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Government is lying about lack of availability of CV testing chemicals

120 growstuff

Oh dear Harry and Meghan

936 Anniebach

What a sick, excuse for a human being!

28 timetogo2016

Chinese medics arrive in England to help fight the virus.

70 Firecracker123

Has there been another announcement tonight?

67 Ellianne

An interesting read in the New York Times

3 Whitewavemark2


17 Hetty58

The Lancet ( nothing more to say really)

70 Greeneyedgirl

Talk about priorities!

3 BradfordLass73

Alex Salmond Trial Verdict

240 Calendargirl

Instacart workers planning a strike Monday

3 vampirequeen

BJ has tested poisitive

8 Dinahmo

What s wromg with the UK?

88 Maggiemaybe

Hooray for the NHS Voluntary Army

42 Shizam

Breathing machines - when needs must!

15 M0nica

Are BJ and his team speaking today?

78 Pikachu


205 Silverlady333

Lisa Nandy/Owen Jones Dilemma

13 MawB

RIP Julie Felix

8 Luckygirl

New Information

5 Sparklefizz

Widdy and Farage

19 SirChenjin

Innocent questions

14 M0nica

Farmers asking for Land Army...would this work?

19 Pikachu

Further aid for the self employed

1 Dinahmo

The language of Corona

96 varian

Just don't touch your face!

16 Jabberwok

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe released from Iran prison on a temporary basis

10 PamelaJ1

Chris Grayling - New Head of the Intelligence Commitee

12 Grany

Shocking article

89 Tooting29

Comparison of European responses to CV

22 GracesGranMK3


69 Mic74

Senate Republicans block emergency sick leave bill as outbreak spreads across US

9 lemongrove

Trevor Phillips (ECHR) Suspended from the Labour Party

57 trisher

The Budget

35 varian

Parking on Pavements

13 Aspen

Prince Harry & Boris Johnson

53 Anniebach

Sensible Discussion on Labour Leadership hopefuls MK 2

515 POGS

Nadine Dorries tested positive for Corona virus

15 Callistemon

Mother Earth strikes back!!!

16 gillybob

Latest on Harry and Meghan

1000 Anniebach

Is Johnson getting bored?

206 SirChenjin

The Guardian Cartoon of Priti Patel & Boris Johnson

60 SirChenjin

Leaving Archie behind

61 Summerlove

Nazarin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

22 Barmeyoldbat

Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Prize question again


First business casualty of Coronavirus?


Andrea Leadsom's resignation speech

1 Dinahmo

We don't need our farmers and fishermen

133 SirChenjin

Shortage of Baby Milk (again)

5 TrendyNannie6

Boris Johnson to reject EU’s human rights laws after Brexit (warning - copied and pasted!)

43 growstuff