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A look at our NHS since 1997

59 GrannyLaine

Another who ‘won’t follow a clown’

73 Hetty58

Prince Andrew "stepping down"

19 LullyDully

Considering voting Labour?

545 MaizieD

Liberal Democrats

485 varian

For brexiters only please.

786 Chestnut

Have we got our priorities right.

25 Gaunt47

Boris Johnson and his lies

324 Labaik

Do you feel politically homeless?

51 barbr555

Looking back over the last decade, were many mistakes made by our politicians?

30 varian

Past general elections

10 M0nica

Russian interference in UK elections

24 varian

Franco’s body being moved today

56 Dinahmo

Considering voting Tory?

212 jura2

I think that the problem is that Conservatives are evolutionists

22 MaizieD


254 trisher

General Election - what would decide the vote for you?

173 varian

young people increasingly say 'NO children'

117 varian

Considering voting SNP?

5 SirChenjin

Four day week

157 Pantglas2

The disconnect

16 Dinahmo

Farage the fraudster

116 Framilode

Political onanism

230 Gonegirl

Tory election not going well is it?

164 GracesGranMK3

Quote from Measure for Measure (re BJ)

12 MaizieD

Tactical voting - again!

5 varian

Brexit - no less

3 tanith

Trump to visit UK pre-election

19 Callistemon

Election promises- are they getting desperate?

97 Dustyhen2010

Think the NHS is safe in Tory hands? Think again

120 Pantglas2

Remainers must vote tactically

213 varian

Boris Johnson - Wheat fields or worse?

29 growstuff

"Labour wants to Remain" - The Times Red Box

14 Anniebach

Lying for votes. No costing from ERG Tories but lies about not yet released Labour manifesto.

70 Chestnut

Who is going to care for all these extra children?

87 trisher

May I ask ...

18 gmarie

For Brexiters and Remainers alike - humour

57 Oopsminty

Corbyn at the Cenotaph and lays a wreath.

137 Gonegirl

Is there a great difference in teenage years?

62 growstuff

Safe in whose hands?

71 growstuff

General election coverage

9 Davidhs


135 varian

Brexit (so-called) party supports Tories

68 varian

Corbyn not at Festival of Remembrance

144 gma

Labour to have Clause 1V meeting Saturday to agree manifesto which will then be costed

7 varian

I've never un derstood- what was the Great War all about?

64 M0nica

Keith Vaz

4 growstuff


390 Grandad1943

Citizen's Assembly

2 Gonegirl

Rosette colours

2 varian