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helen employment

Why over 50s NEED to work too

We hear from The Invisible Woman, Helen Walmsley-Johnson, on the plight of the older generation when it comes to employment.

ipad comp

Fancy winning an iPad? It just so happens we have three to give away...

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From news to books to designer's great to talk! 

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sheila hancock

Sheila Hancock webchat

See what Sheila had to say about inspiration, education and learning to be happy.


Favourite politician?

We need YOU to choose a winner for The Churchill Award for an older person's contribution to politics in 2014. 


What sort of grandparent are you?

Old skool, New Wave... What sort of grandparent are you? Take our nifty quiz and find out.

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Creepy crawlies or small wonders?

Spiders. Love them or hate them, they have their upsides. Do they send you running for the hills? 

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no retirement

Ageing - it means living.

Deborah Gale on why it's time for society to realise ageing most definitely still means living.

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november book

November book club

Next month is Hello From the Gillespies, a brand new novel about the ups and downs of family life.

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halloween dog

Everything Halloween

Love it or loathe it, we've got everything you need to trick, treat, or just survive Halloween. 

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make up

Glowing skin for the over 50s

Look Fabulous Forever founder Tricia Cusden shares her top tips for healthy, glowing skin.

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sheepskin mittens

Gloves, scarves and hats

Keep out the cold with our top picks for the most stylish gloves, hats and scarves this winter!

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Saving for a rainy day

Ros Altmann answers your questions about pensions and working in later life.

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