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Over 60s' discounts and money-saving tips

Over 60s discounts

Reaching this landmark birthday is bound to have its ups and downs, but one of the silver linings is that hitting 60 carries with it some great savings if you know where to look. From money off travel to reducing your vet bills, here's our roundup of the best discounts around. The perks of being over 60, eh? For more thrifty tips, don't forget to sign up to our newsletter.


Over 60s' discounts on travel

1. Londoners travel the city for free

If you live in a London borough and are 60 or over, you can ride the city's public transport for free, starting with a 60+ Oyster Card when you turn 60 and a Freedom Pass once you reach pension age. If you're not from London, but have a bus pass, you can usually use that on London buses for free as well.


2. Free bus travel in Wales and Scotland

Over 60s discounts also include discounted travel on local buses in Wales and Scotland, with the Arriva Club 55 card and ScotRail Club 50 card respectively. Scotland also provides free travel on national bus services, and some rail travel depending on where you are, and Northern Ireland allows free travel on bus and rail journeys. If you live in England or Wales, you may be eligible for an older person's bus pass.  


3. Get a third off National Express coach tickets

Buy a Senior Coach Card (£10 per year) and all tickets are a third off, with no peak time restrictions. That's you off bright and early, then...


4. Save a third on train tickets with a National Rail Senior Railcard

National Rail also offer a yearly discount card (£30 per year) that will get you a third off your train tickets. If you buy a three year pass for £70, you also save £20.


5. Or go further afield with 10% off Interrail tickets

Over 60s are entitled to 10% off adult fares with Interrail - go on, grab your backpack and see that little bit of Europe you haven't got round to yet.


6. Save money on air fares

Did you know that a few airlines actually offer senior discounts as well? British Airways, Air France (within France) and Delta (domestic flights). It's worth double-checking the website of your preferred airline before you book - just in case.


7. Save money on holiday

Annodomini has it all figured out when it comes to saving a few quid on days out and attractions while on holiday:

"If you're going abroad it's worthwhile finding out what (if any) age-related discounts are available in your destination country. When I last went to Spain, for example, I enjoyed a substantial discount on visiting the Alhambra and the Alcazar in Seville was free to pensioners on Sundays. One caveat: you may find that some discounts only apply to EU citizens."


Health and fitness discounts

Over 60s discounts - gym memberships


8. Free eye tests and NHS prescriptions when you turn 60

Book your eye test as usual, then tell them that you're entitled to a free test once you arrive. You'll need to fill in a form. Don't forget to ask for your discount or free prescription though, because there's no guarantee that the person you're talking to will recognise your bright-eyed and bushy-tailed self as one old enough to be entitled!


9. Save on new glasses

Specsavers give over 60s 25% off all glasses and lenses if you buy any single pair of glasses from its £69 range or above.


10. Over 60s discounts at Boots

If you have an Advantage Card, you can take <ahem> advantage of extra savings at Boots once you turn 60, including 10 points for every pound you spend. As well as 25% off your first pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses, you can get every additional pair of glasses or prescription sunglasses ½ price. If you're a hearing aid-wearer, there's also a 15% saving on their hearing aids.


11. Get fit for less at your local leisure centre

If you've got a membership to a fancy private gym, you may want to think about checking prices with your local council-funded (well, partially) gym might offer a hefty discount for over 60s. Usually, that means access to the gym and a pool to swim some lengths in as well.


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Home and garden discounts

12. Handyperson services from your local council

Many councils offer a handyperson service for those who are over the age of 60, or have a disability. These are often vital services for people living alone or those for whom carrying out physical tasks around the home is too difficult. Services offered vary from council to council, but the implementation of safety and security measures and small repairs can usually be offered via the service.

Age UK also offer a similar scheme - check their website to see if your area is covered.


13. 10% discount for over 60s at B&Q

Pitch up at B&Q on a Wednesday with your Diamond Card and you'll get 10% off your shop. Now you know where to head next time you're spring cleaning, redecorating or sprucing up the garden...

"We always make sure we get anything we need from B&Q using our over 60s Diamond Card. Our local B&Q is always full of pensioners on a Wednesday..." KatyK


14. Discounts on vet bills

Vet bills can be whoppers when things go really wrong, but even the routine check ups and injections add up. Ask your local veterinary practice if there's a discount for over 60s, as some do offer them.


Leisure discounts

15. Restaurant discounts for over 60s with a different kind of Diamond Card

This particular Diamond Card will get you money off in a variety of pubs and carveries across the country. Just enter your post code into the search on the website, and your nearest restaurants will appear.


16. Check for discounted senior rates at museums

Imperial War Museums, Tate Modern, National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory and many more museums offer concessions for over 60s - and that's just in London. Wherever you go, it's worth asking for a discounted ticket, or checking their website before you set off. 


17. National Trust member?

If you've been a National Trust member for five out of the last 10 years, you could be eligible for a Senior Membership once you turn 60, which means receiving a heavily discounted price of 25 per cent off adult rates.


18. English Heritage discounted membership

If you're over 60, you can opt for a Senior Membership with English Heritage and get annual pass for £43.50, or a lifetime pass for £900. 

 discount cinema over 60s

19. Discounted cinema tickets for over 60s

  • Senior Cinema screenings at Vue cinemas are £3.29 and include a cup of tea and a biscuit
  • Silver Cinema screenings at Odeon cinemas start at £3 and include tea, coffee and biscuits
  • Cineworld Senior ticket prices are £5.99, or £6.89 after 5pm
  • Empire Cinema Seniors screenings are every Wednesday morning and include tea and biscuits - tickets are £3
  • Showcase Cinemas have screenings every Monday, where the senior admission to any film starting before 12pm noon will be just £5.
  • The Picturehouse cinemas have a weekly silver screen club, membership is free, which includes discounted tickets and a free cup of tea or coffee and biscuits.   


20. Ask what concessions are available at the theatre

Local and national theatres often have concessionary tickets available as well as annual senior memberships. 


21. Grab a free coffee after your weekly shop

Sign up for a (free) myWaitrose card "which entitles you to a free coffee [as long as you make a purchase] and also knocks the odd few pence off your shopping". 

When you buy a paper, they'll also deduct the cost of it from your shopping, provided you meet the minimum spend (£10).


22. And finally... Always ask - you'll lose nothing!

"My husband found out this week that if he shows his bus pass in one of the local pubs near to us he would get 40p off a pint of beer. He is now calculating how much he may have lost out on! Local restaurants also have a 15-20% discount for over 60s depending on the day/night. It's well worth hitting the big 60 when it comes to matters of the purse strings." 

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