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The National Trust - is it losing ours?

246 Callistemon

Friend with terminal illness - what to do.

4 B9exchange

Good Morning Thursday

55 B9exchange

Do you think first names can reflect your personality?

130 nanna8

Some of you may remember Stephen

42 timetogo2016

Do you have a special 'talent'?

37 timetogo2016

1000 words, 1000 posts, let's get back!

566 Greyduster

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen .................... your grandmother?

25 LadyGracie

I don't know what to do ...

3 FannyCornforth

Is there any way to check it?

3 Jonathan89

'Accidental Shoplifting' - Have You Ever Done It? ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ›’

41 absent

The Argy Conglomerate

792 Doodle

Yet another *Soops* kitchen for all us like minded people

606 Nannytopsy

Iphones - anyone know the cheapest model that allows wifi calling

19 Shandy57

Good Evening Wednesday

9 Blossoming

Good Morning Wednesday

63 Blossoming


71 Summerfly

Not dipping into Royal Purse

20 maddyone


127 Antonia

Fold hill cat food warning

6 Callistemon

Seems we are not unlocking.

430 MayBee70

Middle names

106 Luckylegs

"Parents accuse schools of body-shaming as girls are told to wear shorts under skirts"

145 Witzend

Fridge freezer, which is best?

5 Charleygirl5

Kitchen gadgets that bring back memories?

71 Witzend

Past it?

76 FannyCornforth

Good morning Tuesday for Mick

84 dragonfly46

Yet another scam

9 Grannybags

Bugbears! ๐Ÿž๐Ÿป

203 Bellanonna

Good Evening Chewsday

5 rafichagran

Our Daily Cartoon thread. ๐Ÿ˜‚

549 Squiffy

Fashionable names

262 Floradora9

Anyone still waiting to hug their loved ones?

22 Newatthis

Mums 80th birthday

94 Gwenisgreat1

Vindaloo Two

5 FannyCornforth

Lazy days

52 Coolgran65


12 grannyrebel7

Good morning Monday

78 GrannySomerset

pollen count forecasts are they only done daily?

9 annodomini

Royal Chat - All Welcome! ๐Ÿ‘‘

480 Whatdayisit

Wilfred Johnson

91 maddyone

Calling all Scottish GNers - how do you pronounce this?

22 Esspee

What is making you happy today?

155 Grany

Good Evening Sunday

6 Megs36

Remember the Coronation?

28 Jabberwok

Domino pizza advert

17 tanith

Fashion help please

10 Redhead56

Good Morning Sunday, deputising for *Mick*.

57 muse

What is the name for a gathering of grandmas?

109 Rufus2

Iโ€™ve ordered a 2nd sack-of-potatoes dress

130 Puzzler61