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Win a bundle of arthritis and mobility aids worth over £350

 arthr competitionWe've teamed up with new social venture Arthr to give away a fantastic bundle of well-designed arthritis and mobility aids, worth over £350, to three lucky winners.

Living with arthritis and mobility issues can make the most basic daily tasks, such as unlocking a door, getting out of a car or even into the bath, both challenging and painful.

With 10 million people living with arthritis in the UK, many have to rely on health aids to make every day easier. However, these are often so ugly that one in two people* with arthritis have admitted to hiding their ‘medical-looking’ aids when friends and family come over, choosing to rather struggle without.

About Arthr

Arthr is a new social venture on a mission to restore a sense of dignity, independence and choice for people with arthritis who rely on health aids to cope with daily tasks. Their innovative, design-led approach sets them apart and means that, finally, there is a range of stylish products that meet the genuine needs of people with arthritis but also look good in their homes.

For example, their elegant Toilet Riser solves the very basic need of making it easier to get on and off the loo by increasing the height of your toilet, doing away with the poorly-formed and embarrassing potty-style alternatives. Their discreet Car Door Mate holds your door securely open, giving you the confidence to hold onto it safely and easily while lifting yourself out from the car seat.

They also work with third party British inventors and designers to solve other needs, whether that be unlocking a door, pouring a cup of tea or gardening. The Keywing Key Turner, for example, attaches to keys and makes them much easier to grip, turn and find. It instantly converts keys into an easy grip thumb turn and helps reduce hand pain.

*according to research amongst 1,350 people with arthritis.


The winners' bundle includes: 

All products are available on www.arthr.com and 100% of profits go back into the fight against arthritis. All competition entrants who opt-in to receive emails from Arthr will receive an exclusive 15% discount code for arthr.com.

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How to enter

Simply fill in the form and answer the question below by 11am 9 March for the chance to win a bundle of arthritis and mobility aids worth over £350.

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