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What colours are you wearing today? 100 MesMopTop
whats your first memory 112 Grandma2213
Mediums 70 Grandma2213
How do you define someone as being posh? 254 WilmaKnickersfit
The New Argy Bargy cafe, please pop in!😃 381 Chewbacca
New goal for 2018 - NOT diet/fitness related! 34 justwokeup
Going out in the evening 76 Chewbacca
Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen... 144 callgirl1
How do you instruct a cleaner??!! 107 Norah
Rubylady 17 FarNorth
Not looking my best 54 nannyannie44
How do you define someone as common? 208 DeeWBW
First TV programme memory 81 Menopaws
Reaction to your pregnancy 94 Eglantine21
Re-gifting! 60 Lorelei
when do i say goodbye when leaving 13 Nonnie
Are you superstitious? 28 Oopsadaisy52
Disabled bay versus parent/child 16 Alygran
Face filler - have you tried it? 16 Grannyknot
Snowdrops out....! 18 Fennel
Childcare criticism 90 anitamp1
Advice needed about gifts to grandchildren. 10 dollyjo
Bit of a strange question 13 Nanawind
Female screen icons 41 MrsAllboys
Insomniacs not so anonymous! 678 WilmaKnickersfit
Our National Anthem 127 Eloethan
I'm going to burst if I don't share this...... 87 NfkDumpling
Let's change the ending 27 M0nica
Dry January? Veganuary? How’s it going? 54 durhamjen
feeling great 13 goldengirl
Significant birthday 11 paddyann
Jigsaw tables 44 cornergran
Thank you cards 15 Fellowfeeling8
What are your hopes and dreams for 2018? 76 Bbnan
Friend with Dementia 11 SueDonim
GB 2018 - no more manners? 23 MissAdventure
Brickbats and bouquets 52 callgirl1
My son wants a sink.... 83 Salmo
I am cross 113 annodomini
What is it about village post offices? 26 Christinefrance
Dolls house dilemma 81 Tooyoungytobeagra...
New 10 callgirl1
What’s your ‘thing’? 128 giulia
Central heating broken 43 jaymbee36
Mindfulness 18 Daisymay1
Soop's very welcoming kitchen... 1000 soop
How long do you spend on GN? 34 humptydumpty
The secret to a long and happy marriage. 52 lemongrove
Rigby and Peller 109 Bubbe
help! 26 ruffles