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john cleese

John Cleese webchat

John Cleese on rubbish TV, why it's okay to be sexist sometimes and that 20 million dollar alimony. 


What kind of grandparent are you? Take our quiz to find out...

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From news to books to designer's great to talk! 

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Mind over matter

What actually is mindfulness? Michael Chaskalson answers all of your questions here.

sheila hancock

Sheila Hancock live webchat

Actor and author, Sheila Hancock is popping into GNHQ at 12.45pm on Monday. Add a question here. 

sheepskin mittens

Gloves, scarves and hats

Keep out the cold with our top picks for the most stylish gloves, hats and scarves this winter!

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Halloween food

It's nearly Halloween. Surely the best bit is the food? Here's some of our favourite recipes. 

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november book

November book club

Win a copy of Hello From the Gillespies, a brand new novel about the ups and downs of family life.

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Ebola virus

Are you worried? Gransnetters share their fears and concerns about the growing epidemic. 

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keep warm

Keep your home warm for less

We've got some top tips on heating your house for less money this winter.

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Like riding a bike...

It's never too late for a new hobby. Hilary Boyd tells us how cycling gave her a new lease of life.

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The invisible elderly

Nicci Gerrard on how our perceptions of people are affected by how old they are.

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Saving for a rainy day

Ros Altman answers your questions about pensions and working in later life.

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