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Christmas Day dinner quandary question.

13 JuliaM

Coconut flour as an alternative in recipes

28 maydonoz

BBQ Sauce recommendations

3 Jaxjacky

On beetroot powder in cake/tea bread

23 Callistemon

Knorr concentrated stock - why is it unavailable?

26 petra

Ice cream christmass pudding


Your favourite cook ?

97 goose1964


5 Lisagran


41 Ellianne

Left overs, lamb at the moment.

24 Witzend

Soup Makers

31 lindiann

Things that you have never eaten and why ?

165 Rosina

Knorr Concentrated Stock - Unavailable

7 Marydoll

Using ground almonds in pastry making

31 varian

How to poach the perfect egg!

93 BelindaB

What sweet treat do you look forward to the most?

153 Tangerine

which food delivery app do you use?

29 NotSpaghetti

What's everyone having for dinner?

281 Gingster

What do you think of slow cookers?

76 Fennel

New duck breast recipe please

2 Jaxjacky

Salmon fillet recipes please?

68 phoenix

Turkey, would this work?👑

78 M0nica

Gluten free flour.

13 shysal

Jars impossible to open

94 Poppsbaggie

Lingonberry Jam

11 BBbevan

Distinct lack of Maris Pipers! 😧

41 Elizabeth1

Tunis Cakes

5 Greenfinch

Technical bakes...GBBO

6 Puzzler61

Apple rant!

24 lizzypopbottle

Great British Bake Off illustrator

3 NotAGran55

Soupmakers out?

98 arosebyanyothername

Help Christmas cake burnt edges - can it be rescued

5 Callistemon


10 Calendargirl

bread pudding anyone?

58 Flossieturner

Fed up with damp Rocket

10 Whitewavemark2

Helpful tips/short cuts for cooking

18 JackyB

Will small frozen turkeys be in short supply this year?

80 merlotgran

Ham stock cubes?

14 Grannmarie

smoked salmon virgin 😳

72 Bluebellwould

Hollandaise sauce

11 grannysyb

Gravy browning

30 Elegran

How about food photos to inspire us all... here's one mine .

76 Urmstongran

Spring Rolls - recipe

3 jusnoneed

Pork spare rib chops - help!!

26 jusnoneed

Tea - no longer tastes like tea!

28 tiredoldwoman

Hot Chocolate at bed time, does it cause insomnia?

29 FarawayGran

Are there any 70's/80's school cooks?

6 Alishka

Custom Keto Diet

2 Chewbacca

Nettle soup

7 Teetime

Rice cooker

28 BlueBelle