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Just a quickie? got approx 4 kg (think it ws that)! gammon joint.. have couldnt read the cooking times?

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bikergran Mon 26-Dec-11 16:41:52

anyone please.grin.I have googled and I am getting different answers,,some say..20 mins.per ILB some say 30.... I seem to rememeber it was just over 4kg in weight has been soaking...and now has to be roasted (not got pan BIG enough to boil) tut!!! heinsight and all that has to go in the over to roast, but the little sticky label didnt want to come off the packaging aand it got all torn I was going to roast it at approx 40 mins per kg..! does that sound about right...then whip off the foil baste it wit honet and mustard and pop back in until brown n crispy..???

kittylester Mon 26-Dec-11 17:11:15

I've just done a gammon for tomorrow's lunch. The instructions said 20 mins per lb (approx 2 hrs for 3 kg) at gas 4. My recipe suggested putting it on a trivet in a roasting tin over 2 sliced onions, 3 bay leaves, 5 cloves, 2 whole star anise and 2 tsp of black peppers.

Then add 400 ml of boiling water, cover in double layer of foil sealing well round the edges of the roasting dish and roast for 2 hrs.

Take off the foil and save the liquid for soup (or throw it away -not up to thinking about soup at the moment!!) Strip off the rind and criss cross it.

Make a glaze from 40g black treacle, finely grated orange zest, half a table spoon of English mustard and quarter of a tsp of ground cinnamon.

Paint with glaze, stud with cloves and roast again (at 6 this time) for 25 - 30 minutes, watching it doesn't burn.

Smells divine - hope it tastes

bikergran Mon 26-Dec-11 17:51:02

mmmmmmmmmmm ................grin thanks kittylester I just happen to have some black treacle! (would not have thought of using that! I have done almost what your advice (apart for the darn tinfoil,not staying put!! in the fan oven..grr... but will adapt yours is scrumptious tomorrow ! grin enjoy............thanks.....

Ariadne Mon 26-Dec-11 20:54:58

The very best liquid is strong Ginger beer. Honestly - it is superb!

bikergran Mon 26-Dec-11 21:19:37

thanks Ariadne although I cannot stand ginger beer but things take on a different tastes when cooked

PoppaRob Tue 27-Dec-11 01:14:12

There's a really cheap and nasty cut of beef called "corned beef" or "corned silverside" here in Oz... people generally boil it in water and vinegar until it's totally destroyed. It's probably the least edible way to treat dead cattle. However, a friend cooks his in ginger beer instead and it is utterly gorgeous! Your "gammon" may benefit from the ginger beer too... worth a try!

gettingonabit Tue 27-Dec-11 15:20:34

I agree with poppa - I'd just boil it until it falls apart. Ginger sounds nice - or try cider?

crimson Tue 27-Dec-11 16:06:28

Mine said 35 minutes per 500gm with foil then 30 minutes withough the foil. I know that because I worked it out on a piece of paper that is now in front of me! I can never read the cooking instructions anyway; far too small even with glasses and a magnifying glass!

bikergran Tue 27-Dec-11 16:53:27

Cooked the ham at approx 40 mins per kg(but I always cook it longe than what it says...I thne smeared it with the mixure of treacle/honey/mustard and syrup.....we are not going to taste the end result...with chips and pickles......!smile

goldengirl Wed 28-Dec-11 17:45:29

I cooked a piece of gammon in coca cola [not diet!] as per Nigella - a fantastic result. Really recommend it. Next time I'll also do the glaze as well but I was in too much of a hurry on this occasion. I do like her recipes - quick, easy and tasty.