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AIBU to think it's wrong to have sugar lollies in the shape of a male appendage on sale in a gift shop aimed at familes, in reach of young children? 57 Rosepug
She made my day 12 rosesarered
Flood insurance charges 16 janeayressister
trump and the media 4 Niobe
Table manners 100 MissAdventure
ESTRANGEMENT- The silent epidemic! Let's get this out of the cupboard. 1000 Fairydoll2030
Is a hero someone who risks their life just doing something they want? 47 Deedaa
Am i being selfish and unkind??? 39 Washerwoman
to expect people to read threads BEFORE they comment? 65 stillaliveandkicking
Loose Women 13 stillaliveandkicking
One Long Moan 57 Wheniwasyourage
Disgusting! 99 Starlady
Help with 'Sortng Out' before move 62 MawBroon
Repeating Burglar Alarms 2 jusnoneed
shopping trollies 35 henetha
my 93 yr old mother insists on driving ! 163 NfkDumpling
Am I being Mean? 133 Eloethan
To want to buy a Remoska 20 BlueBelle
Is my friend being unreasonable about her pension. 90 Flossieturner
From the vets 41 Jane10
Use your imagination! 72 rosesarered
My son in law can only call me Granny 48 Synonymous
AIBU to expect M&S nutrition to know more. 25 SueDonim
DH backing out 34 kittylester
Parking 44 JanT8
Loss of a child 25 MissAdventure
work colleague who doesnt wash her hands!! 88 annodomini
to think acknowledging gifts is only polite? 51 westerlywind
AIBU to wish that my grandchildren have an opportunity to see me over the Christmas holiday 27 Eggers
Boycotting Amazon when they pay Clarkson £800,000 per episode? 138 LuckyDucky
Tattoos 115 franjess2000
AIBU to feel impatient 51 BlueBelle
To feel unappreciated and a bit miffed. 47 Collgirl1
I think they are so annoying 68 NanaMacGeek
To expect manufacturers not to contradict themselves? 4 Grannyknot
New year marriage splits 8 annodomini
It's not New Years! 64 M0nica
What do you think? Joke I found offensive. 131 thatbags
Syne Syne Syne 13 Ankers
... to think the gifts received by GCs are way toooo expensive and sophisticated ... 155 Jalima
Inappropriate present for 12 year old niece 50 Linbrikat
To hate buying, giving and receiving gifts 31 Jalima
AIBU to be furious with Apple 22 J52
AIBU to hate this awful word 'Crimbo?' 25 Anya
I am setting a limit of ten pounds/secondhand/ha ndmade christmas presents 32 newnanny
Excitement 27 goldengirl
not to want Agatha Christie sexed up. 52 Jadi
To feel like I'm bottom of the list ALL the time? 64 Caramac
to have tear in my eye? 56 Elrel