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handling food 9 Jalima1108
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Grandmother often refers to herself as "Mom" 54 Nannarose
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Dove bodywash 43 kittylester
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Exhausted after spending a day with my grandchildren 80 Sharon12
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People coming to stay 14 Coolgran65
Parking 48 Tizliz
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To expect cyclists to keep their hands on the handlebars? 56 MamaCaz
To expect people to cover their mouths when they yawn? 53 NoddingGanGan
Really irritating Facebook posts 64 Sparklefizz
to think that Dollybabe versus Leader should never have happened? 27 Eloethan
Unreasonable flights cost 11 SueDonim
To walk out of hairdressers? 53 SueD
Where has the last day's topics gone ? 3 Floradora9
To expect shop staff to be trained NOT to use a certain phrase? 36 Lillie
difficult adult daughter 96 Ziggy62
Cold Callers 37 JaneD3
Rehousing issue for Grenfell Towers survivors 313 Anniebach
M&S Jeans 26 Jane10 be really hurt by this? 76 Greengage
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Am I being silly? 56 pearl79
Possibly risking offending some, but genuine question. 214 Iam64
Gay Pride ad a new 'equality gap'? 340 maryeliza54
Why we aren't shopping in shops 22 NannySparkle
Poor son 22 harrigran
New Vauxhall Ad. 20 Deedaa
AIBU to be sick of the BBC's obsession with the White House? 50 durhamjen
A minor thing but 33 maddy629
To ask fior a replacement 7 weeks later? 11 Nelliemoser
Offensive guest 50 Eglantine19
Topics 5 farview
Sky TV when claiming benefit? 104 durhamjen
To have liked to be warned/told. 6 Smileless2012
Advice please re birthday money. 45 Tallulah57
Two year old walking behind mummy on a main rd 54 Maggiemaybe
Help please, wise people! 35 moobox
Gift vouchers expiry dates 19 Indinana
Flown In From Overseas - now DD says I have to stay in an Hotel! 98 Luckylegs9
offer withdrawn 26 jimmyRFU
Late Birthday cards 26 Swanny
Should I say something about their gorgeous new puppy? 69 Saggi