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Who has a lovely speaking voice, and why?

21 phoenix

Another photo album…..

11 Feelingmyage55

Can you remember how you travelled to the continent pre 73?

56 Witzend


61 suziewoozie

RIP Helen Reddy

16 Ohmother

Good Evening Wednesday

4 MawB2

Appropriate names

126 Magrithea

Good Morning Wednesday

80 MawB2

Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly caring folk...

156 Puzzler61

Dreading another sleepless night😢

26 sodapop

The Old Argy Bargy Bar....a new lease of life!

572 AGAA4

curtain twitchers

95 grannylyn65

Let's see if we can make each other laugh

192 Mildmanneredgran

Motorway Services

17 Teetime


22 MissAdventure

Kanneh-Masons (cellist family)

35 Luckygirl

Freedom - what does it mean to you?

75 Wheniwasyourage

Seen on Village Facebook!😅

10 Jaxjacky

Good Evening Chewsday


Good Morning Tuesday

76 Grandmabatty

School mottos?

184 Esspee

What I would ban? and what would you ban?

122 Blinko

Silver line - any experience?

18 J52

A very nasty surprise - be ready if it happens to you

103 welbeck

Good Evening Monday

4 Megs36

Does anyone have full custody of their grandchildren?

11 Iam64

School houses?

94 watermeadow

Remote door bell recordings

7 Elizabeth1

to vape or not to vape, that is the question

41 Lucca

Good Morning Monday


Bad Music Gigs/Concerts that you've been to.

104 JackyB

Extravagant purchase

34 Teacheranne

Who would you most liked to have seen but never did?

147 Rosiebee

Good Morning Sunday

57 Elizabeth1

What have you taught your grandchildren?

26 PinkCakes

Please - not again!

30 Spangler


35 Bellasnana

Good Morning Sunday

62 CaroleAnne

What would you say to your younger self?

103 mamaa

Couldn't believe my eyes!

10 FindingNemo15

Any suggestions? Am sure Gransnet followers will have plenty of ideas.

29 MrsRochester

What to wear with this skirt?

53 Grannyflower

Argh! The blasted Jackdaws are back

3 Oopsadaisy4

Welcome to Gransnet

169 LauraNorder

Good Evening Friesday

8 Jane10

Good Evening Sat'Day

3 rafichagran

Boris can't afford a nanny

99 quizqueen

Good Morning Saturday

70 LauraNorder

Sheilding - will it be unpaused?

13 FannyCornforth

DVLA scam

1 infoman