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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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I’ve been called to the assessment clinic after a mammogram - absolutely terrified

92 Hetty58

Arthritis meds

13 Marydoll

Hay Fever/Dust Mite Allergy

13 Hetty58

Slowing down Alzheimer’s

9 jura2

Black Dog Gang 4

722 Anniebach

Norovirus / cold

10 tiredoldwoman

Cataracts and long sight

15 GrandmaMoira

Should I have a hip replacement? Advice please.

54 Greeneyedgirl

Question for you ladies who've had a hysterectomy

97 Flossie13

rotten cold virus....

11 Patsy70

Magnesium-which do you recommend?

8 annep1


20 Luckygirl

NHS dentist costs

32 Moocow


8 Elegran

Oh, my aching feet!

25 craftyone

Check up!

2 Gonegirl

Online Pharmacy

3 FlexibleFriend

Awareness of Lichen Sclerosus

1 chickkygran

What Is Self-Hypnosis?

1 Ntshloren

Hospital eye appointment didn't go well - what to do?

13 humptydumpty

Corneal ulcers

5 Katyj

Silent heart attack.

22 BlueSky

Am I in pain or just a bit wimpy?

69 Starblaze


47 SueDonim

Inner ear virus

36 JenniferEccles

Cataract surgery - standard or multifocal?

33 curvygran950

TMS treatment

9 SashaT


11 Coolgran65


14 Tricia55

Today at the doctor's ...

56 BlueSky

Medical help for daughter

23 mcem

CBD oil for arthritic pain relief

17 Joce345

Carbimazole - intolerance?

7 Patience6and7


45 eagleswings

Penicillin allergy ... anyone else? Help please .

26 Marydoll

what calms you

117 Fennel

TENS machine for Arthritis Pain

8 Franbern


6 Ashman

Arthritis in Feet

34 Grannycool52

Joint pains after stopping hrt

32 Ashman

Sacroiliac pain

23 Ashman

Shingles - Ouch!!!

38 Ashman

Pain relief for osteoarthritis in knees

73 Ashman

Sciatica/trapped nerve

33 Ashman

Sciatica relief

43 Ashman

Mammograms - how painful are they really?

100 SirChenjin

Home remedies

70 Farmor15

Fats intolerance?

15 BlueSky

Sjouren's, Sarcoidosis, Parotid tumor any other ideas?

14 Apryl4


7 Apryl4