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Soop's warm and welcoming kitchen for kindly folk...

958 mrshat

Things you don’t see/hear anymore

55 Doodledog

"Our song"

74 Goldieoldie15

Emails - too many

33 Thisismyname1953

DS and DiL "babying" 3yo GD

151 Sparklefizz

Things you would like to Avoid- alphabetical and could be anything!

272 SachaMac

Good Morning Sunday 1st October 2023

53 Marydoll

When did you last write?

23 biglouis

Selling jewelry/downsizing

41 Gundy

Grandparents Day anyone?

88 rafichagran

Why does no one use their garden in tv soaps?

40 Megslotts


80 VenusDeVillendorf

Such a tall young man!

32 grannysyb

This stupid idea of maximum 20 miles per hour

26 Witzend

Warm feeling

33 Hithere


5 Doodledog

Life's Little Joys!

21 AGAA4

A very lucky incident while I was doing some (long overdue) dusting…

3 Witzend

Marks &Spencer. No bags

36 Joseann

Good Morning Saturday 30th September 2023

50 mrshat

A lazy generation?

76 Doodledog

Just look at this egg!

19 madeleine45

Car dilemma. Hoping someone can help!

63 NotSpaghetti

Sharon Osborne weight loss 😲

10 MrsThatcher

Grans on duty!

21 Mamo

Stroppy adult daughter!

20 M0nica

Good Morning Friday 29th September 2023

78 Grandmadinosaur

Trying to read labels inn supermarkets (and elsewhere)

5 Wheniwasyourage

I'm losing the fight!!

47 nipsmum

good news if you use your fish and chip shops

5 silverlining48

Now here is a dilemma ....... what would you do?

73 Calendargirl

Were you a school prefect?

127 growstuff

I love odd facts.

5 Amy71452

When needs must !

37 Serendipity22

What is a lesbian?

947 Iam64

Best response to 5 year old calling me an old lady?

102 grannymags

Anyone relocated back?

166 Callistemon21

Good Morning Thursday 28th September 2023

41 Litterpicker

Why do young non-grandparents frequent Gransnet?

91 Oreo

Supermarket plants

31 JayDee60

Holiday let, disrespectful guests.

162 MayBee70

Good Morning Wednesday 27th September 2023

57 Urmstongran

Temu: Has anyone bought from them?

8 Fairycakes

R-I-P David McCallum

29 Esmay

Covid booster

78 Wheniwasyourage

Good Morning Tuesday 26th September 2023

52 aggie

a big weather warning for this coming WEDNESDAY

13 Patsy70

Keeping warm in bed

75 Margiknot

How to be happy - 5 golden rules

52 Foxygloves

Central heating

112 Margiknot