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Belly laughs

104 BradfordLass73

Challenge of the day #2 (2 April) - 3 reasons to be cheerful today


When Did....Become...?

197 Lyndag52

So what you buying on line? Apart from food and groceries.

183 V3ra

Might this be allowed?

64 Summerlove

Have you ever put things in a safe place

76 Candelle

Has anyone else's internal clock gone up the Swanwee?

45 GreenGran78

Soop's welcoming kitchen for the sharing of...

340 callgirl1

CLap for our carers tonight at 8pm

120 maddyone

Lazybones or just bone idle?

9 Luckylegs

TV in these difficult times

119 pensionpat

Lockdown support - some ideas

2 Sparklefizz

Lurkers' week: what's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

91 SuzannahM

Good Morning Sunday

83 Missiseff

Challenge of the day #1 (1 April) - write a haiku

112 Marmight

Good Evening Sunday

7 Jane10

I tried, I really did......

398 curvygran

Let's see if we can make each other laugh

146 Grannynannywanny

Time for another great Gransnet story!

264 May7

Corona virus dreams?

2 MamaCaz

Did you have a school policeman?

6 SueDonim

does anyone remember

5 callgirl1

Good Morning Saturday

76 glammagran

Books for children

7 dorabelle100

Will today's younger generation start to grow there own

83 notanan2

Anyone else making themselves promises of things to achieve if we all survive this?

16 M0nica

Writing a diary

11 ninathenana

What has made you happy today?

46 M0nica

The Nest Tv Drama

2 twinnytwin

a sunshine question

2 Chewbacca

What shape is your day? ( lighthearted)

68 trisher

Keeping it real, again!

2 glammanana

Should I visit my brother in hospital?

14 Sweetie222

Challenge of the day #3 (3 April) - 5 dream dinner party guests

57 GabriellaG54


2 LullyDully

Why don’t we have a bitching, shouting angry thread?

81 Callistemon

There is NO logic to this!

34 phoenix

Bored now

21 grannyrebel7

What have you found lurking in your cupboards?

23 Lyndylou

A great initiative

21 rafichagran

Virtual sho

29 Elizabeth1

New ideas for Reality TV programmes

18 CardiffJaguar

What mad unusual things are you doing?

7 farview

Anyone else scared

178 patcaf

I would like to change the pejorative use of language to something more positive

11 suziewoozie

Flood victims and the virus

6 NotSpaghetti

Good Evening Sat'Day

2 rafichagran

Conspiracy Theories

132 Daisymae

What to say and not to say

14 Roses

Slipping into slobbishness

116 Laughterlines