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Boiling broonie

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syberia Mon 28-Nov-11 15:08:42

Help! I know someone ( may have been Butternut) posted the recipe for boiling broonie on one of the threads. I have been out and bought the ingredients, but now I xan't find the recipe!! help please!!

Thannk you smile

syberia Mon 28-Nov-11 15:19:24

S'ok, have found it now!!! thanks

jingl Mon 28-Nov-11 17:12:24

Link please.

Butternut Mon 28-Nov-11 17:23:27

jingl - The recipe is in the Joy's of Winter thread - of the top of my head around about page 8 or so.

syberia Mon 28-Nov-11 17:23:33

Joys of winter, page 8 jingl by Butternut, 25th. Nov

Have just got it out of the oven! smells divine! grin

jingl Mon 28-Nov-11 17:29:08

Ah yes. I have found it. Under "Gardening". hmm

Now I need to find somewhere to store it (the recipe, not the broonie)

Butternut Mon 28-Nov-11 17:31:35

confused - this Boiling Broonie is getting around...... grin

jingl Mon 28-Nov-11 17:32:58


greenmossgiel Mon 28-Nov-11 19:15:03

Just copied it into my recipe book - thanks, Butternut!smile