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Brexit: On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you stand? 100 MaizieD
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Duke of Edinburgh in hospital 36 sarahellenwhitney
SNP new social security powers 1 paddyann
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London fire 1000 GracesGranMK2
Revenge terrorist attack 116 Riverwalk
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Thank you for the Politics thread. 60 GracesGranMK2
Very old 'news' but some people might like this 10 MaizieD
Is it too late for a U turn on Brexit or at least watering it down? 481 MaizieD
Living with the Trump presidency 943 AlieOxon
What PR would have given 39 Cindersdad
So what do we want? 277 daphnedill
The - we don't have a Labour thread, thread 31 Jalima1108
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At the risk of enraging present company 😃😃 100 Baggs
Should we help bring him home.? 38 M0nica
Could we not separate news and politics? 60 Elegran
Running a nation's economy;the role of the media 9 paddyann
Oops! She's done it again! 348 daphnedill
Let's talk nationalisation 37 Welshwife
Dont believe the hype 7 M0nica
Democracy hahahaha 341 Sillyoldfool
Who will replace May? 267 whitewave
The result 1000 Anya
The man who beat Nick Clegg 2 Tegan2
EDL riots in Manchester 4 daphnedill
Yet another TM speech 41 Deedaa
That went well didn't it? 28 whitewave
A strong statement? 55 phoenix
A question about the Brexit " negotiations" 11 hildajenniJ
This sums it up 13 Crafting
"The Book of Jeremy Corbyn" according to The New Yorker 48 rosesarered
Keep smiling 4 kittylester
Emily davidson 10 trisher
Who is going to win? 54 Ana
Roll up, roll up place your predictions 256 durhamjen
Looking ahead - Friday morning probably .... 105 Jalima1108
On a purely personal level.... 91 Coco51
Conservative voters don't look at this 300 mcem
use your vote 13 Penstemmon