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Do your grandchildren need music?

Playing the piano

Grandparenting: Could learning an instrument improve your grandchildren's lives? 

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Trick or treat...


Halloween: From goodies for grandchildren to how to avoid unwanted trick-or-treaters.

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Bumper £1000 prize bundle

Ultimate prize bundle

Competitions: Enter to win a whole host of fantastic prizes worth a total of £1000!

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Names for grandmothers


Grandparenting: Are you Gran, Grandma, Gaga or...Gorkie?!

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November book club preview

Cartes Postales from Greece

Book giveaway: Cartes Postales from Greece is the latest book from bestselling author, Victoria Hislop.

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How to reduce the risk of dementia

woman doing yoga

Health: Practicing a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia symptoms. 

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How to stay healthy this winter

winter couple

Health: Expert advice on how to stave off bugs during the colder months and keep yourself healthy.

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Have an embarrassing health issue?

health taboo

Health: Dr Rosemary Leonard is on hand to answer your (anonymous) questions.

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Who's inheriting what?

inheritance tax

Inheritance tax: Surprising results from our survey of Gransnet users. 

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Winter boots for under £80

winter boots

Fashion: If you're on the look out for a stylish new pair of comfy boots, here are our favourites.

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What to have for dinner tonight?

lentil burger

Food: Lacking inspiration? We've got daily dinner suggestions that are quick and easy.

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Blood sugar diet recipes


Health: Carefully-crafted, low-calorie recipes that will help you lower those blood sugar levels.

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Freebies and discounts for over 60s

over 60s discounts

Money-saving: Hitting 60 carries with it some great savings if you know where to look.

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Join us: Let's be honest, who wouldn't like to be part of the chat, support and entertainment.

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