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Does anyone else really hate this time of year ? 192 Anniebach
Strickly & the Like 26 maryeliza54
Council tax reduction if you have Mentally ill person in household.. 12 Witzend
Over the top advent calendars 146 nightowl
.. that GP letter was ignored 18 Maxy
Staying with family 98 Magrithea
What's wrong with bidets? 106 NotTooOld
TV sound 16 Willow500
In thinking many modern parents take the easy way out 140 Jalima1108
Facebook for children 23 sarahellenwhitney
To be so excited that..... 62 newnanny
to think Gransnet shouldn't put threads on social media sites where they can't remove nasty comments? 15 CariGransnet
To think that GN should not share threads with Twitter & Facebook 104 Bridgeit
to think kids should be allowed to believe in Father Christmas 72 FarNorth
Annoying advert on GN 22 NanKate
To think women are more than just wives, mothers and grandmothers. 165 Ilovecheese
Less people living in Absolute Poverty according to Mrs May 114 GracesGranMK2
Is anyone else doing a pre-Christmas diet? 32 Elrel
A week of Fridays 24 Squiffy
Out of stock goods left on web sites for purchase. grr 9 BBbevan
Security request from an online shopping site 8 M0nica
To want a tattoo 120 harrigran
KITCHEN PORN!😡 70 merlotgran
Didn't think schools were this strict these days 149 GinAndTonic01
Or just a GOW? 68 Synonymous
Rehousing issue for Grenfell Towers survivors 593 paddyann
making xmas presents? 56 Moocow
To think that the Houses of Parliament should be replaced 115 durhamjen
should childhood possessions be removed? 94 Tegan2
To wish people wouldn't mess with the classics (lighthearted) 40 librarylady
Beyonce New Single 4 petra
D.V.L.A and your details! 7 Nelliemoser
To sit in the dark and pretend I am not in! 78 jeanie99
to want a good conversation with my mum? 18 Elrel
BT......I'm losing the will to live 😨 52 Marmight
to be ashamed of the DM readers racist abuse of Nadiya Hussain? 127 lemongrove
Seems I was unreasonable ... no I don’t think so 51 IngeJones
Eating without paying 101 Willow500
Revenge 27 Barmyoldbat
To care about birthday being ignored? 84 Synonymous
Volunteers or Employees? 66 CherryHatrick
I am bit cross 80 louli
I Was Livid! 42 keffie
Aggressive new neighbour 34 stayanotherday
To think that a friend should visit when she has time. 44 palliser65
To hav3 had enough of Harvey Weinstein on the radio 311 Iam64
Ryanair 26 Jalima1108
to expect mail to be addressed to me? 55 Lindylo
To be ashamed of being British? 158 Jalima1108
Another GNer feels they have to leave 146 maryeliza54