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GrandmaAnge Tue 24-May-11 19:51:55

...To expect friendship sites to look exactly like what they are. A friend asked me to post a business testimonial for her on a networking site I assumed was for businesses.
I know, the warning bells should have sounded when they asked for my age and to post a photograph as well but, as I say, I was just trying to boost someone's business so did all I was asked.
Within an hour, there were 15 posts - with pictures - to Angela (63) from men wanting to get to know me better. They were from all over the place, including Alf from Wigan (70) who wondered if we might go for a drink and Tony (35) from Bratislava who thought I had very fine eyes.
By the time I managed to get my details off the site, 40 men had contacted me and I'm sure that some of them had been on Crimewatch.
Now, I'm no oil painting, and and they shouldn't ALL have gone to Specsavers, but it does show you a couple of things - (a) There are a lot of lonely people around (b) There are a lot of people using friendship sites to meet potential mates and (c) It's worth discovering all the facts about a website before posting personal details.
And, yes, when I told him my husband laughed like a drain.

Pandemonia Wed 25-May-11 20:14:24

That reminds me of the wonderful expression "Back Off Baywatch, Front Off Crimewatch".

But seriously, I have been amazed at the desperate opportunists that pose as users of websites aimed at friendship only. I once joined the truly awful forum run by a well known supplier of services to the more "senior" and very nearly threw up at the prompt receipt of a picture of a half naked, oiled geriatric and an accompanying request to have "cyber sex" with the oleaginous sender. I'd rather have toasted my own eyeballs and served them with a warm salad, to be honest.

deafsod Sun 15-Jan-12 00:20:14

I really don't understand your dilemma. Did you in some way imply that you were writing about yourself ?
Not an easy thing to do when writing a testimonial about a friend.
I feel sorry for the friendless, naive man exposing himself in the hope of making a sex contact, and feel you are part to blame.
I sincerely hope his exposure did nothing to raise you ire, but at least it did give your partner a giggle, and what is life without laughter.
See the sadness that sometimes is hidden behind outlandish behaviour.
Kind regards, Deafsod

Charlotta Sun 15-Jan-12 11:15:47

How on earth did this interesting and in spite of all, amusing account of friendship sites remain ignored for 7 months?
This is really important information. I never give personal details as in the beginning of the internet, in 1999, I posted on the newspaper forum of the town where I grew up. After that I appeared on Google. It wouldn't happen now but I had to change my email address. Not easy then in those days.

As deafsod (a Grandad?)says you should feel sorry for the poor blokes but we women have been put down, or in our place for centuries by men, and now enjoy a joke at their expense. I do anyway! Well said Pandemonia!

Faye Sun 15-Jan-12 11:48:15

Of course it would be the woman's fault deafsod, never the poor misunderstood DOM (that stands for dirty old man deafsod if you didn't know) who is only looking for sex and is so desperate he poses nude and puts his picture on the internet for all to see. Imagine if a woman did that she would be called all sorts of names, but when a man does it its only because he is sad. sad

Carol Sun 15-Jan-12 11:52:26

I was ignoring this post as I was sceptical about/offended by the post from deafsod. Shame it's become active again. Agree with you Faye.

syberia Sun 15-Jan-12 12:33:24

I'm with you Carol

crimson Sun 15-Jan-12 12:37:54

I reported it to the mods yesterday as I think it should be removed.