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why don’t they get it? 46 Barmeyoldbat
Am I, er, unreasonable to be, er, irritated by, er, this 27 Kalu
To expect the bin men to empty overflowing bins? 25 alchemilla
Difficult daughter-in-laws 109 alchemilla
husband: total lack of empathy. 68 Mycatisahacker
My poor bulbs 17 Synonymous
Pedantic Moi ! 24 toscalily
A ‘ Three Generation’ holiday 74 Witzend
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Seatbelt issue . .. AIBU 56 BradfordLass72
Moving on 12 BradfordLass72
Daughter is not talking to me 141 notanan2
Getting dh out of the house, grrrr.... 97 Craftycat
To not end this relationship because my children don’t want me in it? 142 Cosmos
Ils muscling in on baby AIBU? 43 Cosmos
Cooking for all needs... 74 alchemilla
Coronation Street to Graphic @ 7-30 -8 pm 35 KatyK
Angry or amused? 32 Namsnanny
Constant Banging From Upstairs 20 harrigran
Skirts or trousers? 116 annep1
Sanitary products in hospitals 114 FarNorth
AIBU to feel offended 78 Susiewakie
To think that GN would be better moderated by older people? 119 trisher
To want my neighbours to move out? 124 Onestepbeyond
Easter presents 109 luluaugust
Son & DIL are making me sad with unfair expectations. 181 Foxyloxy
To think World Book Day needs a rethink. 112 trisher
Bare - Down there, 😉 71 sluttygran
Has she gone too far? 68 Eloethan
Why don’t my child’s GP want to see their GC?! 19 IAmWhatIAm
Is it just me? 20 4allweknow
Interesting times 35 LadyGracie
How often do you speak to your grown-up children on the phone? 102 Esspee
AIBU to ban my 2yr old grandson thread is *A JOKE* 24 Deedaa
Table Manners (or lack of!) 80 Starlady
Is a vegetarian diet that hard a concept to understand? 107 Telly
University degrees: what’s the difference? 105 MargaretX
Will my 14 mo. old gd remember me and our current bond? 20 Starlady
Husband with dementia 34 Mycatisahacker
Pretentious moi ? 98 toscalily
Violent TV programmes 81 Gettingitrightoneday
Dummy Blind 106 mcem
Are we being fed a lie with salmon ? 43 bikergran
Something that annoys me. 128 rambler2
Making extra work 303 Rufus2
Hard-of-Hearing 21 Totaldogsbody
to think there is only 1 woman 22 M0nica
Things that annoy me 148 SueDonim
My neighbour says we can't park 100 Gettingitrightoneday
Way of the world 16 Nonnie