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Tar in a jar

172 Marmight

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

275 Urmstongran

Cold at night, any recommendations?

55 DaisyMac

Saying a saying

19 V3ra

People and their pet's

4 Blondiescot

House No. 13 - would it bother you?

37 lixy

Relative values, becoming very introspective.

55 melp1

Good Morning Wednesday 8th February 2023

61 Litterpicker

Am I being unrealistic?

37 Nannylovesshopping

70th Birthday

26 CallmeEsme

All New Night Owls 🦉🌙 ☕️

225 MayBee70

Are they mine ?

47 Lauren59

Washer/Dryer machines

20 Sweetie222

Lunch, Dinner, Tea, Supper?

67 Callistemon21

50th Wedding Anniversary gift ideas please

11 Humbertbear

Missing labcashire lady nicola bulley

6 M0nica


127 sodapop

What should I do with my granny's engagement ring?

63 Callistemon21

Good Morning Tuesday 7th February 2023

68 Ziplok

What would you spend this £1000 on?

81 Luckygirl3

M&Co: Renfrewshire clothing chain to close all 170 stores

17 M0nica

Fringe benefits.

33 Grandma70s

Things ain't what they used to be.

15 Urmstongran

Good Morning Monday 6th February 2023

57 monk08

DH doesn't want to go on holiday anymore

149 paddyann54

Tea Stains

22 JackyB

Your no.1 choice.

125 faye17


11 Callistemon21

Renting a property - any advice on how to avoid major pitfalls?

50 Grammaretto

Just in case you aren’t aware of this scam.


BBC Maestro courses

20 Doodledog

Good Morning Sunday 5th February 2023

58 hollysteers

Reading a word and hearing it at the same time…

2 Caleo

Did you ever?

11 3dognight

How Old (or Young) are you in your Head? 🤔

119 pensionpat

Gary Glitter let out of jail half way through sentence

22 25Avalon

Carer burnout years down the line?

19 Hetty58

Good Morning Saturday 4th February 2023

62 Harris27

One country you haven’t visited but would love to - and vice versa

80 Grammaretto

ID for voting - set to exclude young people

74 Callistemon21

Looking forward to the next few months?

232 faye17

Good Morning Friday 3rd February 2023

59 Wyllow3

Do you remember when the man was the "head of the family"

101 Wyllow3

Medical negligence claim

2 nanna8

State pension shortfall.

1 MerylStreep

Photographs 2023

11 Hellogirl1

Have any of you used special paints for kitchen cupboards?

44 Callistemon21


40 PinkCosmos

Good Morning Thursday 2nd February 2023

71 Auntieflo

o that this too too solid flesh should melt.....

99 Norah