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Johnson’s Government

90 Whitewavemark2

Anyone have good news to share about the U.K.? 🇬🇧

190 Whitewavemark2

We must have our say

44 GracesGranMK3

More expert opinions to be ignored?

49 Smileless2012

Labour anti-semitism

925 Anniebach

Trump, using the language of the playground again.

108 rosecarmel

Back to 60/Waspi Women

58 ClaraB

Lib Dems Leadership

14 Iam64

Boris v Hunt debate

137 Iam64

Rubbish on the Summer Isles

8 Eloethan

Should Isobel Oakeshott be tried and charged for Treason?

77 jura2

Drug deaths up over 20% in one Scotland

90 FarNorth

The Labour Party

283 Fennel

Should voting in the U.K. be mandatory?

43 Tweedle24

And they’re off! Electioneering in USA 🇺🇸

1 Urmstongran

Train windows

2 Riverwalk

Is this the face of fascism?

315 varian

Andrew Neil interviews are on now

13 varian

Brexit Party MEPs Brexbox videos

4 varian

The Brexit Party

610 varian

When WAS Ivanka trump elected?

67 varian

31st October is going to be tight!

96 varian

What did Hunt do to the NHS and how did he get away with it?

11 Grany

I despise Yaxley Lennon

184 Oswin

Tommy Robinson

367 Eloethan

Europe open to discussion

20 varian

So Brexiteers now want to go out on WTO rules...

13 varian

New £50 note

7 Charleygirl5


123 Anniebach

Tory Leadership race

427 Grany

Leaked e-mails and Farage as replacement?

169 jura2

Labour Party reportedly using ' gagging orders.

36 Anniebach

What is the matter with Merkel?

74 SirChenjin

Dominic Grieve attempt to block Johnson's ability to prorogue Parliment

58 M0nica

The state we are in.

3 EllanVannin

One small step ....

5 BlueBelle

HARDTalk with Sir John Major

40 MaizieD

deeply worrying time

23 varian

The people who have everything also run everything.

236 Lessismore

Nationalising our water companies makes so much sense

27 crystaltipps

By Election

56 Anniebach

"If the UK leaves the EU but remains in the single market or the customs union, then the British government would have to implement the new EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive, which is why Boris Johnso

19 jura2

Fox Hunting

130 jura2

Who represents the real Tory Party?

78 Iam64

Election Pacts

5 Luckygirl

Period Poverty?

20 GracesGranMK3

14 years ago today!!!!

27 MawBroonsback

Top Jobs in EU

62 maddyone

Investment in U.K.

41 Grandad1943

Why on earth are people doing this?

95 Callistemon