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Daughter in law and stepson

7 Luckygirl

Good Morning Friday

25 Anniebach

Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen...

633 Susan56

Our gracious Queen

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29 FlyingSolo

Pre Xmas De-cluttering Pledge support requested

230 Greenfinch

What I did today No.2

104 grannyactivist


76 Redactrice


4 Squiffy

Can anyone explain “woke” to me

40 suziewoozie


91 Maggiemaybe

Good Morning Thursday

70 Marydoll

As we can’t see each other ...

331 SparklyGrandma

What is the first big news story you remember?

223 Franbern

Good Morning Wednesday

51 Rufus2

Leather skirt

30 Lilypops

Looking after twin grandsons

22 fiorentina51

M and S down coat

16 NotTooOld

Oh my goodness, what IS this noise?

72 Callistemon

Founder of White Helmets found dead in Instanbul

6 Namsnanny

Christmas Decorations

48 Canalboatgranma


38 travelsafar

What does 'a teacher' look like?

79 NanKate

Good Morning Tuesday

39 Llamedos13

Giving flowers

27 notanan2

Sounds at night

46 craftergran

TV licence over 75,s

11 12Michael


23 BlueSapphire

Family portraits

91 HarrietRiley

The joy of “chickens”!

42 Callistemon

Good Morning Monday

44 Feelingmyage55

Yaris hybrid car

13 Franbern

The Boots Christmas Ad.

35 Doodle

John Lewis pay you for recycling

4 Nonnie

Bond girl Susan Vanner on Lorraine......

4 Poppyred

Let’s hear it for *Bluebelle*

6 BradfordLass72

Good Morning Monday

63 kittylester

Argy Bargy madness, come right in! 😜🍸

945 lemongrove

A little while ago we had a thread about the new Speaker

15 Carillion01

How can they afford all this advertising?

14 TheReadingRoom

Rememberence on TV

6 Pantglas2

Today’s obituaries

24 schnackie

Good Morning Sunday

43 BlueSapphire

Manners; where's thank you notes gone!

79 annep1

Good Morning Saturday

64 NfkDumpling

To move or stay put...

35 SusiQ8

I wish I enjoyed cooking!

82 timetogo2016

Argos scam?

4 Liz46

I know he loves me but...

30 kittylester

Why does it always happen!

37 Coolgran65