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Struggling to pick a suitable name? Whether it's Granny, Grandma or even Nanoo, here are some ideas...



arrow How life changes in grandparenthood

Find out about grandparents' rights to contact with their grandchildren.




arrow Are you seeking contact and residence?

girl and mirror

Siobhan Curham gives us eight ways to instil lasting confidence in today's image-obsessed society.




arrow Tips for paternal grans

In lieu of a working teleporter, we've rounded up the top 10 tips for long-distance grandparenting.




arrow Moving closer to your grandchildren


Doing a favour? Find out how gransnetters manage parents' expectations.





arrow Best recipes for baking with grandchildren
boy covering eyes

Keep your grandchild away from the nasty stuff on the web with our online safety guide.




arrow Kinship care - caring for grandchildren