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Whether you’re seeking advice on menopause treatment like HRT, or want to get fitter and take up a new hobby (Tai Chi is great for over 50s), our health section has everything you need...
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Disability in your children.

33 notanan2

Black Dog Gang 5

160 SalsaQueen

Vitamin D deficiency.

111 Marydoll

Raynaud's Syndrome

11 M0nica

I have done it!

17 Gingergirl

trying to cough,but can't.

5 Calendargirl

OH now on end-of-life care.

141 Marmight

Referral questions..

25 Tangerine

Eyes at night (supposed to be a pun of The Sky at Night, but failed)

9 love0c


21 Alishka

driving at night any ideas

32 Grammaretto

Just had a total knee replacement

15 Jane10

Anxiety anyone? Mine is off the scale at the moment

21 grannysue05

Chemo brain.

37 Daisyboots

Giggle Knickers....has anyone tried them?

28 Grandmax5

Continence Aids in Alzheimers

4 annsixty

What diet should follow to reduce Weight

21 NanTheWiser

Electric beds

14 Franbern

Replacement tooth - help!

32 TerriBull

Brain training

33 NanKate

Hearing Aids Costs

19 lucywinter

I can't find my original thread.....

74 Bellanonna

Worrying about colon cancer

17 Beswitched

Use of mesh in operations

4 NotAGran55

Just had bad news

136 Calendargirl

Brows disappearing fine thin hair

12 MerylStreep


10 Opal

flaky patches on face

15 Teachers96

Tomato / cucumber allergy?

22 M0nica

Autism diagnosed as an adult?

63 Bungalowlady

Advice wanted about best exercise to start

26 bikergran

Anyone tried this?

14 dogdonno

Sailed through menopause

101 Esspee

Best denture fixative

10 aggie

Dry eye - any tips on how to ease discomfort?

36 DanniRae

Prostate cancer

23 elfies

My insomnia

13 Coolgran65

Useful advice on improving your health.

5 NanKate

menopause, constipation, back ache

16 Alexa

Nurturing others and mental health

14 Cabbie21

Old person Smell

230 pinkquartz

Dry January

8 BlueSky

VIP = Visually Impaired People

4 Jessity

Metronidazole Part 2

17 annodomini

Advice please DH has vertigo

29 ForestsLakesandMo...

Waiting time targets at A&E to be scrapped!

30 gillybob

Hearing Aids Costs

41 SueDonim

Bags under my eyes

2 Calendargirl

Black Dog Gang 4

1000 Doodle

Smelling Urine

21 harrigran