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Abuse in childrens homes 7 Anniebach
why do some schools have blazers ? 52 Ana
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Street Sleepers 68 Iam64
Being called by my first name 97 Antonia
Family stealing 42 Minera
NCDS 25 daphnedill
My thanks 30 jogginggirl
American Bro culture 12 ffinnochio
Gloves in sizes 10 Oldgreymare
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Moving abroad 34 cassandra264
Poor child 76 Nelliemoser
Little things that have made you happy today 456 SparklyGrandma
Job titles that have disappeared 108 Katek
Luggie/mobility scooter. 5 POGS
Good Morning Thursday 15 rosesarered
Millennials 1 Lisalou
Why do men...? 77 Bellanonna
Good Morning WEdnesday 26 Retrolady
Holocaust Memorial 61 NotTooOld
Where is Rubylady? 16 Cherrytree59
What is posh? 164 Deedaa
Bellsisabelle 475 TriciaF
It set my teeth on edge 11 M0nica
Corbyn or Trump? Who said? Quiz 19 M0nica
Good Morning Tuesday 18 Retrolady
big toe😒 8 sue1169
soop's kindly kitcheners and pampered pets... 1000 Charleygirl
Welcome to new members 827 shysal
School reports- what were yours like? 102 JackieBee1
Bit of a schock 19 grannypiper
Labelling Children 238 Lyndylou
Young child pulling hair out 44 Jalima
Any ex-Girl Guides on here? 80 annodomini
Breakfast out 56 JackyB
Good Morning Monday 19 annsixty
Kindness of strangers 23 Elrel
In support of men 31 Tizliz
Smoking 47 FarNorth
Chocolate 73 callgirl1
Why am I so stupid? 14 Antonia
Feeling upset 6 notnecessarilywiser