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Who will be left in the Labour Party?

18 biba70

Why are pubs and restaurants so important?

63 bikergran

All eyes now turn to Brexit.

261 Whitewavemark2

Chancellor Sunak's wife richer than the Queen

69 biba70

Trump throwing his toys out of the pram

334 varian

Boris Johnson: another photo shoot....

114 MayBee70

I bloody love Eddie Mair on LBC

63 FannyCornforth

Chancellor cuts International Aid budget

120 lemongrove

Well done The Speaker

36 biba70

Jan Morris

4 varian

Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour Party

1000 Galaxy

Is Chris Whitty shrinking? 😕

15 SueDonim

Curfew or lockdown - which is best?

13 Doodledog

Brexit has now cost more than the International Space Station

14 NotSpaghetti

The reason people tolerate governments who lie

70 ImStillGood

Boris Johnson is set to axe Priti Patel as home secretary in his next reshuffle amid questions in Downing Street over her “competence”

15 Whitewavemark2

New Equalities Commissioner Jessica Butcher

33 suziewoozie

It has never been my intention to cause upset to anyone.”

45 Curlywhirly

Who are the Working Class these days?

78 Doodledog

Preeti's sitting pretty

126 GillT57

Petition asking for Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs

93 Blossoming

How much is the tax payer willing to tolerate

23 Whitewavemark2

Threat to the Electoral Commission

3 varian

Boris in Isolation-where is he? what will he do?

113 trisher

Channel 4 Dispatches programme 16 November

10 Katek

How did we ever get to have such an incompetent government?

156 petra

Trump is using "crowd funding" in order to help pay off his debts.

47 MayBee70

Since 1967, the Palestinian people are being destroyed in the most inhumane of ways

122 Grany

Trump’s turned grey

17 MamaCaz

Dominic Cummings has left No.10.....

109 Deedaa

Desperately keeping Cummings (sorry)

160 Whitewavemark2

Biden is President elect

315 Elegran

Was THIS the plan?

7 paddyanne

After Trump

2 rosecarmel

Something for lockdown sceptics

7 Blossoming

SIS2 international criminal/terrorist info sharing fiasco

2 biba70

Corruption or sensible spending?

35 MaizieD

Trump is considering running in 2024

28 varian

Scotland. Banning smacking in the home.

59 Smileless2012

Mink Farms in Denmark

90 Hetty58

What does a President Biden mean for the UK?

110 varian

Then there was one

40 biba70

So, who was the mystery caller?

18 mamaa

It looks as if Trump will win now

422 suziewoozie

An appropriate end to a terrible time in politics!

2 Whitewavemark2

A sense of perspective

17 Callistemon

Another benefit of Biden winning

3 Hetty58

A thought to share as we all settle down for bed

18 Parsley3

Rabbi Sacks RIP

10 Teetime

And a song for Trump.......

33 Jane43