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Problem with breadmaker

31 Bijou

My DH's smoked salmon

32 JackyB

What can you do with left over lamb?

84 Freya5

What is for dinner today MK II

206 MrsKen33

Looking for an easy recipe for gingerbread men - and other cut out shapes

18 Fae1

What is for brunch or lunch ?

42 Redhead56

Comments on Roast Cabbage

8 Caleo

Parkin/Gingerbread recipe please!

80 Whiff

Christmas lunch alone, what food would you choose?

157 Forestflame

Ginger wine, how do you take yours?

5 M0nica

Help! I can’t think what to do with these pastry cases.

28 sazz1

Cooking my bottoms!?

11 ExDancer

Pre preparing sprouts.

61 Gundy

Chicken and mushroom?

71 maddyone

Skimmed Milk

21 M0nica

How to make a gingerbread cylinder- advice please!

20 V3ra

Seeking bread recipe air fryer 3.8L

4 MiniMoon

What drink do you drink in the morning?

138 M0nica

Redcurrant jelly ideas?

25 Aveline

Does anyone have this one ?

3 Nannan2

Could you live without nuggets?

103 SpringyChicken

Clearing out the freezer in preparation for 🎄things.

13 Nandalot

What ‘foreign food’ do you remember as a child?

190 kibera10

A Desert Breakfast recipe for kids

25 Norah

Chocolate Spread

7 Fflaurie

Any vegans

24 Madgran77

🥦 Shoppers braced for broccoli shortages after washout October

62 nadateturbe

Light fruit cake made with oil

23 Auntieflo

Cheese scones -how much cheese?

17 Norah

TV chefs

31 AnD1

Do you peel mushrooms?

100 nanna8

South African chutney chicken

2 coco12

Homity Pie

7 henetha

Searching for recipe in Supercook magazine

5 aacrowe

Cookery books

61 Doodledog

Flora Buttery contains nuts

5 Theexwife

Finally made Green Tomato Chutney!

17 Camilla7

Soup maker vegetable soup.

56 Whiff

Woman's Weekly Chocolate Trifle

3 Suzan05

Super easy Christmassy pud?

21 Doodledog

What are 5 interesting facts about pasta?

17 Callistemon21

What's for dinner today?

1000 Madgran77


70 DanniRae

Comfort Food

88 posset

A Foodie Wants to Know…

63 Greyduster

Nadiya on bbc2

30 Primrose53

Supercook Christmas Cake

26 Callistemon21

Very weird gazpacho!

7 Frenchgalinspain

Craving sticky gingerbread!

22 KathrynP

Using up the scant remains of a lamb joint on the bone - does anyone else do this?

41 JACQUE100