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Broad beans give me wind!

1 singingnutty

Chicken stock from a carcass?

31 Doodledog

Is it worth it baking your own bread

23 Sloegin

More importantly - where are the pinenuts?

21 Fennel

Is it really necessary

12 growstuff

Icing bags and syringes

17 Baggs

Drying fruit and vegetables

6 timetogo2016

No Cooking!

96 Witzend

Wine and weightloss

29 farmgran

Fried liver and onions recipe please

19 Spinnaker

Ninja Foodi 10 in 1 countertop oven

1 Tessyo

Food we think we like but don't.

117 goodycs

Platinum pudding - is this a joke?

148 Shirleyw

Sheer piggery (me)

10 Jane43

Just discovered how tasty Samphire is!

24 MerylStreep

Oú est le moutarde?

91 Jaxjacky

Bring a plate to Jubilee Street party

73 Aveline

7up cake overflowed in the oven

13 buffyfly9

Can you cook rhubarb with no sweetener?

55 aggie

Odd box

25 Daffodils

Jubilee trifle etiquette

22 Germanshepherdsmum

Not bought fresh food for 10 days - eating only from fridge/freezer and cupboards

21 SueDonim

Steak pie recipe

5 Redhead56

Sourdough Bread.

17 Fennel

Cheese Butterflies.

4 H1954

Beetroot chutney recipe please

12 Magnolia62

Absolute kitchen cupboard basics

18 annodomini

Lidl veg boxes

20 Callistemon21

Food cravings in later life

21 Witzend


43 Witzend

Food phobias

46 Philippa111

Chocolate bar with cheese & onions crisps filling?

12 Blossoming

Air Fryer - half price.

12 Charleygirl5

Eating cheaply but well

44 Caleo

Eating plans for a £1 a day

230 MissAdventure

Disappointing Jersey New Potatoes

20 Kim19

Pastry burning at edge

6 Sago

Which sausage rolls are best?

32 JaneJudge

Ready made pastry out of date

10 Vintagejazz

Macaroni pie - does anyone else make this?

56 HannahLoisLuke

Trying a new recipe

9 Yammy

Pistachio paste vs pistachio butter

2 PollyDolly


17 Charleygirl5


12 grannydarkhair

Could you cope with rationing?

97 Germanshepherdsmum

Give them a mixing bowl..

25 grannyactivist


44 Mancjules

Chorizo Sausage

4 Allsorts

A scampi expert please!

10 giulia

food mixers

8 Franbern