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Forced mingling at an event.

44 BlueBelle

Manners and saying thank you

44 Ali08

Simple things that men are unable to do!

48 Ali08

Disco at a function spoiling the evening- AIBU?

56 Eloethan

Payment for a cancelled hair appointment?

51 Doodledog

daughter refusing to continue relationship with DGD

11 Allsorts

Should I have said something?

149 Katie59

How long would you wait?

21 SachaMac

GP is not providing Covid vaccinations

45 Fairislecable

About dogs wearing clothes?

60 icanhandthemback

I find it difficult to cope with people who talk too much

86 icanhandthemback

Food bank rollercoaster. Huge empathy to Fury!! Is it just me?

166 NotSpaghetti

Letting a delivery driver use your loo

129 Witzend

Shoplifting rising and rising, have you ever witnessed it?

78 Witzend

Feeling sad and envious

7 March

Trans Teacher

1000 VioletSky

AIBU with elderly parent

91 Ali08

About my neighbour ?

90 Gundy


12 silverlining48

Thinking about this football winners kiss .

104 Callistemon21

Home & garden makeover programmes

29 merlotgran

Being bullied by kindness (bullying)

60 pascal30

Asking for money back

40 tictacnana

Wanting the house to myself

125 annie61

Why do they do it?

103 Katie59

I want my money back too - from Thames Water!

3 Oldnproud

Am I being a grinch?

12 crazyH

Marauding kids

24 Freya5

AIBU to think the NHS is already dead

117 Pumpkinpie

Should we stand up for ourselves? Family feud

116 Theexwife

putting home on the market

136 DerbyshireLass

Daughter starts horrendous arguments within minutes of speaking to me.

50 grandtanteJE65

new glamma nannie

7 Hetty58

Feeling a bit (a lot really) sad

61 Lyndie

Gift for 90 year old

15 yipagos16

To feel annoyance that D turns down bargain baby clothes

77 alchemilla

14 Speeches at the wedding we attended this weekend.

74 Marydoll

DIL insults our heritage

136 GoldenAge

Really disappointed with my hairdressers after 12 years of loyalty.

25 NotSpaghetti

Should I have said something?

14 icanhandthemback

Vaping while pregnant

11 Doodledog

Rude grandson

112 0ddOne

Christmas 2023??

129 biglouis

Confused and sensitive

86 Foxygloves

A bit awkward!

31 Ali08

Clean air

9 NotSpaghetti

AIBU - Ring doorbells

43 SWT61

Expecting grandchildren to tidy toys.

83 Foxygloves

rejoining the outside world

54 Jannipans

Britons ‘to be priority on council house lists’

136 icanhandthemback