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Pumpkin and squash recipes

Although we've left behind the vibrant reds of shiny tomatoes and plump strawberries, this evocative time of year is awash with beautiful oranges, russets and greens - not just of the falling leaves but in the allotments and supermarkets too. The majestic pumpkin and noble squash are in season and coming to a dinner plate near you!

pumpkins and squashes

Here are a few tasty and simple recipes you lovely gransnetters have kindly uploaded for our palatal pleasure. Happy cooking and if you're feeling inspired, why not upload your recipes here? 


Luscious squash lasagne (gluten-free)

Why not break away from the traditional meat-based recipe and give this tasty and many-of-your-five-a-day version a whirl? Surprisingly just as filling as the meaty kind and packed with flavour.

squash lasagne


Paprika chicken with pumpkin and butter beans

This is comfort food taken up a few notches! First, roast chicken - a winner every time -  and then slightly oven-charred pumpkin, which absorbs all the chickeny flavour as it roasts right alongside it. Seriously yum and a brilliant recipe to serve up for family or friends.

chicken and squash


Warm and wintry squash salad

Salads aren't usually first choice once the colder weather sets in, but with this recipe you're getting loads of hearty, rich flavour without losing out on the health-factor brownie points. Win-win! And because it's served up warm and with filling cous cous, it's basically the salad version of a stew. Kinda. 

squash salad


Chilli butternut pasta

There's something about the heady combination of sweet butternut squash and firey chilli that sets this recipe alight with flavour and savoury moreish-ness. Great for warming you up from the inside on chilly evenings (pun intended) and satisfying the hungriest tummy.   

chilli squash pasta


Pumpkin passion cupcakes

These delicious portions of happiness in a paper-case are made with oil instead of butter, which is one reason why they are so airy and light. And topped with an unctuous tangy-but-sweet cream cheese topping, they are worth every calorie. The grandkids will have a fabuolous time "decorating" them too.

pumpkin cupcakes


Pumpkin pie - of course!

The king of pumpkin recipes, this delicious dish combines velvety filling with crispy casing and sends you into tastebud heaven with each mouthful. Ideal for a kids' Halloween tea party or an autumnal weekend dessert, or even just an indulgent twenty minutes of sofa time with a mug of steaming tea. 

pumpkin pie


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