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Dog Owners (irresponsible)

40 Iam64

Soops Kitchen , kindness and cake served with love. Come on in !

942 kittylester

Something I have always wanted to do.

64 blue60

Banking blues

41 Tillybelle

Good Morning Monday

34 Legs55

Grandparents who show no interest in their grandchild.

37 Dee1012

Thank you Gransnetters

11 Squiffy

Aldi - recommendation please

140 Davida1968

blue and black check dress

13 Willow10

Am I the only one?

145 M0nica

Good Morning Sunday

43 Tillybelle

Design/testing gender bias that endangers women

41 Hm999

Family Group Meeting

27 Hildagard

To bee or not to.....

21 GabriellaG54

Just when I thought she wasn't going to say it!

103 JohnD

Cordless strimmer

6 Lisagran

Is it just me?

45 Craftycat

a man’s internal feeling that he is a woman has no basis in material reality?

343 FarNorth

Good Morning Saturday

37 Mythbirtthedragon

Has anybody see this petition by Age UK

6 Newquay

Is it beyond the wit of humanity (note, not "man") to...(lighthearted thread)

93 ninathenana

Good Morning Friday

42 farview

Drag Kids

26 agnurse

Anyonoe else sulfate and parabens free?

22 M0nica

Humour Again

44 Rufus2

Clean paths without killing plants

5 MiniMoon

Do you ever wonder why people’s lives are so different?

155 M0nica

Need to vent.

60 Annaram1

dying clothes

31 travelsafar

May Bank Holiday 2020 changed

14 suziewoozie

Good Morning Thursday

42 Griselda

This is the other TV licence petition

34 nightswimmer

Kidney stones anyone..?

25 Katek

Looking for some advice on situation with my DD

102 madmum38

Newbie - Hello!

32 Caledonai14

See thiis Petition its about Bus Passes and TV Licences for Elderly

29 Motherofmany


157 Callistemon

Weather Forecasts - Why?

25 Nonnie

Good Morning Wednesday

39 Legs55

I think, on here.....

15 Bathsheba

Sponsored discussions etc

3 B9exchange

So sweet!

3 absent

My bags are packed, I’m ready to go . . .

34 Nanz

" The Saj"

62 Glammy57

HELP! College Fund Account - should we give it to her?

46 EmilyHarburn

Good Morning Tuesday

44 Mossfarr

T V License

19 Caledonai14

Is it right?

27 granbabies123

Trendy teenager's clothes stores

26 KatyK

Apparently, I've reached a good age!!

44 sodapop