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Excited by new food 11 Nanabilly
Scarcities 88 Synonymous
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Snack time ( an attack of the munchies )🧀🥪🍕🍰 23 Doodle
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Duck 11 harrigran
Is high tea still a thing? 83 hildajenniJ
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yogurt 4 Farmor15
defrosted food safety 9 Fennel
Vegetarian - eating out? 99 sonamwsingh
Remouska cookers. Are they as good as they sound? 22 stevej4491
Easy roast dinner 13 kittylester
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Vegan cake recipe suggestions please... 13 shysal
Coffee 24 travelsafar
Roadkill- look away vegans and vegetarians 59 Shirleyw
Vegan for January 99 EllaS
Entertaining 13 Niobe
What discontinued food do you miss? 180 Versavisa
Lentils? Help! 58 Feelingmyage55
Scones 30 hulahoop
Tilney St Lawrence school lunch in the 1960s 8 NeneDave
Old Spice! 41 lemongrove
baked egg custard recipe (foolproof) anyone??? 21 GabriellaG
What is that Pudding? 55 Jalima1108
Hot Cross buns 50 willa45
Coconut oil for cooking 30 Elrel
Afternoon Tea 24 Grannyknot
Cheap ingredients justify the 'rizty' ones? 12 sandelf
Favourite old recipe book that you still use? 81 Feelingmyage55
Shrinking Tins 6 Scribbles
Gluten and dairy free pudding recipe - please!! 13 J52
Nut Roast recipe please 6 MillieBear
Irish recipes 1 Auntieflo
Medicinal herbs and spices - which book? 5 paddyann
So, no bread or milk. How much of a problem was it for you? 46 ginny
Soda Bread recipe please. 11 1974cookie
Am I the only one to find that this weather brings out the creative side of me? 15 henetha
Keeping out the cold 29 Bathsheba
FOOD! 10 Jalima1108
Interesting story in the news today 81 Jalima1108
Grand Mac!! 3 gillybob
What was the best dessert or meal you've ever eaten? And where were you when you ate it? 113 Jane10
Home cooking, grandchildren 23 M0nica
Breadmakers 13 Scribbles
Beeswax wraps 9 Kittye