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GP to be investigated by the GMC

113 janeainsworth

Family discord

68 Eloethan

DIL thinks my husband has a alcohol problem

102 bingo12

No contact from DIL about DH’s illness

28 Lyndiloo

This "pro women" thing?

96 janeainsworth

I'm sad today

51 Starlady

AIBU School Play do other grandparents get invited?

120 Sara65

Breasts bums and muffin tops!

105 Mimidl

Nobody Wants Her

104 DoraMarr


28 Starlady

Nigel Farage on Marr show

147 Nonnie

Are Postmen/Postwomen friendly, nosey or both?

78 Telly

I had just started to like Olives! poor birds.

10 Lisalou

Going away without DH

34 leyla

Dogs in cafes

209 allassinsane

Is it me?

92 Beammeupscottie

Next door neighbour pushing my fence panel over

108 blondenana

You just got to laugh about.

6 Gonegirl

Retirees bombarding our beautiful rural seaside area

363 Witzend

Fallen out with a friend

239 Avor2


43 SirChenjin

Son about to get married in St Lucia, wish I was with him.

61 Namsnanny

AIBU to think he deserves a damn good slap

44 maryeliza54

Trying on shoes

34 Cabbie21

Pop ups on banking site

5 Septimia

Am I too much if a stickler?

5 Greenfinch

Am I too much if a stickler?

23 Dinahmo

I am so upset

44 crazyH

food budget challenge

83 crystaltipps

To be stressed by climate change

222 starbird

Can't believe dh just said this!

12 merlotgran

Pathetic and expensive window dressing by public agencies

9 Nonnie


154 Starlady

to think this fuel bill is too high

17 wot

Do I go NC?

57 Blessmissdunstable

Avoiding politics

136 eazybee

I left my husband after nearly 40 years?

65 Grandma2213

Photograph of dying Gran

160 OurKid1

Hung on 28 mins to book an appointment

52 Alittlemadam

The Men in White coats are coming for me soon [confused] there's room in the van for a few more!

144 labazsisslowlygoi...

Elderly neighbour cf relative?

18 David1968

To ask you to please help with my university project?

86 crazyH


19 Forestflame

AIBU to want DD to keep home equity we gave her

70 phoenix

Palm oil, the hidden ingredient

17 Callistemon

Near Neighbour

18 Grammaretto

Finding the first chapter of a new book at the end of the one I'm reading!

29 GrandmaJan

DIL not pulling her weight

36 Starlady

Street mechanic. Right or wrong?

30 SpringyChicken

Constant Banging From Upstairs

26 MamaCaz