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to think that perhaps we should be more tolerant of fellow posters?

211 Chewbacca


25 Deedaa

Neighbour wanting to access my property

17 Dorset

Confused. Projected uk death rate due to Coronavirus.

26 suziewoozie

Want to scream at husband....

29 BradfordLass73

Any words or phrases that you can't stand?

329 annodomini

Am I being childish to be hurt by this?

62 Urmstongran

Is anyone else becoming neurotic?

245 Maybellex

Prince Charles ,diagnosed with Coronavirus

260 Granny23


18 humptydumpty

On first meeting a new Boss/Co worker etc : What you see is what you get !

32 Oopsadaisy3

M.i.l.'s care home fees have just gone up £50 a week!!

5 vampirequeen

BBC reporting onm Covid

2 Hetty58

Covid 19 showing the best in people

2 Alishka

B&Q staying open

33 M0nica even think scammers would g[angry][sad]ive us a break? WARNING!

19 Kalu

Queue jumping dilemma!

78 ananimous

Surprised the airport was so busy !!

18 endlessstrife

To be Vary of potential Spreaders

12 Nonnie

Dealing with DH's approach to the Coronavirus

9 Gossamerbeynon1945

People Still dont get this

102 Madgran77

Help me settle a stupid argument with my niece

13 NannyJan53

Why wont you isolate?

10 vampirequeen

To insist he doesn’t go to look after the grandkids

13 eazybee

looking after elderly parents

4 dizzyblonde

Now I'm CROSS!

97 Summerlove


35 MrsWT

Spitting - what’s the legal situation?

5 ValerieF

Please settle this very silly difference of opinion

83 absent

niece's birthday

47 ginny

HOW do I self isolate?

48 Guineagirl

Panic buying of loo roll

85 Callistemon

COVID 19 and anonymity - would knowing who has the virus not have helped?


Horse Racing...... ? Cruel or Not ?

105 MissAdventure

Stay put or travel home on a 24 hour ferry

23 Framilode

I probably am - Throw/give away old one

85 Lorelei

Feeling scared of an uncertain future.

19 Lavazza1st

Coughing with covering

19 lovebeigecardigan...

Executor Duties

71 M0nica

Holding back of child’s head

33 TrendyNannie6

AIBU not to want to look after one year old while parents are abroad for 4 d.

135 welbeck

A beautiful pendant

16 lupita

Always at it again!

12 BlueSky

Flappy socks

25 Mrst1405

Tattoos Look Scummy

60 TerriBull

Leap Year Baby

15 V3ra

Do we still set higher standards for women?

164 Summerlove

Feeling hard done by! AIBU?

47 Tooting29

3 times I’ve asked my son if I can visit him in Canada and 3 times he’s just put up problems

147 paddyanne


278 Hetty58