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Pet hates but keep it ‘nice’

141 Mummybear

Men wearing tights under shorts, AIBU

31 nanna8

Error code

23 25Avalon

Not to want to wear matching outfits?

150 Namsnanny

Vaccination issue for home carers

28 Sparkling

Attendance Allowance fraud?

66 nadateturbe

To expect people to take home their plastic and non biodegradable rubbish?

10 biba70

Acronyms are aggravating!

92 Mollygo

Anxiety over COVID volunteering

74 Scottydog6857

To think this house will never, ever sell for the asking price.

47 Sparkling

AIBU The problem I have with my husband exercising in our flat

34 Skallagrigg

How do you forgive?

156 Hoitytoity

30 years of being cheated on. Should I give up?

67 Hoitytoity

How can I ask politely for money owed.?

45 Buffy

I don’t need a reply just needed to tell someone

66 Blue5

Becoming a vaccinator

51 flopen

Statistics, where are they?

18 Alegrias1


24 25Avalon

Seatbelt issue . .. AIBU

65 TrendyNannie6

I’m fuming at the ageist comment on Classic fm

47 Sparkling

Breakfast ritual

96 misty34

Fireworks , ugh

99 misty34

Feeling bad about a Xmas day family zoom

40 Lolo81

Hostessing on Christmas Day

104 Judy54

Editing posts and deleting posts

11 FannyCornforth

Feeling bad about nephews visit

59 nananet01

Unkind comments

53 Hetty58


2 Oopsadaisy1

Feeling awful about Christmas plans

21 sally007

to be annoyed?!

43 Flaxseed

Fresh food

67 jeanrobinson

To think this is a sneaky underhand thing to do just before Christmas

2 Bibbity

Is it worth voicing my concern over safety?

90 GreenGran78

snobby charity shops

105 Redhead56

Happy National Puzzle Day!

35 Oopsadaisy1

AIBU to expect approx same value gift

171 BlueBelle

AIBU to get a bit annoyed every year with SIL giving us a Christmas card from a pack.

317 Greeneyedgirl

Don’t call me ‘love’

135 Oopsadaisy1

How often do you feed your cat (lighthearted)

56 Blossoming

How to dress over 50

75 Lisagran

Impersonal Christmas cards

76 Redhead56

How much sleep do you need or have

89 NainCC

rescue dogs and small children

86 ReadyMeals

Do you take supplements? If so which ones

43 henetha

Tesco forward booking for grocery deliveries

28 Floradora9

Christmas Newsletters

55 Nannarose

Support for those on their own in lockdown.

101 CSizzle

wanting to spend Christmas on my own

92 28andahalf

Claudia and Tess - Strictly salaries

92 Sielha

Netflix The Crown do you think it is disrespectful?

62 Ellianne