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British Asparagus

5 petra

Making tea

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Sandwich fillings?

82 fizzers


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How far has your food travelled?

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24 jackfowler

Are you worried?

60 discodiva

Any small, quick, supper ideas?

18 Opalsusanna1

What’s for breakfast?

68 cavewoman

Hawkeshead Cake

28 GabriellaG54

Best method of making real coffee for one

66 M0nica

price of butter

147 SirChenjin

Food Coincidences

5 Pantglas1

What’s for Lunch?

52 paddyann

What's wrong with this sentence?

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Coconut crisp

10 Calendargirl

Good idea for using courgette leaf stems on Saturday Kitchen.

4 merlotgran

'Side salad'

45 Grannyknot

English Strawberries

60 Jaysbee

Has anyone else tried giant couscous?

28 Fennel

Best recipes using date puree

3 Bordersgirl57

Flat Peaches

33 felice

Making the perfect curry

62 annemac101

My favorite new treat, sold at Aldi

2 glammanana

Kitchen Appliances Addiction!

74 Callistemon

Conference Pears

3 BradfordLass72

High Rise Scones?

55 MTDancer

Apple Pie

6 paddyann

Salad cress

24 Fennel

Red and processed meat and cancer risk.

26 Whitewavemark2

Same old, same old

66 goldengirl

Mouldy bread.

29 Happiyogi

Can you freeze these scones?

13 Willow10

Taste of Game Crisps.

2 BradfordLass72

Online food shopping

100 johancruyff

Have you resisted tasting something for the first time because you though you wouldn't like it.................. .and then find out you do!

25 gillybob

so many yoghurts !!!

37 Atqui

Tesco fresh fish sales cut back

13 Beckett


17 Auntieflo

Foodie magazines....

16 glammanana

comfort food

121 Franbern

beetroot and other salads

57 Franbern


33 EllanVannin

Be-Ro Book Coconut Loaf

14 Ohmother

Apple Thingy

46 trisher

Salmon en croute

27 Witzend

Searching for Nigel Slater Recipe

5 varian

Rice pudding!

48 SparklyGrandma

Rack of lamb

13 Urmstongran

Sinking cherries

35 lemongrove