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Bicky Backy Boo Bah Boo..

19 Espes

Do we have any famous people on here?

26 Kalu

I’m feeling really, really miserable so I’ve bought

102 MissAdventure

Summer of 1976

57 callgirl1

Missing GN members

83 sharon103

Are people no longer able to take responsibility for their own safety?

54 Peardrop50

What will you MISS when the lock down ends??

82 Coolgran65

Well I've tried, I really have ....

118 JackyB

Soop's kitchen refuge for the sharing of...

724 Doodle

Why do I feel guilty?

8 Charleygirl5

Well that’s a turn up for the book

18 Callistemon

Long walk tomorrow

22 Greyduster

Good Evening Thursday

3 BlueSky

Good Morning Thursday

62 Feelingmyage55

pettiness in isolation (lighthearted)

7 pollyperkins

Workman in home

17 Oopsadaisy3

Welcome to Gransnet

100 Charleygirl5

The Old Argy Bargy Bar.....a new lease of life!

226 Doodle

I wish I could ban this word from the English language

9 grumppa

Are there any criminal defence lawyers on here?

2 Wibby

What have you found in your lockdown clearouts ?

57 Witzend

Good Morning Wednesday

66 Grandmafrench

House viewing

9 BlueSky

Going topless

147 Crispy64

Are you firmly attached to your handbag?

106 BlueSapphire

You have to laugh

7 annodomini

A teacher

20 BBbevan

Good Evening Wednesday

3 rafichagran

Good Evening Chewsday

6 rafichagran

Two Years Ago Today....

80 Tweedle24

What have you done today and what do you plan to do next?

67 Rosalyn69

Are you planning on meeting someone

87 MawB

My hair is driving me mad!!!!

66 lilypollen

Is there a quote or expression said by a Gnetter that has stuck with you?

7 Riverwalk

Dominic Cummings

86 Callistemon

Helping the economy.

17 Barmeyoldbat

Fronted phrases (I think). Grammar help, please?

49 trisher

BORIS looks awful

68 MayBee70

What I would like to FIND in my lockdown clearouts

12 lemongrove

I had a terrible fall today.

63 FlyingHandbag

Stockpiling - post lock down

82 c6girls

Leg pulls you believed as a child!

95 Whingingmom

free bus pass's update

11 monk08


10 Bkanche

Good Morning Tuesday

74 Daisyboots

He has become so grown-up

5 annodomini

The most embarrassing moment of my life!

130 Naini4

Holiday shopping.

19 Missfoodlove

My DDs' fb friends

55 arosebyanyothername

Boot sales to commence Monday June 1st?

4 EllanVannin