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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Covid booster

145 growstuff

Black Dog 18

850 Ellie Anne


32 GrandmaKT

Neck ache for over a month

2 Marydoll

Increasing Calcium in diet for Osteoporosis

94 Callistemon21

Flu and Covid jabs in the same arm….

26 dustyangel

Cost of implants and crowns

35 Marydoll

UTI won't go away

60 Catterygirl

Prolapse and ring pessaries

5 tiredoldwoman

Reverse total shoulder replacement

7 Quokka

Anti Depressants/Beta Blockers

11 Oldnproud

NEURO Therapy appointments

5 Bea65

👯‍♀️Hip & Knee Replacement #3 👯‍♀️

823 Nightsky2

Severe Restless legs

41 growstuff

Vitamin B12 injections offered by local beautician.

12 MayBee70

Ibruprofen Gel and IBS Query

17 MayBee70


25 MrsKen33

Dry feet

7 NotSpaghetti


26 glammagran

How can I help her?

11 Moonwatcher1904

Osteoporosis and the drug Alendronate

35 Tpart

Depressed and in need of advice and understanding.

107 Hels001

12 hours over night in A&E can anyone beat it ?

103 johnnyretro

Peripheral Artery Disease?

3 growstuff

Ibuprofen - strange reaction

12 Nannarose

Pulmonary rehabilitation assessment NHS

5 Redhead56


1 Mollygo

Living with someone with mental health issues

35 Allsorts

Consultant appointment in NHS 3 months, 1 month private

126 NanKate

Carbocisteine - anyone else be prescribed these?

3 Farmor15

Methotrexate & its side effects, any views please?

12 watermeadow

Menieres disease

4 Catlover123

Pans and Pandas - Well I never!

6 Ro60

Is this a scam or is it the NHS?

18 M0nica

Lymphoedema 18 years after mastectomy

7 Midnightblue

Turmeric and surgery

5 MayBee70

Appointment at memory clinic

22 catherine123

Cataracts disappointment

86 Cold

Staples in the head…

8 Shinamae

Cataract query

19 Aveline

Can you smell but not be aware of it?

139 FannyCornforth

Partial thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine therapy?

9 nanaK54

Glaucoma diagnosis

11 Gingster


20 Mandymoo456

Looking for a Pilates-yoga online video

37 Glorianny

Social impacts of health issues

5 Whiff

Cracked ribs- how long to recover.

12 foxie48

Cholesterol high and offered statins..

10 Oldbat1

Sertraline and Vertigo

8 Fairycakes

Eating Nuts

10 vegansrock