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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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13 wildswan16

Hospital stay for MIL

40 Rivernana

Black Dog Gang 4

354 Nonnie

CA125 blood test

8 farview

Hair loss

69 ozel

He's so damn stubborn!

45 dragonfly46

Shoulder Replacement

15 BlueSapphire

Anyone had thyroid biopsy inconclusive

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12 Auntieflo

The Lurgy.........

78 Coolgran65

Flu jabs

150 Urmstongran

Well done N.H.S.

29 Rivernana

Adverts on Gransnet

5 Luckygirl

GORD and Zantax

24 giulia

Withdrawal from prescribed drugs

5 Barmeyoldbat

Delicate subject but can you help please? TMI warning

13 starshine

I have started making a strange noise.

37 Gonegirl

GP appointment


I’ve been drinking too much all my adult life

111 NanKate

Pulsatile tinnitus

11 NanKate

Silent heart attack.

20 K9PH

To pee or not to pee......

62 sodapop


10 Namsnanny

Operation for prolapse repair

33 Auntieflo

Partner's outbursts

17 FarNorth

Medical help for daughter

18 Madmeg

back passage leaks

13 Sparklefizz


31 GrannySomerset


9 madmarchram

Persistent cough..8 weeks!

46 Carl89

Medical records

4 PenelopeB

Frozen bed fellow

11 bingo12

Benenden health.

15 annep1

Do not wait or hesitate to have hearing aids if you need them

6 BlueSky

EMG test

3 wildswan16

Has someone got a copy, please? List of medicines threatened by No Deal Brexit

13 GabriellaG54

Ovarian cyst

14 NonnaJazz

Compression stockings

1 gillyknits


5 Tweedle24

Varicose veins. Very bulging.

32 JoannaMilten

Ovary removal after hysterectomy

11 StMary

Bile acid malaborbtion

19 Anniebee65

Hip replacement

3 kiki2

How long for a hip replacement

2 NotTooOld


8 Coolgran65

In praise of Revitive

1 Thingmajig

Anxiety and stress

61 Coolgran65

acid reflux and heartburn

57 Life11

Refractive lens replacement surgery

1 paddyann

Vitamin D deficiency.

105 PernillaVanilla