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AIBU to think that people donating to the RNLI to save people from drowning shouldn’t object to 2% of that money going to save children in poor countries from drowning?

25 annodomini

To think the real crime was creating a £1m gold toilet?

36 Elegran

Advice please - DD & DGS

10 Daisymae

Walking alone.

24 notentirelyallhere

More Memories

11 EllanVannin

Grrrh! Friends who mess you about.

29 Doodledog

What Would You Do

124 Tedber

£126 Million, we can dream.

76 Beckett

... to be annoyed I ruined the day by falling down the stairs :(

33 Callistemon

3 times I’ve asked my son if I can visit him in Canada and 3 times he’s just put up problems

136 Murphymycat

Can you believe this?

7 BradfordLass72

GN banner soliciting email add for newsletter

21 grandma60

How can I put up with so much then flip over the peppermill

52 Alexa

A.S.M.R. Do you have this. If so, lucky you !

22 MissAdventure

Is your house More tidy or More messy since you have been on your own.

24 bikergran

One word txt getting fed up!

3 Grannycool52


82 Margs

Completing the adoption story

55 sodapop


17 Fiachna50

Invite with ulterior motive

15 Wheniwasyourage

to think alcohol use should not be a mitigation when a crime is committed?

34 Witzend

Our lives being governed by the retail

85 Witzend

Golden Wedding Anniversary

72 leyla


165 Hetty58

What irks you

66 Rufus2

Is she my sister or not?

96 abbey

In law issue... childcare

284 Mimidl

Roll on Autumn!

34 M0nica

Laying flags

13 craftyone

AIBU - putting dishclothes into the dishwasher

126 DanniRae

The Lords Prayer

158 Nannyxthree

About the BBQ ( trying to be lighthearted )

25 Gonegirl

Angry with OH

201 CaroDane

Lawn mowing

128 Labaik

Speaking of other halves ...

116 M0nica

Why is it always me ?

70 melp1

Would you report it?

62 Evie64

AIBU to expect a supermarket to provide----

18 glammanana

Was I being inappropriate?

55 notanan2

Disappointed son

32 eazybee

I'm disappointed

60 Bugbabe2019

Master Chef

8 BradfordLass72

Empty nest syndrome after 20 years

57 123kitty

Feeling a bit sensitive

49 whywhywhy

To just send cards?

51 annep1

We are NOT ‘you guys’

155 grumppa

Strange Collections

7 Witzend

To be fuming ?

152 JenniferEccles


46 RosieLeah

AIBU - Miracle recovery

9 grumppa