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AIBU 44 mcculloch29
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Shopping trolleys 49 narrowboatnan
To feel sad that my adult children don't really bother with each other much? 97 grannylyn65
looking for racism 6 sunseeker
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Feeling a bit pants today 7 silverlining48
To not like nail polish on little girls? 86 Boomboom
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Good value travel insurance - is there such a thing?? 17 Charleygirl
Invited a friend and she's invited a friend - and we share the cost??? 93 norose4
Woman refused a divorce by court. 99 Starlady
Sad message............. of our Gnetters has passed away *Falconbird* 65 Willow500
To think a pet dog should not be buried in mutual gardens? 35 Bez1989
Militarisation of our society 113 Jalima1108
GC names 40 harrigran
Was the boiler man out of order? 42 TriciaF
Jealous of daughter.. 18 IngeJones
I need to rant to someone about my postman!!! 63 KirbyGirl
drama queen weather forecasters!!!! 59 KatyK
Dinner dance 14 TriciaF
I had to admire her nerve! 49 Theoddbird
AIBU to be grumpy about a biscuit? 50 Cindersdad
Charity shops. 40 sunseeker
Gransnet tweet 5 Starlady
To think that the abandonment of the 18 week target will impact particularly on older people? 6 Lisalou