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Christmas Lunch

94 annep1

Empathy for Our Queen? ( As a Mother)

47 sodapop

Boris & Jeremy Knock Out ?

47 Luckygirl

To feel the BBC should be impartial?

113 Whitewavemark2

The Lords Prayer

172 Winniewit

Marie Kondo

15 petra

Am I selfish taking a lover?

166 Alexa

School Finance

14 Maggiemaybe

Speaking of other halves ...

127 BBbevan

AIBU to think there's no point in delaying the inevitable?

33 felice

Advice needed please.

36 Fiachna50

About the BBQ ( trying to be lighthearted )

28 BradfordLass72

Putting a DOG before a child? ABIU??

200 Yehbutnobut

Angry with OH

202 timetogo2016


4 timetogo2016

Early to bed...

47 ladymuck

.. to wonder what happened to manners?

119 Pantglas2

Behaviour on trains

123 ReadyMeals

FIL again

35 Hetty58

Children's bras

60 Evie64

School pick up.

16 jura2

To dislike his female friend?

86 Nansnet

Wearing a white poppy

116 Gonegirl

To think this is a damn cheek!

149 GrannySquare

To feel annoyed with my husband

72 BazingaGranny

Is this odd behaviour for a bride?

105 RomyP

M&S Beauty Calendar

11 Callistemon

Greta Thunberg, Amazing or not.?

322 Daizy

In law issue... childcare

305 Madgran77

Labour MP says vote Conservative !

34 lemongrove

Faffing about.

59 Callistemon

Pineapple pies.

30 NanKate

Feeling let down

11 B9exchange

Don’t want to go

110 Namsnanny

Tenant Dilemma

23 Eloethan

AIBU? To cull this friendship

38 pengwen

AIBU in thinking that the appalling behaviour in Parliament is reflecting the general mood when it should be trying to set an example to improve relations with each other?

32 Doodle

Taking children out of school

155 NotSpaghetti

To help a damsel in distress?

55 sazz1


104 grapefruitpip

Who knows where I can buy some

57 SparklyGrandma

To think the de-horning of cattle in the New Forest to protect walkers is wrong?

69 Labaik

AIBU to expect the same?

72 Tedber

NOT real meat

115 jura2

To know that - I know what I don’t want to do ....

82 Coolgran65

Bad language

93 Bridgeit

Photograph of dying Gran

180 MiniMoon

Cold calls from Funeral directors

27 Apricity


67 timetogo2016

Friens booked surprise concert. Don't want to go.

110 annep1