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"I wish I loved the human race; I wish I loved it's silly face;"

237 lemongrove

The Brexit Party

347 Urmstongran

Next Tory Leader.

389 GabriellaG54

Ten damning conclusions from the new UN poverty report

118 Whitewavemark2

"Personal care should be free for over-65s, says thinktank"

7 M0nica

UK Steel Industry & Media Reporting

151 GabriellaG54

Banning milkshakes to save Farage

234 Elvive

The unofficial 2nd EU referundum taking place today 23rd May 2019

150 Mycatisahacker

The embarrassment of the Tories

346 Anniebach

Corbyn's long game - driving journalists crazy- and you?

156 Anniebach

Remainer opinion of leavers

96 varian

No deal here we go!

67 Mycatisahacker

LGBT protest at school

403 Elvive

Which politician ( dead or alive) ?

43 Anniebach

Ozone layer: Banned CFCs traced to China say scientists

3 rosecarmel


26 Urmstongran

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse...

62 Grandad1943

Horrified by Alabama Abortion law

694 janeainsworth

Labour /Tory

15 MaizieD

Confirmatory Vote

207 varian

Liberal Democrats

131 varian

DWP review into the death of six-stone Stephen Smith will be held in secret

52 GillT57

March to the Far Right

5 rosecarmel


33 grandtanteJE65

l gave an awful feeling

178 Dinahmo

Tony Blaire

8 Mycatisahacker

Builders and Destroyers

50 Gonegirl

What on Earth

64 Mycatisahacker

If you are a remainer

79 Cindersdad

Prince William and Mental health

34 Jomarie

Trumps visit

3 ninathenana

The UK National Debt Clock

3 EllanVannin

May or Sturgeon?

116 Mycatisahacker

Sir Andy Murray!


Our NHS is being privatised

74 janeainsworth

Dubbed ‘the Status Quo’ party

24 Mycatisahacker

WTO rules - how many have spent time studying what it really means?

98 suzied

BBC biased or incompetent?

48 varian

Katya and Laura get the giggles!

7 Nonnie

“Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU” Petition

464 varian

I think the Remain parties have got it wrong

56 varian

Project Fear

63 Mycatisahacker

EU elections

251 Nonnie

Oops I did it again

6 Mycatisahacker

“For the Record”

16 Jabberwok

Appalling news about Brexit

167 varian

Brexit: Behind Closed Doors. BBC4

29 Bridgeit

Britain 'risks heading to US levels of inequality'

59 GracesGranMK3

who pays our politicians?

2 Mycatisahacker

TM deal 3 weeks

3 Mycatisahacker