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AIBU to think that driving at 97 is a tad unreasonable? 126 BlueBelle
Are we being fed a lie with salmon ? 19 Davidhs
Baby sitting 128 MissAdventure
AIBU to be astonished by how many people lie about speeding? 70 Katyj
To think this is rude 80 Pat1949
.... to wonder what the hell is happening 81 paddyann
Reading other people’s greetings cards 93 Septimia
Violent TV programmes 72 Jaxie
Marks and Sparks 186 Iam64
To expect dog owners to control where their pets pee? 68 LullyDully
Nobody Wants Her 66 GrandadGarage
Know it All's 102 eazybee
Alternative Christmas day ..what would you like to do different 61 BradfordLass72
....too be a bit annoyed? 88 PECS
Another new fad 134 Onestepbeyond
to not discuss psychology appointments 62 Sleepygran
Moving! Where is a great place to live? Ideas please. 105 craftynan
refusing a gift 75 holdingontometeeth
to think “The irony!!” 5 M0nica
So angry 18 Jalima1108
When does helping someone become interference 65 paddyann
Ruined New Year's dinner 64 autumnsun
Big birthday next year. 49 GrandmaKT
Are pensioners perceived differently now? 186 Nonnie
To be really annoyed by that ad for Olay Whipped? 8 phoenix
How much screen time is reasonable for young kids? 16 Greyduster
Thank God Xmas is over! 102 Rufus2
Advice re daughter 15 Hildagard
To be shocked by Jeremy Kyle 272 Melanieeastanglia
Double standard FIL 72 Buffybee
Men at the sales 117 Alexa
Translations please! 23 FlexibleFriend
Abuse and the failure to prevent it. 69 holdingontometeeth
and what did you give? 121 Greyduster
To feel a tiny bit miffed? 71 GrannyLiv
Never again 93 Chewbacca
I've had enough of hosting ungrateful guests. 88 Urmstongran
Tenant has met a girl...... 30 JudiDrench
House rules 88 Jalima1108
Brighton mum looking to adopt a gran 5 Muddy2shoes
To treat my son's home as a holiday venue, while he's there? 62 Niobe
Thoughtless people 47 mummsymags
Why would people do this? 117 PECS
Handing on the baton 33 eazybee
To dislike New Year’s Eve? 134 Alexa
Feeling really upset 3 Grandma2213
Long lost friend "lost?" 4 EllanVannin
Thermostat! 42 BlueBelle
I've just botched OH hair. AIBU? 56 H1954
Not everyone's happy. 69 callgirl1