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excluded from top table AIBU?? 19 muffinthemoo
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Estate Agents AIBU 25 gmelon
Thank you tradition. 41 stella1949
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Trump Strong, May Weak? 104 varian
Retinal tear 13 Pennypie
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potty training 52 Jalima1108
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To be shocked and saddened. 75 Fennel
Driving night time 65 Cabbie21
Summer noise 81 Fflaurie
The shame of Austerity Britain 287 pheasant75
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AiBU and feeling really grumpy 80 kwest
AIBU to think this is unbelievably selfish 79 4allweknow
Care home food 57 MaggieMay69
AIBU to think this is totally unnecessary? 106 Elrel
AIBU to be annoyed by this 97 annep
AIBU to hate this hot weather 169 Luckylegs9
I'm starting to panic.. 36 Nannarose
AIBU to expect a dining table? 53 kazziecookie
To wonder why we import so many peppers, etc. from Holland? 26 SueDonim
DD and DSIL loan 102 icanhandthemback
I'm drowning in all his stuff 79 Fennel
AIBU wanting him to die quickly? 38 Witzend
Unwanted sexual mail😡 5 Bridgeit
about gifts for teachers? 54 Eloethan
Impossibly lovely grans. 75 lemongrove
new shower screen 53 thuberon
Swearing in front of children 110 annodomini
Are beige trousers that bad? 164 annodomini
To be annoyed at my daughter 97 Melanieeastanglia
Poldark . AIBU? 103 goose1964
To get irritated at others writing comments in books? 42 Persistentdonor
The world and it's mobile phone! 26 Sassieannie
AIBU to expect a gift? 90 annep
To want time for myself? 52 JenniferEccles
Texting 22 onceadancer
THAT acronym 102 Elegran
AIBU to tell off someone else's child 126 Chewbacca