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IABU to expect "discreet" to mean just that?

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olliesgran Wed 28-Dec-11 16:47:19

Having had bad coughing bouts during the week, i found that for the first time in my life, my bladder just wasn't up to the job! Never mind i thought, I'll buy a pack of those pads advertised on television, the ones with the older lady dancing on the beach, in skin tight white trousers? Found the said articles, picture on the pack of a nice thin pad, took them home, only to find on opening them that they would probably be big enough to serve as a night nappy for GS, nearly 2!!!!Why is that? The technology is there, GS nappies are as thin as can be, but can keep him dry all night! Come on Pampers, have a look at the mature market and produce something for us? Or does it already exist? I am hoping that the problem will disapear with the cough, but just in case, any advice out there?smile

JessM Wed 28-Dec-11 17:55:20

I guess the slimline sanitary pads might do the trick? At least they won't show through your skintight white trousers... smile
I am battling with my pelvic floor - it is not too bad but now that I have taken up jogging it is very apparent that it is a long way off perfect.
So current exercise regime is to pull up muscles as hard as I can. As if trying to stop stream of wee on loo.
Squeeze and release. Then repeat 20 times. Then have a rest, then another 20 pull ups. The aim is to get them a bit weary.
This does seem to be working. Slowly. My ultimate aim is to be able to jump up and down on the trampoline with GCs...

JessM Wed 28-Dec-11 17:57:16

And if you missed this thread the first time, it might give you another idea. Or you might at least have a few minutes of harmless amusement...

olliesgran Wed 28-Dec-11 18:14:39

Thanks for the thread "jessM", I had indeed missed it the first time around. I haven't had any issues with this untill now,and only when coughing or sneezing, French women my generation have pelvic floors made of steel, you would have too if you had seen what Public toilets were like (if you could find any at all) in Paris in the 50s!!smile

harrigran Wed 28-Dec-11 18:54:34

I have often wished I was a man when travelling through France.

olliesgran Wed 28-Dec-11 19:05:53

Indeed "harrigran". My husband has now gone a bit french, and will use side road bushes when desparate (only when in France). It took years of him getting lost in the wilderness looking for a secluded spot, before he finally succombed. I have of course to stand guard, and warn him of any mouvement. Although what he would do if i shouted "crowd approaching", i don't know. But on the plus side for us women, as I said, it gave us steel pelvic floor. Don't believe all this hype about French women being fanatics about pelvic floor exercise after childbirth. They don't need to be, it just happens, having to not go to the loo for hours if out of the house. wink

glammanana Wed 28-Dec-11 20:24:35

Olliesgran if you are looking for discreet towel try morrison's own brand they are as good as any other's and if you buy the maxi pack of 18 you will find the price amazing I used them prior to my op and they did the job,very slimline and no visable tell tale line's on show,well worth a try.

olliesgran Wed 28-Dec-11 21:05:10

Thanks "glammanana", I'll try them

Annika Wed 28-Dec-11 21:52:58

Hayfever + weak pelvic floor =blush

Greatnan Wed 28-Dec-11 22:51:56

I had a bit of a problem with wanting to pass water very often - I never leaked, just felt uncomfortable. I thought I might have a prolapsed bladder, as my mother and sister had both had operations for this. My doctor referred me to a specialist incontinence clinic (I was still in the UK then) and I was surprised to find a young male nurse was running it. Given that many patients would be more mature women, I thought this was a bit insensitive.
He asked me various questions and told me I probably just had an irritable bladder (I was certainly a bit irritable myself by this time) and I should train it by holding on as long as I could, cutting down on my cups of tea, and making sure I got rid of every last drop by leaning forward, waiting 20 seconds, then trying again.
The problem resolved itself physically when I took up long walks, although there is still a psychological element, that makes me want to use the loo whenever I am going out. I also follow my mother's advice - don't go when you need to, go when you can - so if I go into a cafe or supermarket that has toilets, I use them.
In the mountains, I have become expert at finding nice, private places - pine forests are useless! If driving in France, I look for a MacDonalds - they are on the outskirts of nearly every town and you don't have to eat in them.
Some French women use the 'entre deux portes' method by the roadside - open both front and rear car doors to give some privacy. In France, and more rarely in Switzerland, you still find the 'squat' type , even in motorway services - which would not be so bad if they provided any grab rails.
At least it is rare now to find unisex toilets in bars or restaurants - I remember my first visit to Paris, in quite an up-market restaurant, being embarrassed to find there was a 'pissoir' being used by a man who bid me a pleanst 'Bon soir, Madame' before I dashed into the cubicle.