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I think flat faced dogs should be banned

45 MadeInYorkshire

Our bloated NHS - it’s beyond ridiculous now.

517 growstuff

Why Diana Ross?

56 Chrissyoh

Tory MP blames food bank use on people not knowing how to cook or budge

431 Casdon

The Queen ,,yesterday photos

65 Joseanne

Finland & Sweden have formally applied to join NATO this morning.

37 varian

Are the Royal Family losing their touch?

766 Honeysuckleberries

PMQs - Hypothermia

21 AGAA4

Rape and sexual assault

53 Philippa111

Kay Mellor

17 BlueSky

The loss of freedom of speech, of sidelining women and biology

99 Doodledog

More Tory sleaze

134 Iam64

The Irish Question revisited

254 varian

What a brave lad! ⚽️👨‍❤️‍👨

36 AmberSpyglass

The queen walks to her seat at Jubilee celebrions

68 maddyone

MP Named as Neil Parish

134 Joseanne

Tory illegal campaign donation

55 Callistemon21

I’m delighted Boris is back!

261 BlueBelle

Rachel Maclean MP joins a long line ...

27 M0nica

Labour will table an amendment to the Queen's Speech calling for a windfall tax on the profits of energy companies.

25 OakDryad

Champagne Socialist

114 Whitewavemark2

Queens Speech

520 Germanshepherdsmum

Jack Monroe

65 OakDryad

Roe v Wade

502 NanKate

Nuclear power's a good thing. It will only make your bills go up a little bit. 🙃

51 M0nica

Durham Police to Investigate Kier Starmer over breaking lockdown rules

375 Iam64

Street votes

22 Germanshepherdsmum

Johnson and Brexit

46 Whitewavemark2

Johnson propelled to leadership by donation channelled through a Russian bank

8 Wheniwasyourage

Ease the cost of living crisis by making more people unemployed 🙃

168 Callistemon21

Good to know that the BBC has it priorities in the right order.

9 Grantanow

the law as it stands on sex - part 3

332 FarNorth

Will the Revolution start in the House of Lords?

17 BeEmerald

Nationalism the fashionable form of government

229 volver

Disappointing Queen’s Speech fails those in desperate need now

31 OakDryad

Food banks

14 Galaxy

There is no tax cut that will help the lowest third of incomes.

6 Jane43

Why do we have wars?

68 Fennel

‘Partygate’ - MET police issue over 100 fines.

16 maddyone

Another food bank opens. Hurrah!

69 Chocolatelovinggran

If you’d like to register with an NHS dentist in all of the Somerset area you’re out of luck.

42 growstuff

Russian TV hacked….

9 Oldwoman70

Local Elections

229 MayBee70

High Inflation.

186 Germanshepherdsmum

Mr. Johnson live on GMB 8.30 today

141 Whitewavemark2

The "Right" see poverty and wealth as marks of "character" ;, the "Left" see them as marks of circumstance.

30 Germanshepherdsmum

Richard Branson proposes steps on reducing Russian oil use

33 M0nica

Ukraine tartan being made in Scotland

4 fairfraise

Girls and Physics. It's too hard for them. 😕

332 Callistemon21

Should NATO be putting boots on the ground in Ukraine?

31 nadateturbe