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Helping a family member buy their first home - your questions answered

79 Dinahmo

To ask what you would think here?

24 BlueBelle

Selfish MIL

47 Hetty58


83 Chestnut

Boys in ladies changing rooms at the gym.

61 Witzend

AIBU to feel really offended by this?

50 Callistemon

Is fifty years not enough?

117 HolySox

Toy shortage

70 sazz1

Dogs to be kept on lead.

136 Elegran

Bullies why did you do it

137 VioletSky

Finances after the mortgage is paid off. AIBU?

16 Oopsadaisy1

Next door's garden

32 Azalea99

AIBU to think

82 Ethelwashere1

People who talk about themselves all the time

153 Jezra

Car service

7 Germanshepherdsmum

struggling with the implications of my daughter becoming engaged to an American

100 Norah

AIBU to find my daughters in-laws rude

128 EMMF1948

Slang words which make me cringe 😡

129 Doodledog

What tastes, sounds and smells do you miss from yesteryear?

99 Juliet27

AIBU unnecessary noise from phones etc on transport and in restaurants

48 Trisha57

To get frustrated with my husband sitting in his armchair for 14 hours a day !

39 M0nica

I thought the younger generation cared about the planet?

114 Hithere

Stepdaughter has changed since becoming a detective?

37 Lucca

Car cross over blocked with bin

78 mumofmadboys

To think there is nothing wrong with being a 'home bird'

67 Yammy

AIBU - Friend borrowing car

228 NotSpaghetti

Online dating

21 GagaJo

To say I'd rather meet in the park.

41 Amberone

Managed by health

53 pinkquartz

Leaving long hair wet on a 7 year old granddaughter

133 MawBe

What do you think about my 'ex'

46 LittleDot

Still not visiting my sister in a care home.

19 Cabbie21

A job offer that is not!

52 eazybee

Flappy socks

33 BlueBelle

Interruptions when writing

16 welbeck


113 Elless

School uniforms

148 Witzend

Just had my hair cut

69 Esspee

Stepping on eggshells

28 Hetty58

Husband refusing to take COVID test

41 DiamondLily

Elderly parent problem

48 alchemilla

Life changing discoveries

96 Doodledog

DH inviting people over for dinner

104 HolySox

Family Wedding Invites

119 Bibbity

Getting through to a doctor

154 Flaxseed


60 User7777

To think that a trend is starting here

158 PippaZ

The Olympic Games; are they really fair?

26 Franbern

Waiting for email response

8 Madgran77

Can I live with this?

28 Newatthis

Unable to get Peter Kay tickets

15 timetogo2016