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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Black Dog Gang 7

75 Doodle

A wonderful poem

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Quiet fan recommendations please

16 infoman

Driving has hurt my leg

7 ExD

Lockdown lethargy

6 merlotgran

I am a Mutant!!



18 Jane10

Pneumonia vaccine - is it only needed once?

28 travelsafar

Co amoxiclav 500mg

18 Barmeyoldbat

Hallux rigidus pain

3 Sparklefizz

AF - when do you seek advice?

6 Luckygirl

Cannabis Tea

29 Ace864

What are underlying health conditions?

105 Marydoll

Hearing aids (or not) causing distress

14 Puzzled

l hate the night l am so afraid l just eat and make myself so ill

50 Puzzled

Is it worth buying a 'Fat Scale'?

62 LevHill

If you are offended by lavatorial don't open

104 LevHill

Lower back pain

44 LevHill

Obesity linked to poverty

524 LevHill

Awareness of Lichen Sclerosus

17 Spiral

Spinal Fusion Recovery time

2 MaryTheBookeeper

Hip replacement - private and then NHS?? Is this right?

60 Jane10

Nurses and their help with Covid - please be careful!!

17 Alexa

Blue badge

46 Wedi

Hygiene or Politeness?

47 Teacheranne

Costochondritis ...anyone been diagnosed?

10 crazyH

Denplan Refund/Credit anyone?

14 monk08

Booked in to have biopsy at hosp

15 ElaineI

Total Hysterectomy aged 53 due to fibroids and heavy bleeding

27 Jools1x

Advise please re Citalopram

29 rafichagran

Can’t stay asleep

57 SueB14


1 mantaray

Teeth extractions in September

9 MellowYellow

Blood pressure monitors

21 Blinko

Black Dog Gang 6

1000 lavenderzen

Shoes for bunions!

7 Charleygirl5

Root canal procedure

13 Gingergirl

big toe problem,advice most wellcome

8 infoman

Pain from sciatica

22 Nicholas12312

Chiropractic query.

9 welbeck

Osteo arthritis

20 NfkDumpling

Flu and pneumonia vaccine tied to lower risk of Alzheimer’s.

18 Furret

swollen arm and breast

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2 Riversidegirl

Cataract and astigmatism

28 miketom

Dentist check-up

13 watermeadow


3 biba70

I don't want to be taking Zopiclone

31 nikkinemo95

Health concern

18 BlueBelle


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