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Pre-Christmas party meal.

23 Pigma

Storing Veg

12 yvonnebrown29

Should beans be part of an English fry up? Should Yorkshire puddings be served with any roast?

130 madeleine45

What's for dinner today?

942 Witzend


3 M0nica

Do you enjoy cooking?

126 nanna8

Rainbow chicken

9 Aldom

Eggy bread - how come I’ve never made it before?

93 Callistemon21

So many plums!

16 Granva

Liver and onions

19 henetha

‘Posh’ sandwiches that I can freeze.

50 V3ra

Boiled fruitcake recipe?

31 goose1964

Buying potatoes etc by the pound or kilo

10 HelterSkelter1

Dried breakfast fruit

10 Doodledog

Your best meat loaf recipe please

42 GrammaTaylor

More importantly - where are the pinenuts?

22 umarsami356

Tesco Milk.

53 RosieSimon92

Sloes - found loads today.

8 25Avalon

Buying from local markets!

34 Gin

Raspberry jam making and lemon juice..

7 Abitbarmy

Budget supermarket

6 Thatsnotmeinthemi...

If you’ve got a lot of French beans to use up, especially if they’re past their best…

7 Redhead56

Anyone got an ‘instant pot’

5 Lovetopaint037

Very weird gazpacho!

6 NotSpaghetti

Runner beans grown too big.

8 Oopsadaisy1

Small roasting tin that can also go on an induction hob - suggestions

16 Hetty58

Howto use courgettes. Other than stir fries.

30 Callistemon21

Ever walked past fruit growing locally for years?

14 Camilla7

Cheat's cheese sauce

77 PaperMonster

Using a knife and fork

98 Mollygo

Air fryers-are they worth it?

33 Kateykrunch

What is good to buy from Waitrose?

56 PamelaJ1

Do you peel mushrooms?

96 MaizieD

"Meaty" raspberries. Just not right.

12 NotSpaghetti

Substitutes for double cream in cookery?

40 shysal

Leftover Chicken

53 Grantanow

Your best Lasagne

22 Ladyleftfieldlover

Past My Date? Look,Smell,Taste, Don’t Waste.

15 Grantanow

Chill the dough, they say...

10 eazybee

Bread - Thin Sliced

41 Oreo

Milk slightly but not on the turn

30 Grantanow

Do you peel apples? (For cooking.)

17 Greenfinch

Homemade strawberry jam

17 Esmay

Can anyone recommend a jelly strainer and stand please?

19 Aldom

fried food for 94 year old MIL

40 Witzend

Grains what to have with them

25 Riverwalk

Non-alcoholic wine

42 Blondiescot

Sorry but Airfryers!!

41 M0nica

Help! I cannot locate a recipe

10 ParlorGames

Seeking advice about porridge oats

32 CrochetBliss