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Marian Keyes

August book club

For this month's book club, the perfect summer read. Find out more about The Woman Who Saved My Life by Marian Keyes...and If you've read (or are reading) it do join the conversation!

Ridley Road

Get your free copy of Jo Bloom's Ridley Road -  a love story set in 60s Soho against the backdrop of a rising tide of fascism. 

Kitchen Disco

August's choice is a fabulous fruity romp...win one of 50 copies of Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges and Al Murphy.


Which books have been so good, you read them twice? <Opens battered copy of Tess of the D'Urbervilles>


50 free copies too of Katy, Jacqueline Wilson's beautiful reimagining of the classic novel What Katy Did.


Would we neglect the little ones when it comes to quality summer reading material? Would we heck!

book chat

Read something brilliant lately? We'd love to know about it...