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Excessively Pernickety Neighbours

36 biglouis

Etiquette after taking in a neighbour's parcel?

92 biglouis

Feel free to say I am being unreasonable

40 Witzend

Guest has come down with Covid...

117 Grammaretto

New John Lewis Partnership card refused

30 karmalady

Dog Poo - but if a rant - again.

75 StoneofDestiny


139 NotSpaghetti

I blinked! then suddenly my DD was 40!!

56 Skydancer

Texting etiquette.

50 Cornflower


11 Mollygo

Do you lend your books?

62 Tinckerbell

M&S sparks offers

14 annsixty

Watching the funeral alone

32 MawtheMerrier

My neighbours music wakes me up every morning.

28 Floradora9

Just had my hair cut

119 Serendipity22

Utter madness. IQ of the nation.

207 M0nica

AIBU our 2 year old grandson has never had a home visit.

26 icanhandthemback

emerald wedding anniversay

26 jakuss

What current day words drive you up the wall?

291 Mollygo

HELP a first time grandma

47 Madgran77

Neighbours ruining our road.

43 Margiknot

People living abroad but still using our NHS

97 Maya1

Feeling needy

52 Skydancer

Posts and Responses to them

52 Kim19

Which foods,, toiletries etc do you miss which are no longer available?

272 OxfordGran

Builders next door, what is acceptable?

28 cornergran

Car breakdown

18 Aveline

Bad packaging - let’s protest

19 Witzend


19 kircubbin2000

Games games games

12 FannyCornforth

I am sick of seeing pictures like this all over social media AIBU?

103 Ali08

Do you have a ‘helpful’ husband?

111 sodapop

Outdoor shoes - on or off?

141 StoneofDestiny

To feel angry at people running their car/van engines when waiting in car parks?

60 choughdancer

Iceland's new carrier bags

19 Gillypaula

To ask for your predictions for the timing of the next General Election

27 HousePlantQueen

I’m fuming !

32 karmalady

children left home alone

78 paddyann54

Bad language current at the most ment

73 Spice101

House selling and time wasters

69 Doodledog

Stepson aggressive towards me

38 grandtanteJE65

Does it put you off posting aything

75 FannyCornforth

Being concerned

53 Ali08

Relative moving within three doors!

81 Margomar

Women athletes’ clothing

117 Fleurpepper

Lady who likes to shine

56 Aveline

University degrees

250 biglouis

Hospital visiting: was I unreasonable?

75 Kartush

Feel a bit used

20 CornflowerBlue

Elderly Mother in Law

60 LeonoraRavenscroft