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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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If my GP refers me (or anyone) for a specialist consultation, why does the hospital then have to triage it?

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Black Dog 12

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Polymyagia Reumatica

5 Kupari45

Hip replacement pre/post operation pls

768 silverlining48

Downhearted and flat

16 Shelflife

Exemestane for Breast Cancer after care

8 soop

Autism diagnosed as an adult?

70 Percypig

Hair loss

60 Davida1968

CT colonoscopy

4 Littleannie

Circulation Booster Machine

6 Candy6

Codeine constipation

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Osteo arthritis hands

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✏️I need to make a list: Pre-Op Questions

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Second Nature

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What do these symptoms add up to?

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Female sterilisation.

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Coronavirus spring clean

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Is this dementia?

19 Daisymae

Waiting for Colonoscopy appt

18 grannydarkhair

Anyone had a microdiscectomy?

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Post tkr

10 Aveline

Hip replacement surgery recovery

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Swollen ankles when sitting

14 Caleo

New office

14 NotSpaghetti

Hate my teeth

34 MayBee70

Dementia Frustration - An Alice in Wonderland Life.

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Breast pain

84 TwinLolly

Covid testing

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I have mental health illnes Its not a problem

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Gallbladders Issues - anyone else?

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Monkeypox, should we be worried?

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How to get a prescription for prednisone?

26 Philippa111

Light incontinence at night

28 Pollaidh

BMI calculation says I am not overweight when my proportion of body fat puts me under the heading of obese.

43 PerserverencePays

Omeprazole vs Lansoprozole

37 Party4

B12 deficiency

12 growstuff

No IVF for stepmum?

48 Kandinsky

The Queen's Walking stick

21 Elizabeth27

NHS 2 WEEK REFERRAL re changes in bowel habits

13 MayBee70

Anyone got any advice please re black poo (sorry!)

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People’s experiences of counselling, CBT

24 maddyone

Antidepressant experiences please .

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17 Nandalot

What to do?

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AOSD - Adult Onset Still's disease

8 Farzanah

Jeremy Hunt and the NHS

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Depression and Anxiety Self-Assessment Quiz

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Arthritis, steroid injection

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