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AIBU about other peoples visitors

171 Flygirl

Husband told secret I had asked him to keep. Worse still it was to the husband of my ‘enemy. ‘

58 Lavazza1st

Car repair rip offs

77 AlexG

Life - Alison Steadman

13 ginny

another baby

73 Doodledog

My friend has multible support bubbles

122 FannyCornforth

30 years of being cheated on. Should I give up?

50 Patsy70

DH taking no action

85 Carmo1

Passport renewal...

24 lizzypopbottle

Hostile Stepdaughter - Don’t know What to do

128 Nannan2

Neighbour’s house has become a HMO

97 suziewoozie

Claudia and Tess - Strictly salaries

82 sodapop

How would you deal with this situation?

106 donna1964


120 GillT57

Sorry......more mask talk

142 Lavazza1st

Covid Restrictions broken by a Surgeon

40 Sugarpufffairy

Leaving engine running outside Vets

71 Kamiso

Just need a rant.

39 Jo1960

To want a tattoo

350 Purplepixie

Read the posts

68 Chewbacca

to be fed up of being asked to complete yet another product survey.

12 Whitewavemark2

Help! What to wear at my wedding!

35 Callistemon

To ask to FaceTime my grandson .

65 joanna12

Christmas Cards

106 Greenfinch

Husband does not want a party

151 FarNorth

Bel Mooney

186 Chardy

Marks and spencer

90 readsalot

substance and alcohol abuse

169 borispeters19

AIBU -to expect "sorry"?

37 eazybee

AIBU in thinking I’ve been left out of my Book Club ‘get together’

21 Nannarose

AIBU to expect my stepsons to be allocated a place at my Father’s funeral

28 OceanMama

Mum taken into hospital

118 Katyj


8 Callistemon

Autumn clothing

19 Sallywally1

Who’s been watching the great British Sewing Bee

7 DanniRae

Mums feeding their babies but not holding the baby in their arms !

128 MissAdventure

AIBU To feel really upset about this?

54 Fuchsiarose

Noise on a Sunday

75 Grammaretto

Step daughter to stay

18 Davidhs

Sorry another mask rant

123 MissAdventure

To think the job of supermarkets is to sell groceries?

87 Lucca


24 Oopsadaisy4

Expensive, dirty accommodation

18 Calendargirl

Celebrities seeming to promote gambling

26 Dorsetcupcake61

Granddaughter not showing any acknowledgment nor volunteering help

107 grannypiper

Am I wrong to be furious?

68 Helenlouise3

'Nervous' drivers.

48 Shropshirelass

AIBU Daughter in Law issues

69 SynchroSwimmer


90 Hithere

I think I need to put my heating on..

135 craftyone