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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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NHS and Removing ear wax

52 Sparklefizz

Rubber rings.

1 ExD

Difficulty with myvwaterworks

14 Whiff

Huntingdon's disease

58 OnwardandUpward

Breast Cancer

87 dragonfly46

Atrial Fibrillation &hot weather.

4 Whiff

Black Dog 10

77 Doodle

Facial neuralgia

2 Maggiemaybe


52 Bea65

Continuing Health Care funding

12 SueDonim

Chronic Pain

15 Dibbydod

What is the best way to dress/treat a broken big toe nail?

16 Oldbat1

Vitamin K2

8 nadateturbe

Skin marking

9 Sparklefizz

Carers/Attendance Allowance

33 Teacheranne

Lens replacement surgery

11 Floradora9

I can’t stop crying! Help!

16 Doodle

Chronic Insomnia

52 BlueSky

Heavy handed bully of a hospital security man

37 Callistemon

Tight feeling around lower legs.

13 Lovetopaint037

Impact of sons mental health

20 Fennel

General aches and pains.

6 NanKate

Seems Chickenpox is doing the rounds!

15 Franbern

The NHS App & Proof of Vaccination 💉

30 Oopsadaisy1

Rituximab for RA

16 Marydoll

shoes, warning to all

70 Cabbie21

Indigestion and feeling concerned.

65 Joce345

Scalp Psoriasis Finally Gone!

22 geekesse

Plans to share NHS data

26 B9exchange

Prognosis after broken hip

2 tanith


1000 Doodle

Women’s health Radio 4 (BBC)

4 silverlining48

Sleeping patterns during pandemic

2 GagaJo

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

5 MollyAA12

Turning 65 and feeling panicky ..why ?

31 PernillaVanilla

Experience of gallstones please...

16 Jane43

GP Data Collection: How to Opt Out

34 TopsyIrene06

Massage - wonderful in such stressful times

98 MawBe

Chronic toothache

27 sodapop

Help - anyone else have food allergies?

12 Bashful

Turmeric for arthritis?

2 Nonogran

Pleural effusion

7 Lin52

The best way to take turmeric

11 LuckyDuck

I’m worried!

17 Bashful

It is what it is....My new mantra!

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osteoarthritis of the knee

21 ColeS228

Morton's Neuroma- shoes

5 Visgir1

Worry is my middle name

28 Janiepops

Knee replacement

32 NanaEvelyn

Vaginal atrophy!! Please read if you have never heard of it.

67 Puzzled