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Covid vaccinations to be made compulsory for care home staff

111 Lucca

Putin meets Biden in Geneva

32 Alegrias1

Revealed: Epstein and Maxwell implicated in multiple UK abuse claims over a decade

14 Sarnia

Matt Hancock….

116 MayBee70

Nick Watts

39 Galaxy

Jill Biden.

298 theworriedwell

Yay‼️ GB News Channel about to launch ...

412 Mamardoit

Australian Beef - A huge threat to U.K. farmers

328 Greta

Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings

744 grumppa

Catching up with what the government is doing

91 PippaZ

What does an increase of 0.01% of GDP get us?

33 vegansrock

Baby Wilfred at G7 - what do you think?

224 theworriedwell

Purpose of the G7 Summit 2021

58 Whitewavemark2

Social Media - A Weapon of Self Destruction

71 Cunco

The Irish Question revisited

232 Katie59

Protest section 4 Police Bill.

103 romaroot

It is legal to believe in two biological sexes - Maya Forstater judgement 10.6.2021

58 FarNorth

Powers of The Speaker in HoC

27 Kali2

Carers Week

18 varian

Well I've heard it all now!

27 welbeck


581 trisher

Nightmare for Cornwall

165 Ellianne

Oxford University students vote to remove the Queen

205 Chestnut

Noel Conway's final statement on ending his life.

6 Parsley3

Companies hard hit by Covid-19 may have to put dividends on hold if they are facing a cash squeeze but have large pension shortfalls, the UK regulator has warned.

11 PippaZ

Sometimes there are no words!

58 maddyone

Please can someone reminds us what WTO would mean for UK

21 Kali2

It is very difficult for a party to "oppose" a party in power that does not have any policies - and the New Tories don't.

30 varian

I do wonder- is this what the Brexiters wanted?

558 Callistemon

6 June D-day and the Normandy landings

32 Talullah

Brexit, Polls have turned, not just one, but all of them, but one

353 GillT57

Operation Trojan Shield. Where were we?

13 Namsnanny

EU citizens in the UK

46 Kali2

Petition for Police Scotland to record accurately the sex of those accused or convicted of sexual crime, including rape.

30 Blinko

Sarah Everard

7 sodapop

Internet connections down worldwide

9 Namsnanny

Boundary Changes

5 Anniebach

Who gives a t*ss?

256 trisher

Universal basic income

86 PippaZ

Is Boris Johnson headed for defeat in the House of Commons over international development?

47 GillT57

4-day Bank Holiday for Queen's Jubilee

24 Lin52

Political implications of Johnson's Catholicisim

308 theworriedwell

But they don't get involved in politics, not at all....

57 Alegrias1

Keir Starmer

155 Dinahmo

The Brexit Brain Drain

18 Kali2

Boris Johnson - just how much is he costing us?

29 suttonJ

Daily papers - L or R political bias?

43 Fennel

Boris is broke (or is he just mean?).

36 theworriedwell

The Post Covid Decade

3 PippaZ

The high cost of PPE supplies from friends of government ministers

6 Polarbear2