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Friend wants to renew our friendship

51 BradfordLass72

Hints of Autumn

12 Callistemon

Good Morning Sunday

37 Missiseff


62 annep1

If you could go back what would you be............?

128 Day6

People watching

63 Tigertooth

Soop's welcoming kitchen for all in need of a hearty blether.

678 Nannytopsy

Any advice about my mum

23 Deedaa

Moaning thread

414 Callistemon


15 sodapop

Boys playing in girls' sports - is it fair?

36 GrannyLiv

Life’s too short to........

24 theretheredear

Toilet Talk

105 MiniMoon

Wretched French vandals!!!

23 Callistemon

Bereavement Leave for Pets

63 sodapop

should I move?

30 sodapop

A happy thread (to counteract the moaning one).

153 DanniRae

Fun question - when did you realise you were getting older?

130 BradfordLass72

I ve just realised .....

54 Grandma2213


9 CocoPops

Does anyone live in Dungeness area?

6 ninathenana

Gas Lit Houses

84 Alexa

Good Morning Saturday

43 callgirl1

The fly in the ointment?

24 BradfordLass72

Fake or Fortune

8 JessK

children sitting still (or not)

46 MissAdventure


4 EllanVannin

Good Morning Friday

43 Auntieflo

Laugh or cry!?

37 lmm6

Discussion frustration

3 BradfordLass72

Decision making in retirement!!

33 Jani31

It wasn't until I was 70 that ....

91 dizzyblonde

Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸

698 GrannyGravy13

Any one else cold?

37 MawB

Reading glasses I can’t read with

64 EmilyHarburn

Films that made you cry

178 grandmac

Good Morninng Thursday

35 Legs55

Cathartic clear-out!

17 Lazigirl

security pendants

16 callgirl1

If you had just bought your old feller some clothes for his holiday from JD Williams...

113 SueDonim

Charity Shops

24 fizzers

Medicine Bottle Lids


Good Morning Wednesday

35 Tricia55

Young guys racing round supermarkets SO impatiently!

22 merlotgran

Electoral Register

9 M0nica

Thoughts would be very welcome

63 AnnS1

Good Morning Tuesday

40 GabriellaG54

What would you change?

79 Hetty58

When did everybody start taking ‘leave’?

35 Fennel

'woman' - a change in the definition of the word

39 BradfordLass72