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And the award for "The Most Stupid Question" goes to......... 44 aggie
Good Morning Tuesday 31 Urmstongran
Invention you would like to see 9 M0nica
Soop' s warm and welcoming kitchen. 770 cornergran
Meghan Markles Dad 71 Anniebach
Christmas carol (Scrooge) adaptations, Do you have a favourite? 11 BBbevan
Rib Ticklers 2 Greyduster
Hot Water Bottle 23 JackyB
Couch,settee or sofa... 73 BBbevan
Infiltration 172 Jalima1108
Patience is a virtue.. 62 MissAdventure
Tesco vouchers 27 Greenfinch
Good Morning Monday 37 Emmaline
Help! Do I tip the Ocado driver? Here in an hour. 11 Grannyknot
I have had a not too successful day. 65 Gonegirl
PJs, Nightie, Onesie. 102 notgoneyet
If you're familiar with Barbara Pym's novels... 12 janeainsworth
Squirrel in house 179 MissAdventure
Cash or Card ? 82 Lyndiloo
Freezing rain 43 GreenGran78
Christmas help 8 Grammaretto
How is this even possible? 16 phoenix
Hairdresser gift 6 Noname
Wish list 13 Billybob4491
Small charity type gift.. 4 Marydoll
Does my financial advisor know something I don't? 18 StillGame
Good Morning Sunday 25 GrannyGravy13
Hospital Appointment and I’ve lost details 11 ClarenceTheAngel
Revellers 16 Marmight
Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸 26 Buffybee
2 spoof calls in a row. 19 Floradora9
Has anyone seen this? 43 Grandmama
Cushions 38 Sheilasue
Just a thought about Round Robins 188 CanOnlyTry
Good Morning Saturday 34 EllanVannin
Am I the only person who....... 96 notentirelyallhere
So, today, I bought a beret [grin] 28 KatyK
Tipping for personal services 7 Blue45Sapphire
The best gadgets you have bought this year 79 holidaynana
Christmas 6 EllanVannin
Good Morning Friday 40 mabon1
I'm am brave part 2 20 BBbevan
Christmas Alone in Fact or in Spirit 11 RosieLeah
Good Morning Thursday 35 MawBroon
Welcome to the new Argy Bar and cafe, abandon hope all ye who enter here.😈 1000 lemongrove
Christmas Cards- where do you draw the line? 9 sodapop
does anyone know 14 EllanVannin
Mixers 22 Izabella
Good Morning Wednesday 37 David1968
has anyone noticed any benefits from eating walnuts everyday 59 Mauriherb