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France bans live shredding of chickens - anyone object?

5 annep1

Prince Andrew warned not to go to the US because he could be arrested. (Yahoo article)

88 Anniebach

What will the UK look like with the new change in economics?

155 GracesGranMK3

Big Ben Can Bong For Brexit

191 Sparkling

RIP Nicholas Parsons

32 Dec46

Should Prince Andrew seek asylum in the Equador embassy from FBI?

9 ananimous

Man who says Camilla and Charles are his parents

39 Callistemon

Well done Lawrence Fox!

728 Eloethan

MSM you are not getting the full picture

27 Gaunt47

Some Remainers won’t accept the new 50p 🤭

141 lemongrove

B.T. shaking up their customer service.

7 Cunco

RIP Nicholas Parsons

2 Witzend

Coronavirus Testing

122 Callistemon

Auschwitz remembered 75th anniversary on t. V

5 annep1

Poverty in the UK - disappearing according to Boris

232 annep1

Sajid now says 'no alignment post Brexit' ...

81 GracesGranMK3

Queen offered Meghan Markle to not be working royal before she married Harry.

11 Blinko

Daily Mail question

2 Bathsheba

Question Time

1 Newquay

Meanwhile in Scotland 2

101 SirChenjin

People still think EU nstionals are being treated fairly in the UK?

121 CoolioC

shock for retirees in Portugal

70 CoolioC

So the North to be the loser again.

51 growstuff

Harry & Megan drop HRH Titles

477 Curlywhirly

Countdown clock to M(eg)GTOW?

40 ananimous

Plastic bricks make classrrooms in Ivory Coast

16 Barmeyoldbat

Cover up of sexual abuse within the Church of England - documentary on tv last night

24 trisher

Well done to William & Kate .....

102 Millie22

Has anybody joined the Labour Party since 2019 Elections?

59 Cunco

Sensible discussion on Labour Leadership hopefuls

895 GracesGranMK3

Thomas Markle, My Story

3 mrsmopp

H & M wish list

278 Nezumi65

Selling the fur from dead koalas

23 Dinahmo

Are you or friends, children or grand-children or other loved ones- likely to be filed as terrorist?

65 jura2

How long will Boris last?

322 Cindersdad

What now for Scotland?

24 SirChenjin

Peter Phillips advertising milk

54 Callistemon

You couldn't make it up! This tweet by a Brexit Party MEP

4 jura2

White Slaves of England

75 MaizieD

Negotiating deals ...

17 jura2

I think I'm more cross about Frogmore Cottage than anything else in the H&M saga.

244 ReadyMeals

Seems Macron’s popularity has waned.

13 Fennel

Child refugees and uniting families.

2 mosid1910

Labour Leadership Hustings from Liverpool

8 Ilovecheese

The Conservatives and the NHS

51 Baggs

Time to stop talking about the Bong?

18 Elegran

And What Do You Do? Book about the Royal Family by Norman Baker

111 lavenderzen

Iranian retaliation has begun!

96 trisher

Cost of Brexit already £130 billion, with more costs to come

3 Cunco

Good news for Northern Ireland

3 annep1