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*PLEASE READ THIS* !! man climbs in back of car whilst lady paying for fuel!!!!

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bikergran Fri 09-Mar-12 20:37:09

My mum just txt me to tell me to read this email she has just sent me..
I dont know where it happened or how long ago starts of sounding like the begining of a joke but pleae carry on reading it.and pass it as many as poss..

A customer went for fuel at garage..she went to the little window to pay for the fuel...the lady at the till said Please come into the shop and buy something the customer said "I dont want aything"! the lady said...PLEASE!! come inside to the shop I will unlock the door...please just come in and pretend to buy something and come to the till!! so the customer did as asked...once inside she picked soemthing up and went to the till.....the lady said..."I have rung the police they are coming........whilst you were paying for your fuel....".I saw a man get into the back of your car"!!!! the police arrived and arrested the turne dout he ws a rapist!!

maybe someone has read about this...I dont know..but sends shivers ....I have just rung my daughter and told her to tell her to tell all her friends.and to put on face book.......I must admit I never lock my car when paying for fuel.....!!!!! do pass this on..... also to chaeck the back seat of your cars if you ahve bene shopping or out especilaly at night time!!!!!

Carol Fri 09-Mar-12 20:53:11

Look up Urban Myths via Google - this is one of the most common ones biker. Any such incidents that are genuine are circulated by the relevant police force and will come via statutory agencies. They will bear the police force logo and have contact information. This one has been ciculating for several years. Will you reassure your mum, please?

glassortwo Fri 09-Mar-12 20:56:10

I know its a myth carol but I still lock my doors when I go to pay, and if the GC are in it usually sets the alarm off shock

Carol Fri 09-Mar-12 20:57:24

Here's one of the stories - there's quite a few versions

I also always lock my car when paying for petrol - don't want the car being stolen!

Notsogrand Fri 09-Mar-12 20:59:24

I always try and fill up at a Pay at the Pump one so I don't have to leave the car. Always lock it if I do have to leave it though.

bikergran Fri 09-Mar-12 21:01:22

oh right....will take a look....but like *glassortwo^ could very well happen.. easily.....I will go n read now......(my mum doesnt drive ) so she ok.....I will inform her tomorrow....

bikergran Fri 09-Mar-12 21:05:51

ok read them.............yes I can see now......but!! I still think we need to be aware,,,as it could easily be very true.....

I feel slightly easier didn't know where the story or incident had come from ..area etc.....and we have enough life!

yogagran Fri 09-Mar-12 21:15:44

glass if you use the key in the car door (in the old fashioned way) to lock the car instead of pressing the key fob button it should lock the doors without setting the alarm. I sometimes have to leave my dog in the car for a couple of minutes and I can lock it like this and he doesn't set the alarm off!

Carol Fri 09-Mar-12 21:20:50

The incident you've described comes from a film from quite a few years ago - can't remember the name, now, but I spotted it once when I was passing on this urban myth info to someone else. The police in Manchester sent probation some guidelines about these scary stories when we enquired a few years ago, as there was a flood of them circulating.

If something like this really did happen, police advise it would definitely make national headlines and petrol station forecourts all have CCTV so this footage would be seized and circulated to the public.

Carol Fri 09-Mar-12 21:28:54

That's handy to know yoga. My dog has set the alarm off a few times when I've locked the car to nip back in the house. Thanks.

glassortwo Fri 09-Mar-12 21:44:33

Thanks yoga think the GC were going to have hearing problems and I would be sprinting the 100mt dash to try to get back before the alarm grin

Sook Sat 10-Mar-12 22:35:31

I have heard many variations of this over the years. However I don't take any chances and I never leave my car unlocked whilst paying for petrol. Whilst driving in certain areas I always use my central locking and keep windows closed.

bigmomma Sun 11-Mar-12 08:45:56

After being momentarily horrified, I have enjoyed many of these myths over the years. Have you heard the one about Granny dying on a holiday abroad with her family and being rolled up in a carpet and being put on the roof of the car so that she can be taken home to be buried? All went well, until the car was stolen. What a dilemma! Can't remember what the end of the story was but, as it was one of the first I'd heard, I believed it for days.

JessM Sun 11-Mar-12 09:34:07

there was one about a severed hand or finger being left behind by a hitchhiker, ages and ages ago. These tales predate the internet, but the internet helps them to keep on going round.
Loved the one about the planet mars being SO close it will look bigger than the moon. doh. There was one about people spraying perfume that was actually dangerous as well.
Oh and the evidence that clingfilm will you cancer was based on a teenagers science project.
having said that, leaving a car unlocked while you pay for fuel would be unwise.

Charlotta Sun 11-Mar-12 16:57:28

Yes I lock my doors and also use my central locking system when waiting at traffic lights at night or having a break during along journey.
When coming out of bank with a baby in pushchair I was 'helped' through the swing doors, and when I got home my holiday cash was all gone. I had a wad of foreign currency notes in my closed handbag. I have not trusted strangers since then.

Barrow Mon 12-Mar-12 17:32:57

I always lock my car when paying for petrol. I have done this since I was told that if you leave your car unlocked on a filling station forecourt and it is stolen, the insurance company may not pay your claim.