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Another Tired Kicking For The Sick And Disabled By Rishi

1 mae13

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband re-arrested

38 Oreo

Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell re-arrested over SNP finances.

25 Oreo

We were right to leave the EU

69 maddyone

Does Israel want full scale war in the Middle East?

259 Oreo

Prayer ban at Katharine Birbalsingh’s school is lawful, High Court rules .

269 Oreo

Another week, another Tory MP sex scandal!

53 Oreo

The matter of Angela Rayner's house sale isn't going away.....

593 MayBee70

France imposing a fine for no-shows at GP surgeries.

100 Lizzsalsa

Is this the end of smoking?

51 Bonnybanko

Well, well. Is it ‘global warming’ or ‘cloud seeding’?

16 Deedaa

Notes not boats

7 Ladyleftfieldlover

Is JK Rowling pushing the boundaries too far?

890 Elegran

Dr. Hilary Cass - report re trans.

380 Mollygo

Home Office Worker Arrested

29 growstuff

Brussels police ordered to attend a right wing conference attended by Braverman and Farage

181 Casdon

The Whipless!

3 Casdon

Another stabbing in Sydney today.

30 Wyllow3

Liz Truss on Trump

58 Dinahmo

Serial Prime Ministers

47 GrannyGravy13

Bondi attack.

64 NannyEm

Anyone follow story re NHS Ombudsman chief Rob Behrens' concerns about NHS cover ups?

10 Aveline

£50,000,000 to be paid to Rwanda as soon as bill passed.

3 CoolCoco

Katharine Birbalsingh – the head teacher of Michaela Community School.

724 Jaxjacky

Five Bulgarian nationals plead guilty to falsely claiming Universal Credit over five years and storing wads of cash in ‘fraud factories’.

204 Iam64

No circumstances in which I’d consider being PM again, says Cameron.

22 lixy

Mr Bates giving his evidence today


Tax Cuts

92 growstuff

Conscription -should UK initiate?

197 growstuff

O. J. Simpson has died.

58 DrWatson

Just how much taxpayers money have the Tories wasted

41 Sarnia

The NHS is a service not a shrine,” Mr Streeting said. “It is judged by how well it serves the public.”

96 M0nica

Is there anyone who still thinks that Israel's actions in Gaza are justifiable?

1000 Vintagewhine

Honeytrap - malevolent forces at work?

180 Callistemon21

Aw … Eric Morecambe’s wife has died aged 97y.

26 Thea224W

Where have we gone wrong....

150 DamaskRose

However does Paula Vennells sleep at night?

15 HousePlantQueen

Where would you begin if you were the next government?

132 Polar22

Move along the bus, room for one more.

32 flappergirl

Too many Union Jacks say Labour MP’s !

402 Anniebach

Oversharing of personal information - have we reached the nadir?

32 Galaxy

Scottish island ferries debacle. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

97 OldFrill


5 Luckygirl3

Buckingham palace calls in lawyers over computer generated book

45 icanhandthemback

Water Pollution -“ A National Disgrace”? A case for renationalisation?

120 Callistemon21

Clapham acid attacker - asylum seeker convicted of sex offence but still granted asylum?

521 Galaxy

School photos

49 TinSoldier

CEO of British Gas Pay Rise

27 ronib

Is anyone interested in the terror attack in Moscow?

104 maddyone

Trump and Biden

83 Dickens