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Tell me how this is right?

78 Galaxy

Lawrence Fox

246 Doodledog

Braverman in the USA

136 Siope

By the end of this Parliament this Government will have raised taxes by more than any other in history.

14 varian

School bus crash

3 Cherrytree59

I love GB News

775 Shinamae

Another pointless knife crime death

28 Joseann

Who really holds power on the right of UK politics?

2 DaisyAnneReturns

Tory U-Turn on green policies

274 Dinahmo

20mph speed limit....for or against?

217 Callistemon21

Keeping up with Trump

1 Whitewavemark2


40 M0nica

Patisserie Valerie - former CFO charged with fraud

5 Saxifrage

What is left about Labour now?

397 Casdon

Just how stupid do the Tories think we are?

158 growstuff

Theresa May

8 MaizieD

Voter ID led to racial and disability discrimination

166 Grantanow

Police turn in guns - can we blame them?

98 Glorianny

Any Gnetters at the Rejoin march today in London

235 MayBee70

Strictly Cheese Sandwiches

360 growstuff

Charles & Camilla in Paris

224 ronib

cyclists meet King Charles out for a walk at balmoral

72 Daddima

Question. Is Labour interested in increasing the number of Combined Authorities?

2 NotSpaghetti

Barclays getting tough?

9 DiamondLily

Fascinating Podcast

10 DaisyAnneReturns

Careful what you say, or you may end up without any banking facilities.

479 Namsnanny

The NHS this winter. “Let’s be careful out there”. Needs must it seems.

82 Glorianny


53 Callistemon21

Murdoch is gone

7 Dinahmo

Dorries has gone…

56 Grantanow

Is Britain broken (channel 5)

33 Freya5

Ken Livingston diagnosed with dementia

12 AskAlice

Harry, Meghan and the Invictus Games

192 Callistemon21

More embarrassment for the Tories

53 Whitewavemark2

The “yes” vote in Australia

137 Callistemon21

Another analysis of Labour's offers if/when they win

11 DaisyAnneReturns

Is casual shoplifting and stealing getting out of hand.

51 eazybee

Disabled Pensioners - this week's government target?

12 DiamondLily

Britain's Tax Con

150 Norah

What is going on with ridiculous dog breeds ?

36 Candelle

EU flags at Last Night of the Proms

64 merlotgran

'Scam' on energy prices!!!!

32 Ethelwashere1

The very sad case of Sara Sharif

151 Iam64

State of Chaos: BBC2

38 MaizieD

Another tale of greed, Alan Sugar this time

74 Grantanow

King Charles III

898 nadateturbe

Covid vaccine to be restrictd to over 65s. The price of the vaccine to increase an estimated 5 times.

25 Grantanow

More than 100 schools told to close buildings over safety fears

382 Joseann

Another spectacular week in Toryland!

92 Dinahmo

‘Grandad’s Pride’. Really?

398 Oreo