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how do I get through to my daughter

11 welbeck

Lost job. So upset.

42 Seajaye

AIBU to complain about DH's gardening obsessions.

98 LadyGracie

Supper on the sofa?

136 henetha

Refunds from Ryanair.

10 ValerieF

Am I selfish, a bad neighbour or just plain spiteful?

175 Joesoap


137 GrauntyHelen

Watch what you want but..............

106 PinkCakes

To think " belly" is a horrid, ugly word!

134 Shelmiss

BBQ lockdown

112 Sparklefizz

Tombstoning Twits

23 MadCatWoman1

Holidays 2020 where are you going?


I'm frightened

15 Hetty58

Lymphatic massage

13 downtoearth

Old fencing dumped in woods

30 timetogo2016

Enjoy the peace they said!

10 yorkie20

Can you bear the thought of being touched again by a stranger

83 lemongrove

Aargh! What DON'T they get?

175 Gilmul

Daughters problems with grocery order.

15 ElaineI

News headline.. speeding Grandmother

17 Evoha16

Scams to watch out for..

3 timetogo2016

AIBU for thinking this a little over the top?

42 Witzend

To go to sleep on a mattress on the floor at 15:42 on a Monday afternoon?

12 FlyingHandbag

Priority Slot Disappeared!

56 lemsip

AIBU to expect DH to have common sense?

91 DanniRae

To be angry with my brother over our fathers death?

199 Summerlove

Taken for Granted

62 donna1964

This makes me so cross!

53 Callistemon

The NHS should not be above criticism.

125 Flaxseed

Large wallets, small brains!

13 FarNorth

Has the first minister given a clear briefing today

35 SueDonim

Are we all really not having our hair done?

156 sodapop

How to stop advertisements on Gransnet

17 Carenza123

To not do unecessary errands just because Im not shielding?

71 Carenza123

Noisy Neighbours

165 Dibbydod

Stepdaughters wedding

158 Kamj

The child, the bike and the two dog walkers

61 Iam64


145 Tillypuppy

Partner buying joint presents with wife

148 Naty

VE Day “celebrations”

212 Callistemon

To think neighbour was right out of order. Sorry, very long!

128 Alexa

Disasters and funny stories in the kitchen

72 Suzyb

Am I the only one seeking freedom?

36 Sussexborn

What are they thinking?

12 Hetty58

Anyone else got internal blinds in their bi-fold doors?

2 farview

Consideration from GP

144 maddyone

Adult children returning home

103 SheilsM

To think a £54,000,000 bonus is an obscene amount to be paid

21 Callistemon

Trip Advisor emails asking how my holiday went

11 MawB

To ask for paragraphs?

93 Grandmafrench