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15 years!!! 16 newnanny
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Wedding dresses - to keep or not? 27 Jangran99
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The 'F' word. 67 Atqui
What's your vice? 89 tonymahon
Nan/Nana/Nanny 65 Witzend
Where are your family living? 78 Witzend
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When to call a tradesman. 9 kathsue
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Another celebrity gone 17 callgirl1
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Prince Charles Head of the Commonwealth? 25 Anniebach
Happy heart.... 34 DanniRae
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Was that summer? 19 Mapleleaf
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Pen Friends 39 Newquay
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Adverts from the past 4 Beattie9
Have you ever been locked out or locked in ? 57 DoraMarr
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Cosmetic procedures 86 Applemarket18
Old Cat 4 Suki70
Over-aired trailers. 5 BlueBelle
Snowden night walk for cancer charity 14 Anniebach
Do you feel old? 122 pollyperkins
Teabags 42 MawBroon
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The New Argy Bargy cafe, please pop in!😃 1000 Chewbacca
Grandparents and Favoritism 19 annodomini
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Some fun for Norfolk Grans and GC 3 NanaandGrampy
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