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to be cross with people on Free Cycle?

28 Elrel

To retire

21 Esspee

Family gatherings overload AIBU

27 ginny


83 Taliya

New sim card

2 Pittcity

A rant about people who dump litter in our drive

51 Jaxie

HRT shortages

3 Taliya


137 Taliya

Cycling on pavement

102 Bathsheba

Money to children

79 newnanny

Granny and baby parking.

27 Spice101

Advice welcomed

70 Stuart96

Pedestrian crossing where vehicles are reversing.

5 janipans

To love liver and bacon

146 ladymuck


24 DiscoGran


5 DanniRae

Shoppers shouting at other shoppers🙄

60 NannyG123

Chitter chatter on way to shops/ quiet on way back !

11 Serendipity22

People showing off on facebook

73 MawB

Unreasonable DH

44 TrendyNannie6

Neighbours talking in garden til midnight

69 Callistemon

I have a tricky friend.

64 Taliya

AIBU to think Katie Price should be banned from keeping animals?

132 blondenana

Expectations from relations

81 kwest

Sick of Depp & Heard

82 Kittye

Email Address

76 Jellybeetles

AIBU to want our agressive dog PTS?

98 midgey

Lockdown grandparenting

13 honeyrose

To feel that now Lockdown is easing the DH show is back on the road?

21 Grammaretto

AIBU - CV19 is over according to my OH

91 suestep

AIBU to be absolutely disgusted about the statue in Bristol?

101 trisher

Hubbies deafness is driving me to distraction

113 MamaCaz


48 Fennel

Power of Attorney-Health/Weal th

24 kittylester

If you were a school bully

82 faye17

Neighbour problem

125 Callistemon

Kanye West for president! What do we think?

89 EllanVannin

To think footballers taking the knee is hypocritical?

116 25Avalon

Partner wants to go to festival in Sept

23 V3ra

To find it odd that gransnet doesn't have a Feminism section?

68 pinkquartz

I just wanted my friends there.

95 bobbydog24

Summer holiday childcare dilemma

5 flaxwoven

grandchildren first vist since lockdown

27 May7

Am I being over sensitive?

83 Toadinthehole

I feel so lonely

44 bobbydog24

Rat seen in the garden!

120 dinks13

Swimming pool etiquette

41 SilentGames

Abuse from complete strangers

5 Summerlove

Special birthday and anniversary

75 BlueSky

Women who want a divorce but don't want to lose the lifestyle

88 blondenana