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to ask "how many others know the new "Emergency" ; number?? i didn't!!!

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bikergran Mon 06-Feb-12 15:35:17

Few mins DH said "do you know the new emergency number" ? I said "no not really, although I seem to have heard mutterings some where at some time"..he tells me.. that for Emergencies it is now 111 to be honest I didn't know this, think he told me this as has been worried today and not felt well.... but just wondering "does anyone else know"??? I feel hesitant about ringing 111 instead of 999...!! he said it has been on tv,,but I honestly havn't seen anything! only thing I have noticed is the add with Vinny Jones on..confused I feel foolish not knowing about this knew number .!

absentgrana Mon 06-Feb-12 15:46:59

bikergran The number for emergencies is still 999, whether fire, police or ambulance. The 111 number is instead of the old NHS Direct for medical concerns that don't constitute an emergency.

Zephrine Mon 06-Feb-12 15:50:55

As I understand it the new 111 number is a non-emergency number that is being trialled in the north east. It does not replace 999 which is for emergencies. It may at some point in the future replace NHS direct but that hasn't been decided. I haven't seen it on T.V but there are a couple of articles about it on the web.

shysal Mon 06-Feb-12 15:52:13

I thought it was 112 ! For anywhere in the EU, even if there is no mobile signal.
I do know that the non-emergency number is 101.

tanith Mon 06-Feb-12 15:53:35

Now I'm confused!

shysal Mon 06-Feb-12 15:53:39

101 for police that is !

Carol Mon 06-Feb-12 15:54:15

It's being piloted in a few areas, not nationwide yet - you can bet your life they'll be advertising extensively when it is.

bikergran Mon 06-Feb-12 15:56:07

oh heck!!! seems DH has got it wrong way round!!! tut! so to make it clear if it is an [emergency] it is still 999 ....! wonder why on earth he thought it wasn't!
ok so....999 still it..I will tell him now. I thought it seemed strange I wasn't with it!!!

bikergran Mon 06-Feb-12 15:58:00

thanks [absentgrana] smile

Zephrine Mon 06-Feb-12 15:59:37

999 and 112 wil both get you through to the emergency services.
101 is to report non emergency ccrimes to the police.
111 is for non emergency medical help in certain areas.

just try remembering that lot when you need help! confused

Zephrine Mon 06-Feb-12 16:00:14

areas of the country that is not the body grin

jeni Mon 06-Feb-12 16:26:22

Never use Nhs directgrin

shysal Mon 06-Feb-12 16:43:34

Why jeni ?

supernana Mon 06-Feb-12 16:44:23

Did you read about the chap who rang the emergency service because he had mislaid the remote control? And another rang to say that his mother-in-law had decided to stay an extra couple of days! shock

jeni Mon 06-Feb-12 16:52:03

Because the nhs these days is rubbish! Now in my day etcetcetc........?.

jeni Mon 06-Feb-12 16:53:35

If it had been my mother in law I'd be ringing the mental hospital to get myself admitted!

supernana Mon 06-Feb-12 16:56:28

jeni grin

Ariadne Mon 06-Feb-12 17:19:34

jeni and me!

bikergran Mon 06-Feb-12 17:42:42

and me! we used to have Calderstones hospital near us..!! shock luckily they didn't know where I lived grin but we still have Brockall !!!!

em Mon 06-Feb-12 18:39:14

DS's girlfriend is a medical student and one of her recent placements involved shadowing a crew of paramedics. 999 call came in about 1 year-old baby. Sirens blazing and lights flashing they charge out (with excited medical student on board). Arrive to find a young mum who tells them that things were ok now! She explained that she'd called 999 because her baby had been crying for an hour and wouldn't stop - but miraculously had settled as soon as she dialled 999. Didn't want baby examined as that would wake her up again and decided she'd take her to GP in the morning if she cried again!
Jeni you must have had heaps of experiences where you could have screamed but kept your cool!

jeni Mon 06-Feb-12 18:46:34

Screamed, yes kept my cool? Not always. Not as bad as my father though. He got so cross with one gent, that he glared at him and clenched his teeth. The force cracked the lens of his glasses.!