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Pride and Fury 30 Elrel
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Coast or Country and the like, why................ 59 alchemilla
That us GN's have missed out again! 155 trisher
Plus size clothing 12 Nannykay
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presents for my estranged grand daughters. 70 Yogagirl
Other people's parties 107 Starlady
Free firty (3:30) - is this an accent or ignorant speak? 176 f77ms
This Morning , Holly & Phil Again !! 26 Witzend
My husband is no nurse 74 NfkDumpling
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Landlords 12 Marieeliz
What's wrong with bidets? 95 Morgana
Son's case worker 10 kittylester
Odd things we do without realising it 53 gillybob
Topics 12 ninathenana resent having to doublecheck EVERYTHING? 52 Beau
Never invited to friends house.Is it me ? 46 Tegan2
Security tag left on 12 Izzywizzy
Pregnancy news 4 Leonora47
AIBU to be horrified DD2 is going down the sperm donation route to be a single mother? 78 seasider
Ryanair 16 CassieJ
Neighbours' fence panel down 64 lionpops
Parking 54 Bluegal
To be smiling cos the shine has slipped? 3 Nelliemoser
Last moments 119 MesMopTop
to treat 1 grandchild differently because she treats me different? 120 nellgwin
To be fuming about this! 70 Nonnie
AIBU about what to do with dishonest repairmen? 15 Norah
Holly & Phil 30 Coolgran65
.. to be appalled by this news about Jacob Rees-Mogg on GMB today 498 durhamjen
To want to read the news 32 Esspee
To expect my L.A to have recorded messages with proper diction? 75 Hm999