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Good Morning Wednesday

6 vena11


1 Rufus2

Regular poster seems to be missing - am I allowed to ask after her?

1 fatgran57

Good Evening Tuesday

5 fatgran57

Soop's new kitchen being built while she's absent!

922 Nannytopsy

Are you woke?

117 Mommawolf

Mother that keeps on giving

16 NotSpaghetti

Remembering Auschwitz

119 ananimous

WAKE - does this still mean a vigil to you?

26 Callistemon

Things that weren't funny at the time, but you can laugh about now?

5 GagaJo

Waitrose telling me how many calories I can have!

115 GeorgyGirl

Have you ever dropped something in shock after hearing bad news

21 Cabbie21

Good Morning Tuesday

67 Harris27

A demand too far?

50 annodomini

Juxtaposition of threat titles

5 Greenfinch

cashback discount e-mail is it safe?

11 kircubbin2000

Have you ever had a day .......

86 annep1

If everybody was good looking?

11 annodomini

Private message

28 Alishka

Good Evening Monday

3 DoraMarr

Nodding off without much warning, old age or should I be concerned?

54 TerriBull

Buying a seaside static caravan

39 welshchrissy

Thomas Markle programme

228 Bridgeit

Good Morning Monday

54 moggie57

Good Morning Sunday

57 Rufus2

Where in the world are you?

75 granzilla

The Year of the Rat

82 gmarie

Busy Beales.

20 M0nica

Thought you'd all be glad to know.....

5 Squiffy

Laugh of the day 😀

4 agnurse

Birds singing outside

39 Millie22

How could I forget!

6 MamaCaz

Menopause Depression spending

6 annsixty

Bowel screening

14 School

Good Evening Sunday

1 Rufus2

The practical side of living alone

104 craftyone

Good Evening Saturday

3 rafichagran

I hate talking about mum, but........

80 Solonge

Love or loathe Tattoos

150 Chestnut

The Oldie

15 Jane10

Good Morning Saturday

43 Auntieflo

What have you discovered in friends’, acquaintances’ homes?

55 DoraMarr

No Pants Day . WHAT ?

20 Esspee

Good Evening Friday

7 Megs36

Good Morning Friday

52 NannyJan53

Ageing Hormones

6 Marilla

Refuse Sewell is on the One Show!!

32 Kalu

Dog poo - again! This time I want to fight back...

79 NotSpaghetti

Do you feel guilty?

13 TrendyNannie6

Do you agree with the statement you are what you eat

81 M0nica