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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Arthritis and orthopaedic hospital appointment

7 GrandmasueUK


729 ChrissyR

Check up

24 Kittye

How much weight to lose

12 Georgesgran

Hip pain at night - tips re pillow ‘between the knees’

9 geekesse

co codamol 30/500

32 cathymum

111 - what's the point?

10 M0nica

Trapped nerve in neck

7 toots139

The Vaccine

558 Rosalyn69

CBD Gummies

25 Sofia

Covid skin rash

8 JenniferEccles

Liver cysts

1 LongtoothedGran

Vit D for the vulnerable and elderly

50 Nana3


5 GrannySomerset

Flu Jab

25 jusnoneed

Hip replacement surgery

22 travelsafar


5 TrendyNannie6

Any dentists/hygenists/d ental nurses here?

11 lemsip

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

12 Franbern

Synovial cysts

7 Callistemon

Well, I must be ill! 😧

32 phoenix

Supplement obsession.

50 MissChateline

Has anyone ever sprained their jaw?

14 JackyB

ECG Monitor - worth having?

4 Nadateturbe

Bath grab handles

24 nadateturbei

Views on ear wax removal by suction

18 Jane10

Sensitive teeth..ouch. Any help?

23 travelsafar

After effects of the pneumonia jab?

26 M0nica

Continuing health care funding appeal tribunal

15 NfkDumpling

Plantar Fasciitis

68 lizzypopbottle

hospital appointment

16 travelsafar

Insect bites in November?

12 Whitewavemark2

First Christmas Alone

29 grandtanteJE65

Constant sinus pain

24 V3ra

No wonder my cup runneth over! (bra sizes) own measurement

2 BlueSky

Ct scan contrast after effects

13 TrendyNannie6

No idea what’s up - feeling sorry for myself - is this declining health in old age

50 Callistemon

Heart stopping moments before sleep.

50 HansW93

Low carb eating.

61 NanKate

Arthritis in JAW??

14 Bigred18

worrying about partner with onset of dementia

8 sodapop

Cataract complications

3 Ramblingrose22

l hate the night l am so afraid l just eat and make myself so ill

66 Nanderin

CBD oil for arthritic pain relief

34 treeman26

Trouble opening jars and bottles

10 chelseababy

Teenage Type One Diabetes

2 Astral

Very rare cancer hardly ever heard of?

13 Sunnysideup

Care Assistant Home Visits

17 Dorsetcupcake61

Senile Purpura - bleeding/ bruising under the skin arms /legs

19 Lexisgranny

Burning Mouth Syndrome

73 OldAgeSucks