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Is morality something you expect of others?

153 Callistemon

More immigrants crossing the Channel

40 biba70

Trump has finally lost it.....

131 varian

Should there be a driving test and a cut off age?

86 biba70

Priti Patel threatens the French with the Navy

80 Oopsminty

Does feminism mean the same now as it did in the 60's and 70's?

185 Fennel

What has happened in Beirut? 50 dead, thousands injured

40 Callistemon

Sturgis, South Dakota

15 Devorgilla

Is corruption and incompetence the new normal?

63 Whitewavemark2

Summary of a week of Tory rule

80 Dorsetcupcake61

Day to day experience; racisim as a a part of life for some!

90 Fenella12

Brexit Re-booted

100 varian

Deciding not to listen to the news.

65 varian

New peerages

51 varian

Rape convictions fall to a record low in England and Wales. Dame Vera Baird said in her annual report "what we are witnessing is the de-criminalisation of rape"

105 Iam64

Teachers more worthy than doctors?

298 Annapops

The Russian Report

129 varian

The Brexit Brain Drain

17 growstuff

John Hume

7 varian

Who on earth is Melania Trump’s stylist?

70 MawB

Why did Starmer settle out of court Give a grovelling apology and pay out six figure sum?

235 Grany

Over 50’s on lockdown. What next??

98 GrannyGravy13

Care Homes

24 Fennel

MoT date changes - don’t get caught out

8 Tweedle24

Is Britain going the same way as Syria?

11 MaizieD

The Conservative party has morphed into UKIP

41 lemongrove

Cronyism - a step too far

11 MaizieD

lockdown nonsense

79 annsixty

Response to new covid measures - old v young; left v right

107 varian

Son of KGB officer to sit in the House of Lords

8 Whitewavemark2

Rupert Murdoch

11 varian

Is Meghan expecting a cut?

150 maddyone

Trump and his attempt to by-pass democracy

7 Baggs

The latest Trump

10 biba70

P C Harper Verdict

82 Kate1949

Scottish Tory leader

11 mcem

Jackson Carlaw's resignation

2 paddyanne

Feminist analysis of the Libel case against the Sun anyone?

53 Iam64

Sweatshops in Leicester - who are the owners?

78 biba70

A pivotal moment for the EU?

57 Whitewavemark2

Tommy Robinson flees to Spain as an asylum seeker ... Edited by GNHQ

67 trisher

Time to tackle the rentier economy.

219 annep1

QAnon - should we be worried?

1 janeainsworth

Painting your toenails

74 Calendargirl


11 Calendargirl

Daylight robbery by banks

6 gillybob

Social Care overhall

65 growstuff

Acknowledging the little big things

5 GillT57

So much for rehabilitation

36 Lucca

What does 'Parliamentary Democracy' mean to you?

45 varian