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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Daily exercise videos - starting Monday 10am!

9 grannyrebel7


6 EllanVannin

Black Dog Gang 5

929 Joce345

Daily walk ?

64 Grandad1943

What to expect.

12 harrigran

Domestic violence prisoner.

25 EllanVannin

Waking up in pain

9 ExD

Anyone got symptoms?

88 maddyone

Hay Fever - is April too early?

28 QuaintIrene

Best advice yet

5 Pikachu

CBD oil

10 Cannabeme000

Hope this may calm some fears

39 Doodledog

Antibiotics for backpain?

11 M0nica

Healthcare army for us

2 Whitewavemark2

How long is danagerous - I failed to put a raw chicken in the fridge?

103 Joplin

Anyone else going STIR CRAZY?

151 Franbern

Palliative Care? Relatives at home,have you stopped visiting.

1 bikergran

After/side effect of drugs

3 CherryCezzy


22 suziewoozie

Itchy skin to the point I can't sleep. Help!

23 MawB

Is this the start of coronovirus infection ?

7 DoraMarr

Free downloadable Will

3 jacksmum


16 Sparklefizz

rotten cold virus....

24 Patsy70

Boris has got it

25 Patsy70

Who’s bought a thermometer?


Matt Hancock has it too....

4 Mapleleaf

Gallbladder removed - bile help?

8 Katyj

Exercise while self isolating.

4 Ramblingrose22

This 'vulnerable' label ----

5 ExD

Sainsburys and shielded patients

6 BlueSky

my joints are siezing up

7 Oopsadaisy3

NHS Screening

60 TwinLolly

Don't go out, he says. Shop line, he says

40 Callistemon

Does anyone know what a very mild case of CV looks like?

32 welbeck

Ventilators - when necessity is the mother of invention

2 rosecarmel

The UK is more that London

54 Mamardoit

Hip help

9 Humbertbear

Hip op cancelled at last minute due to coronavirus

12 Humbertbear

Beware of dangerous information

2 vampirequeen

Tesco delivery

22 Deedaa

Arrogant grand daughter

57 Nannan2

COPD diagnosis

8 nanaK54

0ptic migraine

26 rockgran

...In the small wee hours of the night

47 tricia12

Vulnerable- regardless of age. Autoimmune diseases.

27 Pikachu

Hand washing songs as a change from Happy Birthday

10 CherryCezzy

Official Advice on what we should be doing

17 Hatcham

GP NOT CV related

10 heath480

Early symptom -CV (what else?)

9 Namsnanny