation Order , any had any dealings with one.

15 Dee1012

Worry about my 30 yr old daughter

29 janeayressister

Lost soul

70 Doodledog


161 kissngate

The company of good friends

54 Evie64

Missing a birthday card from my DS for the first time

107 Smurf52

So much doubt about whether to leave my husband

85 Snogmerry

Should I ask my daughter & Granddaughter to move out

70 Starlady

Supporting grandchildren when children are in the military

10 Hetty58

DH didn't even notice I had gone out !!

51 Lilypops

Is it a bad idea to share my home with daughter and family?

55 jeanie99

Partner puts his 30 year old son before me

67 jeanie99