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on your own. How do you occupy yourselves

93 RetiredTravel

what wouldnt you wear?

84 H1954

Tea.... and more tea

13 BBbevan

Do people realise they can lose half their pension when they divorce

68 FlexibleFriend

Lossof an adoptive child

18 Luckygirl

Chenille tracksuits - Please come back!

14 phoenix

Good Morning Thursday

44 mumofmadboys

Pre Xmas De-cluttering Pledge support requested

103 newnanny

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen...

100 Panache

Another pic of Gonegirl's Gorgeous Grandson

14 Gonegirl

Eat less meat but.......

58 pinkquartz

Photo, please, of your favorite mug or teacup.

77 rocketstop

How do I tell my cleaner she's doing a rubbish job?

82 Worenny

Can anyone recommend a good steam iron?

23 BBbevan

Handbags/pairs of many?

116 Marydoll

A stranger did something really nice for me today

98 Jane10

Advice needed please.

60 annep1

As long as I can (insert as applicable!) I'm not old!

38 Bridgeit


20 Gonegirl

The food of love

3 suzette1613

Good Morning Wednesday


The D. And D. Of Sussex In The News Again.

598 maddyone

What I did today

378 annsixty

Shays last laugh

7 BlueBelle

Good Morning Tuesday

55 Feelingmyage55

I'm trying to save our planet

167 Alexa

Cant believe I've found courage to do this!

50 silverlining48

Clever company names

91 Tooyoungytobeagra...

Help! I need menopause advice....

55 pinkquartz

Can any retired nurses out there answer this query?

43 Alexa

With a bit of luck DH will come home today!

40 dragonfly46

Tea in a pot with a teacosy anyone? (lighthearted thread)

61 GrannySomerset

Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸

902 Doodle

Good Morning Monday

58 Susan56

Christmas Hamper

12 TLVgran48

Men becoming grumpier with age

75 giulia

Absent grandchildren

27 silverlining48

Coat Hangers.......!!

7 NotSpaghetti

For all those who are anti "Alexa"

46 MiniMoon

What a moment

46 Gonegirl

In praise of stuff

108 Sara65

Good Morning Sunday

57 Mapleleaf

Things you lend out and never see again....

155 Nanny41

Rude guests. Or is it me?

103 mokryna

Good Morning Saturday

46 GabriellaG54

Advice please- 76yr old friend attacked & hospitalised by young male neighbour.

16 alex57currie

Problem with a man at work

102 LondonGranny

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for the sharing of...

1000 annsixty

Juxtaposition of threads

13 wildswan16


19 BBbevan