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EU wants us to pay 89 BILLION divorce charges. 86 Lyndie
Let's not forget Brexit 593 Cindersdad
Support for the EU has now risen to its highest level in ten years 35 durhamjen
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Government Watch - 2 657 durhamjen
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Universal Credits- a new nightmare 269 durhamjen
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Have you done your Swedish death clean yet? 87 Witzend
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DUP, May and Hammond 23 BlueBelle
Could Trump news sink any lower? 51 durhamjen
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Environmental issues 12 MaizieD
Scary 4 BlueBelle
Scary 3 BlueBelle
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Harvey Weinstein moments 3 SueDonim
Bringing up boys and girls 33 FarNorth
child-on-child sex offences 12 Iam64
A description on conservatism 23 whitewave
Homelessness rise 'likely to have been driven by welfare reforms' 96 durhamjen
Ted Heath allegations 97 durhamjen
Sovereignty and 'take back control' 523 JessM
Trump and May 42 whitewave
"Dr Seuss books steeped in racist propaganda ... 15 petra
Moggmentum is getting stronger 132 durhamjen
I don't get this 68 Rhinestone
A story that says it all 31 JessM
Liz Dawn is dead 8 mrsmopp
Anti-Fracking Demo 24 Granny23
Tom Petty 43 JoyBloggs
Las Vegas shooting 35 ffinnochio
Momentum are getting stronger 410 trisher
Which countries are socialist. 69 durhamjen
Voting for Jeremy Corbyn - the political equivalent of buying a Harley Davidson 704 durhamjen
Jews and racism 433 Primrose65
Am I the only one who is underwhelmed? 31 Primrose65
Carol Vordeman 4 Sparklefizz
Lady Lucan 6 Smithy
Uber licence in London refused 137 whitewave
How to lose your staff in 4 easy lessons when you are the Brexit secretary 88 durhamjen
Trump in a dress? 9 Cindersdad
Remind you of somebody? 5 Chewbacca
The Liberal Party Conference 5 GracesGranMK2
Catalan Independence referendum and the "NEWS" 11 Anya
National Trust guides obliged to wear rainbow badges 148 maryeliza54
Food Banks 157 Welshwife