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Tea at 4pm. Is this a meal or a scone and cuppa?

73 Lizbethann55

Freezing cheesecake

6 Theexwife

Carlin Sunday

15 LadyHonoriaDedlock

What's for dinner today?

234 Norah

Knorr have confirmed that their Herbal Infusion stockpots are not suitable for vegetarians

31 Wolwol

Breadmaker Question

29 dogsmother

Jamie's one pound meals

245 happycatholicwife1

Too much passata help please

25 Doodledog

Do you think you eat well ?

83 Norah

Lotus Biscoff

30 annodomini

Meal delivery boxes.

11 Blondiescot

Whatever happened to…?

39 Granmarderby10

Horrible dry Gluten Free Cakes

12 grannysyb

Oh yes, we have no tomatoes !

401 mokryna

There’s no substitute for ……

62 Nan231

Now Toblerone - is nothing safe?

50 Callistemon21

Welsh cakes, bakestones or whatever you want to call them.

4 grannyrebel7

"Gadgets" to help with airfryers.

5 Pittcity

Baking/cooking from scratch far superior

174 BlueBelle

Crock pot without a recipe book

10 Allsorts


30 Kim19

Corned beef Tins

31 Callistemon21

In praise of tea...

115 Gundy

White Stilton

33 TerriBull

Basic Air Fryer Advise please

28 ExDancer

Chinese supermarkets and Polish grocers

32 dragonfly46

Leek & Potato soup gone brown?

10 MaizieD

Are supermarkets controlling what we eat?

150 M0nica

Rambling recipes

31 Callistemon21

Local seasonal speciality - cream eggs

7 CanadianGran

Turnip, anyone? 😋

98 62Granny

Eating out alone in restaurants

10 Fleurpepper

Non Teflon air fryer model

4 NotSpaghetti

Air fryer and toaster oven

9 Ukcarolm

Gammon steaks

18 Happygirl79

Built in obsolescence

7 MaggsMcG

A very disappointing lunch. Should pubs and restaurants be more honest.

206 Jaxjacky

A meal for later

73 Callistemon21

Apparently inflation is it 10.5% so please explain to me how food prices are rising so astronomically.

32 Shinamae

Microwave carrots

5 hilz

Food banks in local areas

17 Judy54

Sweet potatoes beginning to rot.

20 Grantanow

Yesterday I baked a cake...

48 ginny

Best and worst countries for food?

124 Syracute

Help - Crackling - again

7 shysal

Food photography - Ottolenghi recipe for curried butter beans on toast

14 Redhead56

Air Fryer: Help and guidance, please

22 BlueBelle

Chilli con carne recipe please

8 Norah

New drink?

22 Ilovecheese

Soup maker thoughts please

103 ParlorGames