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Woman found guilty of raping two women. Remanded in custody for sentence end February

374 Doodledog

Mark Drakeford’s wife Clare has died suddenly at the age of 66y.

22 BigBertha1

Pesticides praying of sugar beet

20 Norah

Will you be lighting a candle today?

62 Fleurpepper

Do the pros of sending tanks to Ukraine outweigh the cons?

143 Norah

As well as starving the NHS, Education has been starved by this government too.

37 Doodledog

Is this*levelling up* ? A view from the South

29 Grantanow

Power Cuts

12 rosie1959

Sylvia Syms.

7 Judy54

Jenner's in Edingburgh

19 Aveline

The NHS is gone ...

172 Casdon

£220,000 of taxpayers money and rising!

12 Grantanow

Oh, dear, more sleaze! Do we need to change the way that parties are funded?

36 Whitewavemark2

Does anyone believe Nadhim Zahawi?

222 ronib

Another dog tragedy

329 OnwardandUpward

A boost for Brexit?

373 Whitewavemark2

Jacinda Ardern lets the side down

217 Sparklefizz

Well Done Sir Rod! 👍

95 Riverwalk

Sandi Toksvig met the Archbishop of Canterbury

36 Glorianny

Nottingham Health Trust fined

9 Germanshepherdsmum

Sometimes I am ashamed

339 Mollygo

A new gold coach?

70 Callistemon21

Universities told *not* to train extra doctors

75 ronib

King Charles's coronation plans include Windsor concert

122 varian

Is it OK to break the law if you are a Tory?

337 ronib


26 Norah

Anyone Volunteering for the 3 day Royal Coronation Event

162 Grany

Another week, a further scandal!

7 Petera

Breaking News. an armed 'met' policer officer. guilty of rapes

124 grannydarkhair

200 child refugees go missing

8 Fleurpepper

A certain book

585 Sparklefizz

Over-50s could be EXEMPT from income tax in a bid to tempt them back into work

23 M0nica

New week, new scandal

14 foxie48

This is so apt for to-day Robert Burns to a Moose

2 GrannyRose15

Jacob Rees Mogg's bonfire of EU laws

56 ronib

Another day, another Tory scandal....

45 Grantanow

Scots Grans Do You Support The Recent Gender Recognition Legislation Passed In Scotland?

1 Anniel

the church of england has never crpwned a divorced King

120 Grantanow

Harry sensationally accuses camilla

296 sodapop


15 Dinahmo

uk spending priorities

8 Germanshepherdsmum

Claim against the UK government taken to the European Court of Human Rights

13 Grantanow

Minimum Safety Levels

8 ronib

Are we over the moon for him?

75 Norah

King Charles shocking and disloyal book exposing royal secrets and attacking his family

277 OnwardandUpward

How to be a Republican on the 6th May

34 ronib

Taxing the super rich

2 TerriBull

Rishi Sunak not wearing a seatbelt.

110 Wheniwasyourage

NHS England

38 ronib

Improvements in the U.K. since 2010

42 Grantanow