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Finally the West Ham cat kicker goes to court!!

156 Goodbyetoallthat

Handbags - what's your style?

7 Lark123

People who give you chapter and verse about people you don't know ow

141 Colvillefly

Soop's cosy kitchen for kindly folk...WELCOME

258 SueDonim

Scottish Grans Only

124 FarNorth

Netflix scam

3 MiniMoon

Not being looked in the eye when talking with someone

59 MawtheMerrier

Is your road having a street party?

94 Callistemon21


22 Marydoll

RayLiotta has died.

19 volver

Stoma, I know should be in ..

2 Blossoming

Lost Perfumes

124 Wishes

Things you think can make you look older than your years!

394 Callistemon21

The longest 2 minutes……..

11 Dickens

Bluelight discount card for retired NHS staff

15 Aldom

Do you drive?

207 Jaxjacky

offgem scam

6 infoman

1000 words, 1000 posts, let's get back!

831 MiniMoon

At what age did you retire from work ..? For me it was at 59

168 Carmo1

Good Morning Thursday 26th May 2022

43 Grannmarie

Royal Mail Parcel Collect is the title - yet it is for letters too

149 StarDreamer

What You Look Like & What You Wear 🤩

129 Chardy

Got told off by everyone today

272 BoadiceaJones

Good Morning Tuesday 24th May 2022

75 Baggs

Feeling strange in a supermarket aisle and related matters

7 Lark123

Synonyms for ‘Fat’ that aren’t Cringeworthy…🐖

334 Wheniwasyourage

Good Morning Wednesday 25th May 2022

57 Grammaretto

People who won’t tell you what they want and expect you to guess

56 Childofthe60s

What Inventions would YOU make if you could?

47 Granmarderby10

This made me smile -meerkats.

5 Joseanne

My Kindle - thanks a bunch Amazon. 😮

18 Hithere

Monkey pox.

48 Callistemon21

Long Lost Family 9pm

2 mokryna

Iceland to offer over 60's a ten per cent discount

99 granfromafar


3 Beautful

Dame Deborah James

20 Rainwashed


4 Namsnanny

E & A? What on earth did it mean?

14 FannyCornforth

Ukrainian refugee and host running off together

118 Kimi64

Backpack or crossbody bag?

85 JackyB

Do you have a strategy for one of “those” days? I

119 Greenfinch

How long to settle in a care home

33 Witzend

I’ve got a man coming round….

70 Franbern

Repressed memories

4 VioletSky

Would you ever go to the cinema/ theatre on your own?

161 mokryna

"Ten Steps To Positive Ageing" 📚

17 halfpint1

Inside or outside ?

25 Thoro

The life of an influencer under scrutiny

11 MissAdventure

I cannot believe what I have just heard!

27 Mogsmaw

Repeat prescriptions!

23 biglouis