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GN Annual Christmas Ball....all welcome

247 Rufus2

Night Owls of Gransnet

420 FannyCornforth

What's your favourite perfume?

117 BradfordLass73

Feeling guilty

53 welbeck

Amnesty International say - 'no such thing as a ‘biologically female/male body’'

69 FarNorth

Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly caring folk...

889 cornergran

Things your mother said that you never believed when you were younger.

80 Keffie12

The Argy Bargy Bar...the lease has been secured!

455 ixion

feeling deflated and frumpy

31 Bixiboo

Was Mary Whitehouse right? Have we gone too far?

46 JenniferEccles

Granddaughters father manipulating her

20 Iam64

Forgetting this useful thing

15 petra


12 B9exchange

Nosy (but Positive!) Thread

151 Nickysmadhouse

Good Evening FryDay

5 Jaxjacky

secret santa gifts for someone you dont know that well

27 mrswoo

1000 words. Photos on GN.

889 Ellianne

Made-up Sayings

5 CherryCezzy

DPD Scam email

27 Megs36

Good Morning Friday

98 gillgran

Excitement at any age

9 sodapop

There's logic in it somewhere 😕

22 toscalily

Will other supermarkets follow suit?

32 twinnytwin

Heated throws part 2 - the scam!

34 Jane10

Never thought this sort of thing would bother me - but grandchild prefers other Nan to me.

102 Tickledpink

Family rituals and superstitions

123 Totaldogsbody

To Tell Or Not To Tell

71 OmaforMaya

Am I unusual to find opera excruciatingly difficult to listen to?

154 MayBee70

Good Evening Thursday

5 BlueSky

Good Morning Thursday

73 Kim19

Finding things in odd places.

65 Georgesgran

Free trails

8 Jane43

Husband's healthy diet...not!

61 icanhandthemback

an appeal if your going to buy tinned chocolates

24 infoman

Debenhams - another shop from my past gone.

66 Dorsetcupcake61

Good Afternoon Wednesday

30 Rufus2

Didn't see that coming!

43 Keffie12

Shop Local - disappointing service.

2 Doodledog

Lockdown has made me realise I have absolutely no friends.

182 SueSocks

Been in lockdown too long!

35 Lilypops

Donating Winter Fuel Allowance 2020

39 Cabbie21

Can anyone lend a hand, please?😕

61 Wheniwasyourage

Wish me luck - job interview today

112 7sx2k

Good Morning Wednesday

79 Blossoming

Do as you are told!

34 CherryCezzy

Surprised by request for a toy!!!

9 Jane43

Do you tip the postman,binman or any helper at Christmas?

24 NanaandGrampy

Our Hedgehog house has an occupant!

22 MrsThreadgoode

When not travelling is really difficult...

4 Dorsetcupcake61

Another vacuous thread! Tenuous Claims to Fame

667 V3ra