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Tiny Tots Graduating ... what do YOU think?

117 Bobbysgirl19

AIBU to think School Prom for 11 yr old is getting out of hand??

22 Eloethan

Am I being selfish.

44 granny4hugs

Climate change protesters anyone else think they are hypocritical? AIBU

280 WadesNan


66 doff80

AIBU to mention scrotum-waxing?

88 TerriBull

Should DH drive eight to nine hours in one day

85 maddyone

Equity release

5 fourormore

30 yr friendship

55 JackK

AIBU to be upset with sister-in-law

69 Buffybee

'Lodgers' moving back home

51 Tedber

I,m in turmoil

41 wetflannel

What would you have done?

97 annep1

Strangers at the door

122 Day6

What has happened to us?

69 Grammaretto

I am turning into an evil old lady

83 Hetty58

to object to this type of invitation?

166 eazybee

Ann Widdicombe

196 Firecracker123

No contact from DIL about DH’s illness

46 SirChenjin

feeling as if I have lost the man I married

75 tanith

Wimbledon, BBC, taking the....

144 Avor2

Follow up on crab cooking for reunion

8 Esspee


45 GetofMyLand

Just a matter of personal taste

35 Alexa

Daughters visit.

21 Bibbity

2hrs of Sex!!!!!!( lighthearted)

129 annep1

Gross topic, sorry

101 Rufus2

If you had given your grandson for Xmas...

79 Peonyrose

I haven't seen DD is weeks

9 sodapop

... to feel really angry every time I see balloons being released into the sky

132 wildswan16

Brexit MEP’s behaviour!

113 POGS

Late again

15 grandtanteJE65

Breasts bums and muffin tops!

109 nanjo73

Not sure of the law here.

8 MawBroonsback

Profiteering Car Dealers

8 Deedaa

To think this was quite unfair

114 Pammie1

Neighbour's son asking to use our wifi

97 Tigertooth

Hospital assumes, what?

96 notanan2

AIBU for not wanting nana to be called mama?

106 Lemony

DH was 'volunteered' to cook crab at an event

48 BradfordLass72


45 Madgran77


131 GoodMama

DIL thinks my husband has a alcohol problem

117 JustStoppingBy

This "pro women" thing?

133 JustStoppingBy


39 Starlady

Birthday gift for adult chilren who have everything!

68 notanan2

Dogs in cafes

226 GoodMama


17 SalsaQueen

Holiday - own room

102 Tedber

Avoiding politics

137 quasidodo