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what to wear to a wedding

What to wear to a wedding

The key to looking the part at a wedding is knowing which styles to embrace and which to avoid.


Gransnetters reveal the real secrets to dressing when you're over 50. 





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glasses style

Glasses have become a key fashion statement regardless of age. Here's how to pick a flattering pair.



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How to dress fearlessly

How to build the perfect capsule wardrobe filled with essential pieces you'll wear again and again.



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how to wear leggings

Incredibly comfortable, easy to wear and relatively inexpensive, this fashion staple has never been more popular. 



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jeans that really fit

Ever cursed your true blues? Gransnetters offer their tips for finding jeans that really fit. 




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From stylish raincoats to how to wear a hat, we've got all your fashions needs right in one place.




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